How To Be Frugal {Save Money}

save money feature - Kids Activities Blog

Would you love to know 50 ways to save money? Here are some general tips on how to be frugal, ways to save money in your household, with your kids, and when feeding your family.  Do you have a tip for frugal living? Please share your ideas here at Kids Activities Blog in the comments or […]

Frugal Ways to Celebrate the Holidays & FREE Printable Game

Frugal Ways to Celebrate the Holidays - Kids Activities Blog

Just hear those sleigh bells ring-a-ling! It’s the holiday season and that means loads of holiday fun! Are you looking for some frugal ways to celebrate the holidays? Here are some fun activities that you, your family can enjoy — without stressing over the cost of some wintry fun! Family budgets are tight these days […]

Painting with Shaving Cream: Frugal Crafting

shaving cream paint

This is my preschoolers favorite way to paint!  Basically, it is what it sounds like; shaving cream mixed with paint.  We usually mix the shaving cream with tempera paint as it has the smoothest consistency and is the cheapest!  We have three tubs of primary colored paint: red, blue and yellow that we mix to […]

List of Super-Cheap Grocery Stores

Salvage Grocery Stores

Are you feeling the post-holiday belt crunch?  I know our budget is a bit tighter each winter.  One of my favorite ways to save is through hounding our local discount grocery store (aka Bent and Dents).  Most of the food is at or near its expiration date, and many of the cans or boxes are […]

$0.25/a gallon for Laundry Detergent

Found this recipe on the Duggar’s website.  It is a great and cheap alternative – especially useful for those with skin sensitivities as it is dye and fragrance-free.  I’ll have to try this when we run out of detergent! Ingredients needed: Very hot water Ivory Soap Washing soda (or soda ash) Borax … Instructions: – […]

Make Your Own Sports Drink

Make Your Own Sports Drink

Sports drinks can get pretty expensive, especially if your family drinks it as fast as mine does. This recipe was shared with me last summer and my family has been loving it ever since! It’s extremely inexpensive and easy to make and it tastes exactly like Gatorade and contains the same hydrating properties. This is […]