Early Literacy Tool: Phonetic Flip Chart

learn to read phonics flip chart book

Our oldest has learned her letters, the sounds that they make, and is starting to blend sounds. We have even begun learning sight words, but have yet to venture into the realm of phonics, till today! This is a really nifty phonics “tool” that we created to help her mix the sounds of letters. . […]

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Story Cube Game for Learning to Read

story cube game fore reading

We came up with these story cubes as an activity to help my child learn to read.  They are a mix between Rory’s Story Cubes (they were featured in our last Toy Guide) and Bob’s Books.  We use a mixture of Bob Books, Progressive Phonics and the free printables at Hubbard’s Cupboard for our reading […]

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Parent + Child + Reading = Our Club


The more you read, The more things you will know. The more that you learn, The more places you’ll go. -Dr. Seuss I always wanted a family full of readers.  So I read to my babies in utero.  I read to them as infants.  I read to them as they were chewing the board books […]

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Character Building Books: My Young Child


Here is another resource for parents! My Young Child has a growing collection of online stories (you can read them online or print them) discussing different character traits that we would love to see our children model. Some of the books we have read together are: “Silly Lilly Remembers her Manners” and “Gilbert the Goat […]

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