Pear Honey – Blue Ribbon Quality!

When it comes to my mad skillz in the kitchen, they are pretty much non-existent. My kids’ favorite meal is Hamburger Helper and my husband usually just looks at what I’m cooking, then fixes something separate for himself. And, to answer your question, YES I find that insulting but I am so used to it […]

Mixing the Colors Yellow and Blue: St. Patrick’s Day Snack

St Patty1

Are you looking for a quick, interactive treat to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or another celebration? Combine vanilla pudding with M&M candies for green goodness kids will gobble up happily. This is a fun way for a younger toddler or preschooler to learn about colors and color mixing. Thanks Julia for inspiring us to have […]

Opportunity for Kids to Contribute in North Texas – SLANT 45

The Super Bowl is coming to North Texas next year. It is something that we are all excited about. It is a novelty of epic proportions. We are all looking forward to the game, the circus of events that surround it and the positive economic impact it will have on our community.  The Super Bowl […]

Learning to Read with a Cootie Catcher


Do you remember Cootie Catchers from when you were a kid?  I loved them!  Here is a cootie catcher perfect for the learning to read kiddo in your life!  For our paper we used one of the sheets of Shaving Cream Painted works from yesterday.  I was inspired by Jimmie and her daughter Sprite (love […]

Is your Preschooler Bored? It’s Paper Bag Activity Time!


I loved discovering Mindi’s site, B.A. Bookworm, we are bookworm wanna-bes over here and I love some of the ideas she has for ways to encourage reading in our kids!  She is an advocate for getting kids up and moving, rather than sitting in front of a TV (or computer – we love starfall and […]

Stop and Go: The Perfect Rainy Day Preschool Activity


This is a super simple activity I remember playing when I was a kid.  Basically, we created a stop/go sign and one person got to be “in charge”.  When the sign said go we ran around like crazy banshees!  When it said stop, we’d stop.  Super simple!  Kept them entertained for quite awhile.  I even […]

Canvas Totes your Preschooler Can Make


Are you struggling to find something to give/make for someone on your list?  Wanting to give a handmade gift that people will really use?  In this day of heightened environmental awareness a canvas bag is a great gift.  I found this was a project that showcased the work of  even the youngest budding artists in an […]

Messiest Mess Maker Contest by BabyGanics

The Search for the Messiest Mess Maker is On! When faced with an incredible mess made by one of my kids, my tendency has been to reach for the camera…before the broom. Obviously, I am not the only one who does this because BabyGanics is announcing a photo contest to display your kid’s biggest messes […]

It seemed like a good idea at the time…

So a friend calls Wednesday morning and want to know our afternoon plans.. Not much really.. Well , There is anew “skate” park that just opened up and its outside, free and the boys can bring bikes, scooter, or skateboards. Great!! This has 3 of my favorite things.. Outside.. New.. and FREE!!!! We are soo […]

Blog Carnival: Chores and Getting Kids to do them!


We have had so many terrific submissions!  So many tips! Thank you to all who participated in our first blog carnival! Our next carnival will Ticia is mommy to three preschoolers and she explains how she makes doing chores easy for her youngsters by using plastic dishes and even explains her method of getting groceries […]

How to Include Kids in House Work

Preschoolers Can help Vacuum

More ways to use chores to teach your kids… … Mopping, wiping, vacuuming and learning: I use mopping to work on memory skills. Did you already mop here? How can you tell? With our table top we can easily practice deductive reasoning. The area without crumbs and greasy hand prints was wiped down, the other […]

Learning through Cooking with Toddlers & Prechoolers

Cooking with Your Kids

My kids love cooking with me. So how can I use those moments adding ingredients, mixing and stirring to teach my kiddos? Here are some of the learning ideas I came up with: Cooking with your toddlers: Sequencing steps. It is important for kids to follow specific steps in a process. Example: First, mix eggs, […]

Dishwashing with your Preschooler

Let Your Kids do the Dishes

Our “theme” for this week is doing chores with our kids, what ways can we use chores and reoccurring daily events to teach our children educational concepts (math, verbal skills, reasoning, etc.) as well as instill in our kids a sense of value for work and appreciation of effort.  I love how excited my kids […]

Ways Your Preschooler can Learn Through Chores

Preschoolers Can Help with the Laundry

I have three kids all under four and they love being useful, feeling needed, knowing that they contribute to our family.  And, I love to look for the sneaky ways to help my kids learn without realizing it, or without the confines of a structured environment.  Chores are a great way for my kids to […]

Ten Ways to Incorporate Learning into a Street Fair


We love our town and it’s yearly street fair.  The kids and I are looking forward to next weekend using the festival as a way to engage and interact with my preschoolers.  Here are ten ideas that we are planning to use to interact with our youngsters at Celebrate Roanoke, or any other local fall […]

Ten Ways to Learn While at Celebrate Roanoke

I love free, family-friendly activities and events. One of our favorite fall events is Celebrate Roanoke.   It is a fun festival coming up Saturday, October 10– from 10am to 10pm, on Oak Street, Roanoke. Perfect for the whole family! As with everything we do as a family, I try and engage my preschool-aged kiddos and […]

Playing with Sponges: 5 Ways


We are studying water this week and I was thrilled to have found some very old, shriveled up sponges.  Sponges, water and two little bodies meant lots of wet fun!  Here are five ways that we played and learned about water. … We began by measuring our equal parts of water in a few small […]

Art with Water: Learning while Making a Mess


My kids love art projects (maybe even more than I do) and this week we are exploring with water.  This is our experiment where we interacted with water, dye, oil and shaving cream to learn about emulsion, flotation, absorption and make a lovely mess. … Materials we used: an old baking dish liquid food coloring […]

Counting Garden: Preschool Learning Activity

Counting "Garden"

This is a great way for kids to work on their listening skills while practicing counting as well as learning cause and effect: plant a seed, grow a flower. … Materials needed: Colored Paper Popsicle Sticks “Garden” container (or two plastic cups) Glue and/or tape Rice/Sand/Lentils, etc. Big Seeds or beans for “planting” Using the […]

DIY Flower Hair Clips


As part of our plant themed activities for the week my daughter and I “dissected” silk flowers. There is no better way to reassemble them than on a barrette. These are my daughter’s favorite accessories (well, after dangly necklaces). … … … . What you will need: Hot glue and gun Ribbon Beads Silk flowers […]

Preschool Nature Activity: Matching and Sorting

This activity is appropriate for a wide variety of ages and offers lots of opportunity for learning.You’ll need: tray of some sort (ice cube tray, baby food freezer tray, egg carton, muffin tin etc) colored paper. Put a small piece of colored paper in each section of the container.  Make sure that colors match things […]

Preschooler Plant Parts Craft Project


Have fun discussing the names and basic functions of parts of a plant while decorating this fun picture using various materials. … Materials Needed (Improvise when necessary): Straws Colored paper Pipe cleaner Tissue paper Scissors White glue Colored pencils/crayons/markers Draw a basic picture of a plant including petals, stem, leaves and roots.  Using the various […]

Is Your Preschooler Bored? Use the Boredom-Buster Die

“Mommy, I’m Bored” or “Mommy I wanna do something”.  My kids used to drive me crazy with that several times a day.  Well, they still do… but now I have a comeback.  Go roll the activity dice. We bought wooden blocks (available at most hardware and craft stores) and covered them with paper.  Here are […]

Learn About Soil with this Dirt Experiment

This is a great experiment to be able to see the various components which make up what we know as “dirt”.  Including pebbles, sand, silt, clay, and soil.  This experiment takes a day or two, so don’t expect immediate results. … What you’ll need: A bottle A handful of dirt (best from your backyard, not […]

Fun with a fan


Today we learned about air and the effects of wind. We tied ribbons to the fan… hung a cape over the fan… draped toilet paper… let the fan blow us in the face making our hair blow wildly… watched feathers fly when dropped in front of the fan… and threw balloons in the fan… watching […]

Preschool Project: Blowing Bubbles to make Art


This is a great way to discuss hyperbolic pressure… or to just enjoy making a mess creating cards with your kiddos. … Ingredients needed: 1 T Dish Soap 3 T Water water soluble food coloring (10 drops) straws cardstock paper (You can use computer paper or construction paper but they disintegrate more when wet). … […]

Heaven on Aisle 2

Heavenly Burb Mom Moment #1: Starbucks and wide open aisles at Target. A few minutes after this picture was taken I checked out and headed for the Target parking lot on 2499. I had noticed a lady following me, but didn’t think anything of it until she said this: What is your baby drinking? What? […]

Themes for Preschool Learning.

Themes for the upcoming year, with a sample activity to give you an idea of what we’ll be doing – I hope to have 4-6 activities a week: Air – vinegar & baking soda (gas) blowing up a balloon Water -  drop a variety of items in water and see what happens, do they sink […]

Learning to read games

This is a great collection of games that a kindergarten teacher, Kelly, made to use in her classroom.  She is kind enough to make her instructions, templates, etc. available to us!    Themes range from: Cinderella, Cars, Dora, Sponge Bob, Spiderman, as well as your typical seasonal themed games.  All of them help youngsters with word […]

River Legacy Science Center and Park in Arlington

We took a little day trip with a group of friends last week down to Arlington for the River Legacy Science Center. I had two of my boys with me ages 3 and 5. We arrived after the 45 minute car ride in which my navigation system got a little pushed out of shape. It […]