Paper Math Games: Fractions and Multiplication

times and fractions paper games

You know those paper fortune tellers?  They were *the* rage when I was a kid.  I loved them!  And it is time to introduce my kiddos to the joy of Cootie catchers – while reviewing math lessons. We made two paper games, one to review fractions and another to review times tables. Want to learn how […]

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30+ Super Fun Math Games


Math games are a great way to practice your math skills while having fun.  There are plenty of ways to start introducing your kids to math skills without using a workbook.  We love to have fun! We found these and so much more fun over on our Facebook page and our activity link-ups.  Head over and share your […]

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15 Activities to Build Listening Skills

Good Listening Skills

Building listening skills is really important for little ones.  These activities are a wonderful thing to implement around the house if you are working on getting your kids to listen a bit better. We found these and so much more fun over on our Facebook page and our activity link-ups.  Head over and share yours, too!  15 Activities […]

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Free Printable Creative Adventure Dice


These Free Printable Creative Adventure Dice are the perfect way to spark your imagination.  Fun for the whole family, this activity is a great way to bring story time alive! Free Printable Creative Adventure Dice Here’s a fun game filled with excitement, adventure, and creative writing? YES!  “Adventure Dice” gives you all that and lots […]

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Printable Colored Hearts Playing Cards

Printable Colored Hearts Playing Cards

Have fun playing a whole pile of games with these free printable colored hearts playing cards. The kids can practice learning their colors while playing a variety of card games they love. This is the perfect take-a-long activity for the little ones and is a fun activity for Valentine’s day too.   Printable Colored Hearts […]

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Amazing Apps: 24 Best Apps For Kids {Parent Recommended}

24 best apps for kids

I don’t know what it’s like in your home home, but in ours I got rid of the TV at the beginning of the year and now just have an iPad. I got rid of the television for a number of reasons, one of which was my 7yo daughter starting to act older than she […]

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15 Outdoor Games that are Fun for the Whole Family!

15 DIY Outdoor Games

Outdoor games are the perfect way to enjoy summer as a family.  These 15 DIY outdoor games are fun for the whole family.  From handmade giant jenga to flash light tag, these games curated by Kids Activities Blog are sure to provide hours of summer fun! DIY Outdoor Games Play a backyard-sized version of memory […]

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Flashlight Games for Kids – After Dark Fun!

flashlight games for kids from the kids activities blog

Now that the weather is getting warmer and summer is not too far away, we want to get those kids outside as long as we can!  When I was little, we used to take all the flashlights outside and play flashlight games until our parents called us in. So when your kids aren’t quite ready for bed […]

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Hormel REV Meat Snack Mix Inspired Cup Crafts for Kids

Cup Crafts Sponsored by Hormel Rev Meat Snack Mix

There is a new snack in town…literally. Hormel® REV® Meat Snack Mix has rolled out in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for a limited time in nearly 20 Kroger locations.  We were excited to be in the chosen location so that we could work with Hormel on spreading the word and celebrating National Snack Foods Month […]

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Playing in the Dark with Tic-Tac-Glow

Playing in the dark game - tic-tac-glow - Kids Activities Blog

Playing in the dark is tons of fun with the right game.  We have played flashlight games and learned in the dark.  Today we are playing in the dark with tic-tac-toe here at Kids Activities Blog.   Playing in the Dark Game Tic-Tac-Glow game was born on a rare, rainy day.  We closed the blinds in […]

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9 Fun and Easy Toddler Games

Toddler games are a great source of fun and learning for our little ones.  You can’t beat having a good time and learning at the same time!  All of these games can be put together right at home. We found these fun toddler games in our weekly link-up, It’s Playtime!  It’s a great source for […]

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10 {Hands-On} Tell Time Games

tell time games - Kids Activities Blog

Exciting News:  This post was named by Pinterest as one of the Top 20 Pins of 2013 for Education and Classroom Ideas!  We are absolutely giddy and hope you will share it too! These Tell Time games are sure to make your day a little more fun for your little ones. We try to focus […]

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10+ Games to Make and Play with Kids

10 games to make with and for your kids.

Games are a great way to connect with your kids. We scoured the net and found ten of our favorite games that your can make and play with your children. Pinball – create your own game – Such a fun way for kids to experiment with angles.  As your kids move the pieces they are […]

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DIY Number Detective Game for Kids

Number Detective Game featured on Kids Activities Blog - tons of fun trying to figure out how many marbles are in the jar!

Today we are detectives.  You won’t need a magnifying glass or a tweed cap, but you will need to raid your recycling barrel and get ready for some number fun! KneeBouncers, our sponsor, challenged us to play with numbers this week.  If you missed our play with letters, please check out the alphabet zipline.  We […]

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Kids + Programming Fundamentals = Robot Turtles Board Game

Robot Turtles Board Game featured on Kids Activities Blog

We are board game people. I wanted my kids to love board games as much as I do which meant I spent a ton of time playing mind-numbing games of chance. I swear if I hit that REALLY long chute one more time… I think that is one of the reasons why I got so […]

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Better Than a Pet Rock – DIY Tic Tac Toe

DIY tic tac toe rocks - more than a pet rock - Kids Activities Blog

Jamie Canaves is the creator and artist of Dinky Cow where fun, learning and imagination come together to create kid’s nursery decorations. Founded with the idea that you should have your cake and eat it too, because cake is delicious, all hand painted canvas art and kids drawer pulls can be customized and personalized as you wish.

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DIY Ball and Cup Game from Recycled International Delight Bottles

DIY game to make with kids from recycled International Delight bottles

International Delight is doing something really fun right now.  They want to know What’s Your ID?   Stop by the What’s Your ID website to pin your ID, check out the other pins from all over the United States and find out how to win prizes like:  Magical Trip grand prize, Visa gift cards, FREE […]

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Red Light Green Light – with Monster TRAX

Red Light - GReen light.  A fun Kids Game.

Red Light, Green Light is a traditional kids game and today we are playing it with a twist. Our kids love getting to go FAST and they are thrilled that Monster TRAX has joined us as a sponsor for this post.  They just love feeling like they are a “real” driver. Red Light Green Light […]

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Teaching Number Concepts {Fun Bowling Game}

Teaching Number Concepts, Bowling Game

Becky Spence is a homeschooling mama to four little blessings. She is passionate about teaching, specifically literacy. She is the author of This Reading Mama, where she shares reading and writing activities as well as free literacy curricula and printables.

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Funny Games: Silly Songs Family Game {For All Ages}

Funny Games: Silly Songs Family Game

Funny games can bring laughter to your home.  These crazy Silly Songs games will do just that.  We hope you enjoy this fun family game and we’d love for you to come back to Kids Activities Blog and share some silly songs with us.   Silly Songs My family loves to sing.  We aren’t the best […]

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Favorite Game: {Make Your Own} File Folder Game

Make Your Own File Folder Game for Kids

What is your favorite game to play with your child?  Have you thought about trying to make your own game based on holiday theme or simply something your child is really interested in?  Here is a great explanation on how to make a file folder game that your child will love.  We at Kids Activities Blog […]

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Dinner Games at the Table {Family Games}

Fun dinner games for the family

Does your family play dinner games at meal time?  Here is a great idea for fun family games that can liven up meal time in your home.  Kids Activities Blog knows you’ll appreciate that these games can also encourage vegetables to disappear.  Yes, that’s right.  Read on! Dinner Games Dinner time is such an important time […]

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Printable Christmas Games {for Kids}

printable Christmas Game

Printable Christmas games are fun to occupy the kids this season.  Finding Christmas activities for kids is key when OTHER things need to be done by mom!  Today is fun because our friends over at Pre-K Shop have created a fun Christmas game just for Kids Activities Blog. Printable Christmas Games The first step is […]

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Halloween Games: Ghost Bowling {Homemade Games}

Ghost Bowling

Are you looking for fun Halloween Games for Fall parties? Kids love Halloween activities such as this ghost bowling homemade game! The Kids Activities Blog tested out this Halloween game and we hope that you try it out on your kids, too!  For a variation using clear bottles and cotton balls, check out No Time for […]

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Development of Play: 24 Ways to Explore with your Baby

activities for baby

Help your baby develop by helping them explore and play.  Here are two dozen different activities we and other kids activities bloggers have done with their infants to help connect and interact with them.  Looking for something for the tots?  Check out our post on Activities for One Year olds or our Baby Play board […]

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Homemade Games

homemade toys

It is another week of, It’s Playtime.  Each Wednesday afternoon you join us in featuring sweet and simple things that inspire us to enjoy our kids.  Wowsers!  There were over 200 great ideas of activities and games that you can make and play with the kids in your life linked up last week.  We love […]

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Matching Game with Textures


When you’ve lived in your home for a few years, cleaned it hundreds of times, and played hide-and-go-seek more times than you can count, you feel like you know every nook and cranny.  There’s nothing like an indoor photo treasure hunt or an indoor safari though to make you realize that there is more to the interior of […]

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Hasbro's Game of Life Goes Digital

Hasbro’s Game of Life was one of my favorite games when I was younger. Move the car around the board and select your own path to the sweet life.  Will it be college this time or just off to work for me?  Play it safe or go wild and risky?  I felt so in control…at […]

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St. Patrick’s Day Activity: Photo Scavenger Hunt


With both St. Patrick’s Day & Spring break coming up, we like to kick off the break in a fun way…with a St. Patrick’s Day Photo Scavenger Hunt!  Scavenger Hunts are a fun activity to get the kids thinking and working together as a team.  It just takes a little bit of prep work, to […]

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Best Board Games #1

acquire board game box

Playing board games together is one of our family’s favorite past times.  I recently began my review of the top 10 board games every family should play.  This is the list so far: Top 10 Board Games for Families: 10. Streetcar 9.  Empire Builder 8.  Monopoly 7.  Railways of the World 6.  Carcassonne 5.  Puerto […]

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