Sight Word Play with Toys

sight word flash card reading game

My third child is learning to read… and while that in NO way makes me an expert in “literacy education”, I have noticed a few things about my kids as they’ve figured out words. 1) Phonics is great.  They need to be able to sound out a word and to differentiate between the words onto […]

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Kinetic Sight Word Activity… With a Beach Ball

Sight Word Activity for Kids - Kids Activities Blog

Have I told you about our Fridays? We are homeschooling our oldest two kiddos and Fridays are our fun learning day! We count with legos, we have “PE at the park”, and we play sight word ball. Even our two and one year old kiddos join in the fun! Fun Sight Word Activity This is […]

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Word Families Flip Chart

how to make a word families book

W is for Words.  We have an early reader in our house, a gal who just can’t get enough of words to say, words to read.  Our phonics flip chart is our friend! We made it last fall and with the help of that book, my daughter can sound out and read short words like […]

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2 Dozen Easter Eggs Activities

egg activities

Looking for something to do with Easter Eggs? Here are more than a dozen suggestions! Leave a comment at the end of some of your favorite “eggy” activities.  Thanks to all the It’s Playtime participants who contributed these ideas last season – Easter is a month away and we can’t wait to see the activities […]

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Simple {and Fun} Strategies for Reading

strategies for reading

Incorporate some fun strategies for reading to make learning exciting for your child.  The reading process can be enhanced with several of the great ideas in this activity.  A love of books and starting to read activities are found throughout the pages of Kids Activities Blog. Strategies for Reading Books can be a wonderful place […]

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Early Literacy Tool: Phonetic Flip Chart

learn to read phonics flip chart book

Our oldest has learned her letters, the sounds that they make, and is starting to blend sounds. We have even begun learning sight words, but have yet to venture into the realm of phonics, till today! This is a really nifty phonics “tool” that we created to help her mix the sounds of letters. . […]

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Story Cube Game for Learning to Read

story cube game fore reading

We came up with these story cubes as an activity to help my child learn to read.  They are a mix between Rory’s Story Cubes (they were featured in our last Toy Guide) and Bob’s Books.  We use a mixture of Bob Books, Progressive Phonics and the free printables at Hubbard’s Cupboard for our reading […]

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Preschool Play Based on Literature

literature feature or fb size

Preschoolers love to be read to and to play pretend; combine the two and you are sure to have a great afternoon activity. Here are some of my favorite link-ups from our Kids Meme, It’s Playtime,  that featured families reading and playing with their kids: Preschool lesson plans: If I got to award a “prize” […]

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Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Activities

Reading Comprehension Activity

My kids and I love to read, and love to play pretend.  Playing pretend with the stories was a great way to check to the kiddos comprehension.  Our recent reading dramatization was with the adaptation of Goldilocks and the Three bears, by Steven Guarnaccia.  One of the things I liked about this version is that […]

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Literacy Resources used in the Activity-a-Day Calendars

learn to read resources

Wondering what resources we are using in our Activity-A-Day “Learn to Read” Calendars?  Here are a bunch of our favorite resources that we use each month! . Homemade Learn-to-Read resources: Phonics Flip Chart – Make this nifty tool to help your kids learn the way that letters sound together.  We have several.  Once for three […]

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Consonant Vowel Consonant (CVC) Reading Wheel

learn to read wheel

I love homemade learn-to-read resources.  This is a throw-back from my teaching days.  I had seen wheels like this in our reading curriculum (don’t ask me what it was – it was over a decade ago).  Basically, the concept of the wheel is that one letter is stationary and your child can rotate the wheels […]

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Short A Learning Activity with Bob Books

short a words

My daughter is so excited!  She’s reading!!!  Last Spring she was able to sound out words and would occasionally surprise me by putting them together, we took the summer off – and now she’s taking reading by storm!  She just finished Beginning Readers 1 of Bob Books and is starting Beginning readers 2 and the […]

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Fantastic Friday: Phonics and the Alphabet… my to-do list!

customizable alphabet cards

Today’s Fantastic Friday we are going to feature a few of the great posts I have found over the past few weeks.  All of these posts are printables that you can create to help your kiddos learn.   I found a tutorial for custom alphabet cards, some printable word family books . I love this tutorial!  […]

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Using Word Cards to Practice Writing

wheat writing3

We are using our word cards to practice writing this week.  I wrote earlier about how I love the collection of sight words from Erudition (we’re giving a game of theirs away this week).  The words have been incredibly helpful!  You can easily make your own cards, but I love that they did the work […]

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Headsprout: Early Reading Curriculum

Early Online Reading Curriculum

A friend of mine, Chelsea, has been using Headsprout to help her daughter learn-to-read and gave me rave reviews. I just had to check it out myself. After contacting Headsprout, they gave me a trial. Headsprout is an all-online system. The have a map of activities and objectives for the kids to reach. The kids […]

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