Spring Fling on Pinterest – SAVE THE DATE!

save the date for the party

Mark your calendars for APRIL 29th! Spring Has Sprung! It’s that time of year… time for some Spring Pinning! We are SO pleased to announce the FIRST EVER Spring Fling Party ON Pinterest with some of your Favorite Bloggers! Remember that MUST-FOLLOW Pinterest Group Board filled with extreme craftiness, beauty & fashion tips galore, genius […]

Have a Lovely Day & Win $50

happy day giveaway - spring - Kids Activities Blog

Yep, you might have noticed it is once again Monday. Kinda funny how that keeps rolling around… We are giving away $50 again this week!   Enter to Win $50 from Kids Activities Blog We adore giving away money each and every week…because it always makes someone’s day to get that email that says that […]

Win $50 Because Having $50 is Nice

happy day giveaway - spring - Kids Activities Blog

Whoo hoo! It is Monday…which means we are giving away another $50 just for fun!  It really is fun.   It is super easy. Actually, nothing here at Kids Activities Blog is complicated which means we are staying on brand. To enter, complete one or more of the options below in the box.  You can […]

Group Hug Giveaway – #Win $50

happy day giveaway - spring - Kids Activities Blog

Each week we have been giving away $50…and this one is no exception. It is just too fun!   We adore sending out an email each week followed up by a $50 gift to a Kid Activities Blog reader! It makes us smile. All you need to do to enter is do one {or all […]

The Birds are Chirping & We are Giving Away $50

happy day giveaway - spring - Kids Activities Blog

At my house spring has sprung. It was almost overnight…and it is so refreshing to see signs of life out the window. To celebrate this {and every day}, we are excited about another happy day giveaway!   Isn’t our new spring image…well, springy? Each week here at Kids Activities Blog we give away $50 as […]

Have a Super Day Giveaway Worth $50

Happy Day Giveaway

Today is the day! We are giving away another $50 this week! Woot!  Woot!  Yay for Monday {although I am publishing this on Sunday just to confuse things}!   I am going to have to change that image soon!  We are heading into spring…which is SUPER! There is another reason why this is a SUPER […]

Have an Awesome Day Giveaway

Happy Day Giveaway

It is Monday which means we are just giving away money again! I adore Mondays!   Each Monday we have been giving away $50 as a thank you to YOU, our dear reader, for stopping by and hanging out with Kids Activities Blog. {group hug} Today is no different!  $50 is up for grabs.  Each […]

Have a Happy Day {Today} Giveaway

Happy Day Giveaway

In our quest to make this world a happier place, we {again} are giving away $50 this week! It really is a win-win…   We get to surprise a reader with $50 and you help us spread the word about all the fun things happening here at Kids Activities Blog. To enter, simply choose one […]

Let’s Have a Happy Day Giveaway!

Happy Day Giveaway

Over the last few weeks we have been having a ball giving away $50 each week. Today is NO exception! Let’s spread some winter cheer through a little thank you giveaway! Your entry helps us spread the word about Kids Activities Blog…and we THANK YOU for that! To enter, fill out at least one of […]

Happy Day Giveaway – Post-Valentine Hug Edition

Happy Day Giveaway

The week after Valentine’s Day always seems a little dreary. The heart-shaped balloons are deflated, the candy eaten, the flowers have died. I have just depressed myself! STOP!  Let’s just have a group hug! Thank you.  I feel much better. In our quest to brighten the day, we are giving away another $50 this week! […]

Happy Day Giveaway Again – February

Happy Day Giveaway

In our quest to make every day a happy day, we are giving away $50 each week here at Kids Activities Blog! Every Monday. And today is Monday!   Happy Day Giveaway Worth $50 We are giddy over sending a little love YOUR way and adore how your entry into this giveaway helps us spread […]

Happy Day Giveaway {February Edition}

Happy Day Giveaway

It is Monday… it is a celebration around here because we are giving away $50 EVERY Monday in February! Woot!  Woot!   It is our way of spreading a little warmth and sunshine. Each entry below helps us spread the fun we have here at Kids Activities Blog. We thank you for that! To enter, […]

Happy Day Giveaway Again!

Happy Day Giveaway

It is Monday which means we are giving away another $50 to one winner! It has been so much fun giving away money to our readers…yay!   We really appreciate the help spreading the word about Kids Activities Blog each of your entries brings.  Thank you for that. To enter, do one {or all} of […]

Have a Happy Day Giveaway

Happy Day Giveaway

Thanks so much for visiting Kids Activities Blog! We ADORE our readers and are giving away $50 this week to increase world happiness {that should work, right?}! In fact, each Monday we will have a new giveaway! {Group Hug} Enter the Giveaway! It is pretty simple.  All you need to do is at least one […]

Easy Peasy Sweet Roll Recipe & BIG Giveaway

Easy Peasy Sweet Rolls that Kids Can Make - Kids Activities Blog

I love sweet rolls.  A good sweet roll can literally change the course of a day! Today I am sharing my family’s go-to sweet roll recipe and at the end of this post is a giveaway that can change the course of YOUR day! We have teamed up with some other bloggers to giveaway three […]

Activision Family Game Summit GIVEAWAY {worth $400}

Activision Family Game Summit feature

This is the third year that I have had the pleasure of being {a very small part} of the Activision Family Game Summit.  I adore working with them! Pssst…look below on how you can win an event goodie bag worth $400! Two years ago they came to Dallas and I hosted the event for 50 […]

Costumes Kids Will Wear All Year & GIVEAWAY

andRuby Dress Up Costumes for Kids

I have nearly every Halloween costume that my boys have worn over the last 12 years.  They all are in a dress-up box in the attic.  Even costumes that are long outgrown are kept for the visiting friend or nephew who might absolutely need to be a chicken for the afternoon. Because these items are […]


We are giving away a $100 Lowes Gift Card this week! It is in honor of a new book, Start, by Jon Acuff that will be released next month.  I was lucky to get an early copy and loved it. It is really good at showing how you stop living an ordinary life and get […]

NetZero 4G HotSpot {with Giveaway worth $800}

I am a low tech girl that is online a lot. What does that mean? It means that when it comes to tech stuff, I have to be able to easily figure it out {Googling ridiculous tech questions is totally legal}, or I just can’t use it. When I was approached to participate in trying […]

Lego Costume

lego costume

Would your LEGO enthusiast love to wear a giant LEGO costume for Halloween this year?  Let us help you with this fun idea – just one of our many homemade Halloween costumes.  We at Kids Activities Blog just love costumes like this that are cheap and easy to make! LEGO Costume We try to make […]

Support The Fort!

My family is so excited because the coolest playground in North Texas is coming to Flower Mound in September! The playground designers consulted with local school children as well as families in the special needs community to develop a playground that is truly designed for children of all ages and abilities. This will be a […]

Dallas Freebie Monday’s Week of 12/19/11

What do you want to win this week? Here are some awesome giveaways on local Dallas blogs. I dare you to enter them all.  ENDS TONIGHT! –> {NEW} Dealicious Finds-TVech MobiGo & Game Storage Cartridge (ends 12/19) {NEW} Mommy’s Wish List- $100 American Express Gift Card (ends 12/21) {NEW} Mommy’s Wish List- $65 Corner Bakery […]

Dallas Freebie Monday’s Week of 12/12/11

Ready for some giveaways to enter? Here is a list of freebies hosted on Dallas-area sites. Have fun!   {NEW} Runnergirl Creations- Handmade Christmas Card Set, $10 (ends 12/13) {NEW} Crystal & Co.- Tiffie Sleeves (ends 12/15) {NEW} Crystal & Co.- Buttoned Up Organizing Gift Set (ends 12/15) {NEW} Crystal & Co.- Tastefully Simple Gift […]

Dallas Freebie Monday’s Week of 11/28/11

It is Monday and that means it is time to update our list of giveaways being hosted on area Dallas blogs. Ready, set, go!   Ends TONIGHT! –> {NEW} Dallas Single Mom- 4 tickets to the Progressive International Motorcycle Show with Capcom Moto GP Playstation 3 Game (ends 11/28) {NEW} Dallas Single Mom- Four tickets […]

Dallas Freebie Monday’s Week of 11/21/11

Lots of new giveaways to share this week! Here goes….   Ends TONIGHT! –> {NEW} Dealicious Finds- $25 Kroger Gift Card (ends 11/22) Ends TONIGHT! –> {NEW} MyDFWMommy- Strivectin Face and Neck Tightening Giveaway (ends 11/22) {NEW} MyDFWMommy- $100 Ebates Giveaway (ends 11/23) {NEW} MyDFWMommy- $50 BelleChic Boutique Giveaway (x2)  (ends 11/23) {NEW} MyDFWMommy- $25 […]

$50 Gift Card Hanna Andersson

What a Happy Day it is for Hanna Andersson! Today is the opening of their new store in Frisco at the Stonebriar Centre. Hooray! To celebrate (we like to celebrate) we are giving away a $50 gift card. Hanna is legendary for quality that’s crafted to last, their Swedish-inspired designs let kids be kids in […]

Dallas Freebie Monday’s Week of 11/14/11

Ready for an updated list of giveaways hosted on Dallas area blogs? Winning giveaways is good on your holiday budget.   ENDS TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT!! She is Dallas- T-Mobile myTouch & myTouch Q (ends 11/14) {NEW} DFW Craft Shows- Customized Game Day Dress – $59.95 (ends 11/15) {NEW} Naya- One Pair of Naya Shoes (to […]

Ovaltine Holiday Recipe {with Giveaway!}

I am so excited to be sharing another Ovaltine recipe.  This one is perfect for your next holiday celebration… …even if that celebration is a snack with your holiday-lovin’ kids. We are making Ovaltine Crisped Rice Treats! YUM. All through my childhood, my mom would make cookie plates to give away through the holiday season.  […]

Dallas Freebie Monday’s Week of 11/7/11

Here is a list of awesome giveaways currently hosted on local Dallas blogs and accepting entries. You do not have to live in Dallas to enter!  Dallas Single Mom- 2 Jars of Renfro’s Salsa – Garlic Salsa and Pineapple Salsa (11/8)  Roubinek Reality- Jon Hart Makeup Bag — $86 (ends 11/9)  Dallas Single Mom- Family […]

Dallas Freebies You Can Win

Winning a giveaway is a great way to get holiday shopping done for free! Here is a list of giveaways being hosted on local Dallas blogs that you can enter! Best of luck.  She is Dallas- AirFit Adjustable Pillow (ends 11/2) {NEW} Funcards Blog- 5 beautiful Zazzle postcards (ends 11/4) {NEW} Dallas Single Mom- 2 […]