DIY Lego Costume

easy diy costume for halloween, a lego brick

Would your LEGO enthusiast love to wear a giant LEGO costume for Halloween this year?  Let us help you with this fun idea – just one of our many homemade Halloween costumes.  We at Kids Activities Blog just love costumes like this that are cheap and easy to make! LEGO Costume We try to make […]

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21 Outdoor Ornaments {to Make with Your Kids}

various wind chimes, wind spinners and whirligigs

When it comes to crafting with kids, I’m a pushover for an easy backyard ornament that we can hang from a tree branch or in a corner of the deck or patio.  Homemade wind chimes, sun catchers, wind spinners and whirligigs look so pretty reflecting light and blowing in the breeze. Today, I’m sharing 21 […]

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Simple Back to School Organization With Free Printables

organization feature

Back-to-school organization is the key to a smooth transition from summer chaos to fall structure.  Here at Kids Activities Blog we’ve teamed up with our sponsor, ClosetMaid®, to bring you some great ideas for streamlining morning and afternoon routines.  We’ve even got free printables to make the whole process extra simple. How To Organize for Back-to-School […]

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Things that Glow: Balloons with Glow Sticks

Glow Balloons Main Image KAB

I recently went to Wal-Mart to shop for party supplies.  One of the items I wanted was a bag of balloons.  I found the balloons but also discovered a fun new kind of balloon – LED balloons!  They have a little light in them that is activated when you pull out the tab.  Then you […]

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Preschoolers Painting Masterpieces with Painters Tape

KAB Videos-3

Do you remember our post with painters tape and stripes?  We went through a painting kick for several weeks… We put some canvases to good use, and the kids were thrilled to have “more stuff to paint on.”   This is super easy and the finished product is wall-worthy.  Use painters tape to create an image.  […]

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Make a Mud Pie Kit from Recyclables

DIY Mud Pie Kit

What would childhood be without mud pies?  You can create this super fun mud pie kit with items destined for the recycle bin.  With just a little prep you can turn trash to treasure and spark hours of imaginative play.  Once you assemble your kit, all you need is a nice patch of dirt!  And when […]

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80+ DIY Toys to Make

80+ DIY Toys to Make

We love DIY toys.  It’s so much fun taking things from around the house and turning them into a fun toy for our kids.  Even better than that, is saving money on all the many toys our kids take from the package and only play with a couple of times. We’ve been gathering lots of […]

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Ping Pong Ball Monster Craft

monster feature

I’m always trying to come up with fun craft projects that are also toys, these ping pong ball monsters are just that!  This monster craft is also a monster toy!  While the process of creating these fun little creatures is a blast, that’s only half the fun!  Once they are dry, they provide hours of […]

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DIY Bubble Shooter {Make Your Own Bubble Wand}

Make your own bubble shooter by kids activities blog

This bubble shooter was born out of desperation. At one time we had many bubble wands. They have since disappeared into their secret hiding places somewhere in our garden. How To Make Your Own Bubble Wand: A bubble shooter: a brilliant mechanism combining bubbles and the act of shooting. This Do It Yourself Bubble Shooter is so […]

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Create Your Own Summer Day Camp

Create Your Own Summer Day Camp From Kids Activities Blog

“MOM! What can I do??  I’m so bored!!!!!!” hits about midsummer around here.  Despite the numerous water parks, movies and excursions about 6 weeks into summer, the kids want to shake it up a bit. This year, a few moms and I planned ahead to trump this “bored” state of being by creating our own neighborhood Summer […]

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30 Natural Cleaning Recipes Using Essential Oils

30 Natural Cleaning Recipes Using Essential Oils

We have been cutting out chemicals in our house and doing a lot of our cleaning using essential oils. There are so many great recipes using natural ingredients to get your place spick and span. I can’t believe how long I’ve been buying commercial cleaning products when these natural solutions were right here all along. […]

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{Kid Craft!} DIY Marble Maze

marble maze feature

Your kids will love making this fun and easy marble maze.  The only thing more fun than making it is playing with it!  We’ve partnered with our sponsor Horizon Organic, to bring you this creative kid made toy.  We love giving kids the chance to design their very own toys, this activity fosters independence and nurtures imagination.  Gather […]

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Mothers Day Craft: A Handmade Bouquet

Handprint Bouquet Thumbnail

Mothers day is this Sunday, and I wanted to make myself a present! Many of you may know that my husband is a veterinarian and we both have a love for animals.  This means we have a few pets; 3 dogs and 2 cats to be exact.  I love my pets dearly, however, they destroy […]

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DIY Hopscotch Playmat

hopscotch feature

Learn how to create this simple and fun hopscotch play mat and spark hours of active play. With Spring upon us, it’s the perfect time to put down the phone and amp up the play!  This mat is perfect because it can be played indoors or out, rain or shine.  Introduce your kids to this […]

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Make a Puzzle With Cards

DIY Puzzle KAB Main

  If you’re like me, you just can’t get rid of all the cards that come in for Birthdays, Christmases, Valentine’s Day, what have you. So, dont. Instead cut them up and make a puzzle with cards! Puzzles are super easy to make. Do you still have any valentines or old Christmas cards left at your […]

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Build a Track with Masking Tape

Build a Track with Masking Tape

Kids can get really creative if you let them build a track for their toy cars around the house.  Just take a look at this fun idea for a speedway made from masking tape! The Dog Days of Summer are upon us here in Texas!  Indoor activities like this one where kids can build a […]

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{Baby Play!} Mini Water Blob

baby play-mini water blob

Give baby a wonderful sensory experience with this mini water blob.  You most likely have all you need to make this fun DIY baby toy already and it couldn’t be easier to assemble.  The best part? Your baby will love it!  The can squish and “splash” to their hearts content without making one bit of mess.  I’m […]

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{Simple Sewing for Baby} 25 FREE Patterns and Tutorials

sewing feature

Sewing for baby is so rewarding, once you start you’ll want to sew baby things all day!  It takes very little fabric, time, or skill to create something very special for the littlest ones in your life.  Kids Activities Blog has gathered 25 of the best free patterns and tutorials for baby sewing.  Whether you’ve […]

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Soft and Smiley DIY Baby Toy

baby toy feature

This easy to make DIY baby toy is sure to your little one’s favorite.  It is simply perfect for baby play.  Babies love faces!  They are drawn to wide eyes and broad grins.  They also love high contrast images.  All of these loves collide in one soft and snuggly, friendly face toy.  All you need […]

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20 Beautiful Gifts Kids Can Make

gifts kids can make feature

This is a wonderful collection of gifts kids can make.  There is nothing more special than a handmade gift, especially one lovingly made by a child.  Kids Activities Blog has gathered 20 beautiful gifts that make great use of your child’s creavtity and artistic ability.  They will have fun creating them and enjoy immense pride […]

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20+ Awesome DIY Toys to Make for Your Kids

diy toys feature

These amazing DIY toys will inspire you to make the perfect gift for your child.  Nothing is more fun than watching your child play with a toy you’ve made.  Kid’s Activities Blog found twenty wonderful handmade toys you can create for your child.  From simple to elaborate, each one of these ideas is sure to […]

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27 DIY teacher gifts that will be loved!

DIY teacher gift

Are you ready to make some great DIY teacher gifts that your child’s teacher will love?  Gifts made by my students were always my favorite when I was a teacher!   27 DIY Teacher Gifts that will be LOVED! If you are looking for fun, creative, simple gift ideas… you have come to the right place on Kids […]

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{Handmade Journal} Gratitude Activity for Kids

gratitude journal

Help children count their blessings with this simple gratitude activity for kids. This is a wonderful gratitude activity because you just need a few basic supplies.  You and your child can create a beautiful journal where they record all the things they are thankful for.  This project is also a wonderful way to repurpose some of that beautiful kiddo artwork you have […]

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2 Ingredient Carpet Stain Cure

DIY carpet stain remover

We found the magic stain remover!  Our van floor was nasty. Really nasty. Remember when we organized our van, well, let’s just say it was not that pristine anymore.  Time for a “fall cleaning”. I can’t remember where I first got the recipe from, but we shared it on our blog roughly two years ago and […]

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{Happy Diners!} 20+ Creative Ways to Keep Preschoolers Occupied at a Restaurant

preschooler occupied feature

Restaurants and kids don’t always mix, but with these awesome ways to keep preschoolers occupied you’ll be wanting to eat out regularly!  Dining out can be so nice (No cooking! No dishes!) but with a preschooler in tow it can also be difficult (Sit still!  Don’t Spill!).  Here on Kids Activities Blog we’ve gathered over twenty creative […]

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DIY Toys for Babies

homemade baby toys

I gathered this list of DIY Toys for Babies for a good reason. Did you know that babies are learning more in the first 3 years then during the rest of their lives?  This is a very busy time for them. There are a lot of “windows of opportunity” where they develop certain behaviors. The […]

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Throw a Mad Monster Party

These are adorable ways to make monsters - my kids love #2!

Monsters. If we didn’t just have a reptile birthday party for the kids we would have totally had a monster bash – these activities look cute and fun.  Thanks to all the bloggers who have linked up to our weekly kids meme, It’s Playtime.   We glean most of the posts we feature here and on […]

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DIY Bouncy Balls

diy bouncy balls

  Today’s roundup is all about DIY Bouncy Balls, because there is something about those bouncy balls that every child loves. All ages. There is so many options to play with these homemade bouncy balls that your kids will be occupied for hours.  Why homemade bouncy balls? 1.  You can control and be fully be […]

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Easy Backyard Water Wall

Build a backyard water wall

A homemade water wall is a wonderful addition to any outdoor play space.  Ours has provided the toddlers and preschoolers in my daycare with countless hours of wet, watery, educational fun!  You won’t believe how easy it was to build!  It took all of about 20 minutes, and it didn’t cost me a dime! Kids […]

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DIY Clipping Toy: Road Trip Sanity with a Toddler

diy clipping toy for toddlers

Homemade toys don’t have to be fancy.  For young toddlers, sometimes the simpler the toy, the better the play. This DIY buckle, clipping toy kept my toddler (17m) entertained for hours! I was inspired to make this one morning at the park, when all the other kids were playing with the slides and the swings […]

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