Good Healthy Food: Fruit Leather Recipe {Kids Love}

Good Healthy Food: Fruit Leather Recipe {Kids Love}

Good healthy food that kids will actually eat can be a challenge to find.  Today we have a great fruit leather recipe that is not only healthy but also fun to eat. Kids Activities Blog is excited to share this recipe with you because we know how much kids love fruit leather.   Good Healthy […]

Rock Candy: Make Rock Candy Mini Skewers

Rock Candy: Make Rock Candy Mini Skewers {Cute Rock Candy Recipe}

Rock Candy is a classic treat for kids.  We have an easy and fun way to make rock candy at home…while also encouraging your child to drink water and eat fruit!  Kids Activities Blog loves this cute recipe and we hope you do too! Rock Candy Do you try to encourage your kids to drink […]

Fun Food: {Fun and Healthy} Snacks for Kids

Fun Food: {Fun and Healthy} Snacks for Kids

Fun food for kids makes meal time so exciting for kids that they can’t help but want to clean their plate.  We have some great fun and healthy ideas for making food fun for kids. Kids Activities Blog loves these creative snacks for kids and we hope you do too! Fun Food My son is […]

Granola Bar Recipe: {Yummy} Breakfast Recipes

Granola Bar Recipe: {Yummy} Breakfast Recipes

We have a delightful granola bar recipe to share with you today.  It is just one of the many great breakfast recipes we have collected. Kids Activities Blog loves food but especially fun and yummy food like this that kids will actually eat! Granola Bar Recipe We are an anti-cereal family.  We’ve got a lot […]

7 Healthy {but Yummy} Snacks for Kids

7 Healthy {but yummy} Kids Snacks

Healthy snacks are usually readily available, but they definitely aren’t always kid friendly.  It’s important for our food to be nutritious and taste good.  What could be more perfect than a snack that mom says is healthy but pleases our kids palette also? Our It’s Playtime! link-up is full of healthy snacks for kids.  Here […]

Party Food: Doughnut Cake {Easy Party Solution}

Party Food: Doughnut Cake

Party food is an important part of any party.  Here’s a great mommy solution to a last minute party dilemma – make a doughnut cake! Kids Activities loves creative party ideas like this! Party Food Here’s a scenario: Time is ticking away and the bakery requires at least a 24 hour lead time for any […]

Turbulence on a Plane Explained with Jello {No More Fear of Flying}

Plane Turbulence

Turbulence on a plane can be frightening for kids.  Before their next flight, show them this great demonstration with Jello to help calm their fear of flying.  Kids Activities Blog always loves science experiments that involve food! Turbulence on a Plane After 9/11/01, I developed a fear of flying.  In trying to overcome it, I enrolled […]

Easter Cupcakes: Cupcake Ideas for the Perfect Easter Dessert

Easter cupcakes: Cupcake ideas for the perfect Easter dessert!

Easter is coming and we think you’ll like this idea for Easter cupcakes.  There are two cute cupcake ideas that your kids will love to help you make.    Kids Activities Blog hopes you enjoy this super cute Easter dessert. Easter Cupcakes We are going to make Easter bunnies and basket cupcakes! Materials Needed: cake […]

{Best Blog} Creative Kid Snacks

Mom to Mom: A Kids Activities BLogger Feature

This week’s pick for our best blog feature is Creative Kid Snacks. We are featuring an interview with Amy today and rounding up some of our favorite Creative Kid Snacks posts tomorrow.  Kids Activities Blog is so excited about our best blog series.  We are hoping to introduce you to some sites you won’t want to miss! Best […]

Felt: Apple Activity


  Felt Apple Activity Your kids will enjoy this felt apple activity over and over throughout the year. My little guy loves the texture of felt and really enjoys playing with it so we have been working on lots of felt projects that you can check out over here.  If you are familiar with the […]

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

homemade peanut butter cups

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups I love to cook and bake as much as possible, and I love that Rory enjoys doing it with me!  The only problem… is that it’s hard to bake with a toddler. I have quickly learned that Rory is just like her mom and her aunts; she loves to pick at […]

Dinosaur Craft: Pasta Necklace

Dinosaur Pasta Craft feature

Dinosaur Pasta Craft My boys adore dinosaurs. They love they way dinosaurs look. They love dinosaur names. They love playing with their dinosaur toys. They love pretending to be dinosaurs. As I do our weekly grocery shopping, I spot dinosaur pasta. How could I resist? With so many varieties of pasta, the pasta craft possibilities seem endless. Make […]

Fun Snack: Spaghetti Dogs

fun snack spaghetti dogs

As the summer wears on, I find myself dishing up the same thing day after day.  But just like adults, kids get tired of having the same food all the time. Awww, Mom.  Hot dogs AGAIN???  Why not make that hot dog a little more exciting? I first saw this fun recipe for spaghetti dogs […]

Recipe: Peppermint Creams

peppermint creams feature

  Recipe for Peppermint Creams You know those cheeky moments when your kids sneak up to the kitchen bench, quickly grab a goodie, duck out of sight behind the fish tank whilst gobbling up that mouthful of sweetness? Well, these peppermint creams are worthy of such cheeky moments. Be warned, this recipe makes a batch of […]

The Olympics for Children: Edible Olympic Torches

edible olympic torches feature

Are you planning on watching the Olympics with the family? Do you have a favorite Olympic sport you like to watch?  I am always amazed at all the sports that make it into the Olympics, so fun. Here is a fun snack to get your kids in the Olympic spirit. We had our own backyard […]

Treat for Kids: Foil Surprise Balls

Foil-Surprise-Balls feature

My little guys LOVE surprises of all kinds! Whenever we want to get them excited about an activity or something we are going to do all we need to include is the word ‘Surprise!’ to get their hearts full of anticipation. We began creating Foil Surprise Balls for car trips, airplane trips, trips to the […]

Treats for Kids: Make Your Own Lollipops

make your own lollipops2

Did you know that July 20th is National Lollipop Day? My kids love sweet treats just like everyone else.  However, my little girl is only 3 and I still don’t feel comfortable with her having a piece of hard candy because it could be a choking hazard. When Mommy unwraps a Jolly Rancher candy, the […]

Playdough Pasta Matching Game

play dough matching game

I love to put creative combinations of materials together and see what the kids come up with. This week we’ve paired up play dough and some pasta – and the children made up their own game! The play dough is home made, using this easy no cook play dough recipe. Play dough is so versatile […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip – Made with beans!

cookie dough dip

. I love making things that the kids absolutely LOVE and that are good for them!  I discovered the recipe for chick pea cookie dough dip from Chocolate Covered Katie.  The recipe is super simple (go to her site for quantities if you are an exact person, or if you are like me and “wing […]

Making Butter With Kids


Making butter used to be a hard, time-consuming job.  But of course, for centuries, almost everyone did it.  When my kids and I read a story book about life in old Appalachia recently and saw the pictures of a butter churn and children pumping away at it, we decided that we wanted to give making […]

Learn Map Reading Skills with a Snack Map

Snack map 5

We had fun this past week learning map skills together thanks to a recent conversation in the Horizon Healthy Families community.  Caroline of Food and Art had the idea of hiding food all around a room for kids to find – sounds like fun!  We decided to mix it up a bit and added a […]

Twinkie Submarine Snacks

twinkie submarines

…We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine… You just can’t help but sing this catchy tune while making these adorable little Twinkie Submarine treats. Kids love decorated treats and Twinkie Submarines are easy and fun to make.  Thanks Hostess for the inspiration. All you need is a box of […]

It’s Playtime – Our Thursday Kid Activities Link-Up

. Simple activities are great! They give our children the freedom to be creative, to adapt, imagine and create. Of the hundred plus activities that were linked to in last week’s “It’s Playtime” the one by Kelly of Little Wonder’s Days grabbed my attention. On a day when I am sick or when we have […]

Freezer Banana Pops: Homemade Summer Popsicle

Frozen banana pops

One of the things that says “summer” more than anything else are popscicles.  This is by far my kids favorite way to consume a banana – stuck on a stick, smothered with chocolate, and covered with sprinkles. . Freezer Banana Pops are also a great way to rescue those bananas that are nearing the end […]

Hairy Hotdogs: Cheap Kids Meal

spaghetti and hotdogs, hairy hotdogs.

Want the perfect babysitter meal for the kiddos? I mentioned that I recently found a deal on restaurant meals (Thanks Ebates). Now add the perfect meal for the babysitter to make with the kids and we have a terrific “date night” plan. All you need is pasta and hot-dogs. We broke the spaghetti in half.  […]

Kale and Berry Smoothie: Genius Way to Get your Kids to Eat Veggies

playing with veggies

With three preschooler, an infant and a hubby who thinks “green” has a flavor, I have had to resort to a few tricks to make sure my kids are getting enough green leafy vegetables. My Genius Tip, for the Kenmore Challenge, is to get picky kids to eat veggies.  Guys, they beg for these!  We […]

DIY Pretend Cookware Storage and Stove

DIY Pretend Cooking Stove

Last week’s post was on how to create your own felt pretend food, but once you have the food you need a place to store it, along with all the other pretend kitchen accessories. We no longer have a pretend play kitchen, it was taking up too much space and it has found a new […]

Rainbow Cookies – Fun Painting our Food

eating rainbow cookies

Eating cookies is yummy and painting is fun – last week we combined two of our favorite things with two of our favorite people!   I like simple easy recipes!  We adapted this recipe from the back of a Duncan Hines Cake box (one we found when making our rainbow cupcakes a few weeks ago).   These […]

Poor Man’s Icecream

poor mans icecream

My mother used to make these frozen pudding cups for us when my siblings and I were kids, calling it “poor man’s icecream”. We loved it and as the Texas heat is climbing in the tripple digits, I thought today would be a great time to pass on my mother’s tradition to my kids. These […]

Drip-Free Jello Popsicles Recipe


Do you have independent children?  So far, I have three of them!  This Popsicle recipe is perfect for them.  It was simple enough that with minimal supervision/intervention my four year old was able to give the directions (she loved that) to my three year old who mixed these yummy treats up!  We made a couple […]