Parenting Through the West Nile Outbreak

In my opinion, there are two kinds of people in this world: The kind of people who get bit by mosquitoes and the kind that don’t. I, and one of my kids, are the latter kind of people. Our family of four can spend fifteen minutes in the backyard around dusk, and two of us […]

Real Labor – Getting Back Into Shape After Baby

As excited as new moms are about the birth of their baby, they also can’t believe the body that’s been left behind. Our round, voluptuous body seemed beautiful while pregnant and seems like bread dough after labor. What makes matters worse is that new moms 1) don’t have time to do traditional exercise and 2) […]

Holidays in Dallas – November 2011

We are headed into my favorite time of year…the holidays. It seems like each year there are more and more things to do in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that celebrate the holiday spirit. Holiday Events in the Dallas Area There are so many wonderful holiday events that start in November 2011.  These are listed in […]

Dallas Freebie Monday’s Week of 11/14/11

Ready for an updated list of giveaways hosted on Dallas area blogs? Winning giveaways is good on your holiday budget.   ENDS TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT!! She is Dallas- T-Mobile myTouch & myTouch Q (ends 11/14) {NEW} DFW Craft Shows- Customized Game Day Dress – $59.95 (ends 11/15) {NEW} Naya- One Pair of Naya Shoes (to […]

Dallas Freebie Monday’s Week of 11/7/11

Here is a list of awesome giveaways currently hosted on local Dallas blogs and accepting entries. You do not have to live in Dallas to enter!  Dallas Single Mom- 2 Jars of Renfro’s Salsa – Garlic Salsa and Pineapple Salsa (11/8)  Roubinek Reality- Jon Hart Makeup Bag — $86 (ends 11/9)  Dallas Single Mom- Family […]

First Friday Women – Real Women, Real Talk, Real Life

First Friday Women meet at Harkins Theater on the first Friday of each month, September through May.  Phenomenal speakers a scheduled each month to provide inspiration and support to women striving to be their very best as they struggle  with all the challenges that life throws at us. She Is Dallas Info:  First Friday Women […]

Dallas Bloggers: List Your Giveaway on She Is Dallas!

We are starting something new here at the lovely She is Dallas and I am pretty sure you’re gonna love it. Are you a Dallas blogger? Do you host giveaways on your blog? Are you looking for places to promote the giveaways you host? Have we got a deal for you! Because we love Dallas […]

Pepe Le Potter – Paint Your Own Pottery in Hurst

There is an awesome paint your own pottery shop in Hurst called Pepe Le Potter. Have you ever been there? If not, add them to your list of upcoming outings and fun activities in the metroplex. I recently took my five boys ranging in age from 2 yrs to 12 yrs and we did not […]

DFW Day Camps for Summer 2011

The Kids will be out of Dallas area schools for the summer. What are YOU going to do with them? We found a few HUNDRED Dallas-Fort Worth area Summer Day Camps for kids.  There is bound to be a summer solution for your kids…near you! The list below is set up by DFW city alphabetically. […]

Berry Pickin’ at Bailey’s Berry Patch in Sadler

Thanksgiving word hunt for the family

We love fresh berries. My kids can devour a whole container  in one sitting. They munch on blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries by the handfuls. We’ve talked a little about how berries are grown but I love hands-on education so we headed out to Bailey’s Berry Patch to pick our own berries! She Is Dallas info: […]

Elevation Burger in Dallas

While I don’t eat red meat myself, my husband is a big fan of the grass-fed, pasture-raised, organic beef burgers. He has been anticipating the arrival of Elevation Burger for many months before it was completed, so the first chance we got for a few hours toddler-free (we did have the baby with us, but […]

Ebates: How I Saved 70% Off My Dinner Tab

I’m in shock!  Dollar sign shock!  Where have I been that I haven’t heard of Ebates?  For Mothers Day I love to not have to do a single dish, make a single meal or do any other chores, it’s my gift to myself.  So we go out to eat… and going out to eat can […]

Mamas Write; DFW Christian Mom Bloggers

If you are a Christian mom blogging in Texas, let us introduce you to Mamas Write… Mamas Write is… Creating Community Using Our Voices For Christ Inspiring Moms Sharing Knowledge Forming Friendships Unashamedly Biblical We would love to have you as a part of Mamas Write.  We are planning a variety of activities including social […]

Spring Break Activities for Kids in DFW

Don’t let your kids tell you how bored they are over Spring Break. There are tons of activities for kids in Dallas-Fort Worth including spring break camps and classes. Many of these activities are free or cheap! Check out these Dallas area spring break activities for kids to keep their bodies moving and their brains […]

Meet and Greet U.S. Troops at DFW Airport

Anywhere from 150 to 250 troops come through DFW airport each day on their way home for a two-week R&R (Rest and Recuperation). One flight arrives daily at DFW and one departs each day. A small portion meet their families here but the majority will catch connecting flights home. Volunteers gather each day to meet […]

Eat Chipotle for REAL School Gardens

I am a huge Chipotle fan, but I am not the biggest fan in my home. My husband wrote to Chipotle for 2 years lobbying for a closer location. They finally gave in…probably tired of responding to his emails.  We showed up on day one of the new location and can be found there at […]

Ft Worth Museum of Science and History

I remember when going to a museum was walking through the halls with figures behind glass and a brown plaque describing what you were looking at. You then took two steps over and read the next brown plaque. If you were visiting an upscale museum, you would have the headphones to do the reading for […]

Stink, Stank, Stunk … Giveaway!! CLOSED

we went to log cabin village

Log Cabin Village sits in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Fort Worth is a very quiet corner filled with quiet paths, tall trees, bright flowers and log cabins where kids can run freely and play with history. There are 11 cabins dating back as early as 1840 scattered along the paved walking […]

GIVEAWAY – Natalie Merchant!!!! {Winner Announced}

UPDATE: We have a WINNER! Congratulations to Shannon of Milk & Cuddles, you were selected at Random to win 3 tickets to Natalie Merchant Thursday, August 19th! Have a great time! I teased some of you a few weeks ago and now, we are making it a reality. BurbMom is pleased to giveaway 3 tickets […]

Websites for Moms in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

One of the things I LOVE about being a mom in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is that there are tons of things happening. There are places to go and people to see. This is not limited to in real life (IRL) experiences . There is an ever-growing list of online resources for moms in North […]

Wild About Flower Mound

Homemade Gifts for kids

We braved the heat and ended up having a great time at Wild About Flower Mound. This is an annual event that includes a fantastic environmental/nature education piece that is geared to both adults and children. There are presentations throughout the day for adults but with my two little ones in tow, we just focused […]

Spice Up Staycation with Cheap, Creative Thrills

Decorating Easter Eggs with your Preschooler

You aimed to rent a beach house the Big Island this summer for your family, but alas, the economy has downsized your plans to include only cold showers at home. That said, you and your kids can substitute a costly vacation with a smashing “staycation” here in Texas. All it takes is a little imagination […]

Mission: Impossible – Nature Challenge 2010

YOUR MISSION…SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT: EXPLORE THE NATURE OF NORTH CENTRAL TEXAS THIS SUMMER WITH YOUR FAMILY! What a great idea!  The Trinity River Audubon Center is one of the hosts of the Nature Challenge 2010. Sign your whole family up as a team and then set out to accomplish your mission – […]

Mom: Bonding

While pregnant with my first son, I read everything I could find concerning babies. I wanted to be über prepared. Let’s all take a break for a good chuckle. There was, however, one question for which I could never locate the answer. A topic that was so dark and scary that no book would broach […]

Splashing around DFW

Yes, last week we were SNOWED in… 12 1/2 ” ya’ll! C.R.A.Z.Y. A few days later we are still shivering, but the snow is almost gone.  It was so weird seeing SNOWBANKS in local shopping center parking lots. Anyway, we are slowly thawing out and I am trying my best to segue into some WATER […]

Water on Wheels Tour Coming to Dallas

Burb Mom is proud to announce a series of events through out the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex over the next two weeks sponsored by PUR.  PUR’s Water on Wheels Tour will be making multiple stops in our neighborhoods.  Not only are these events family-friendly, fun and educational… PUR is giving away a $400 gift […]

Baby, it’s hot outside

When I imagined being a stay-at-home mom, I had visions of arts and crafts days, outings to places like the zoo, aquarium and park and educational classes galore. My social life would explode with a whirl of activities with other mommies, and I would end each day feeling like I was providing my child with […]

Free activities for kids at Willow Bend Mall

Next week – July 13 through 17 Willow Bend Mall in Plano is hosting FREE and unusual activities for kids at 2:00 daily.  They are calling it the Week of Summer Fun for Kids.  All events will be held in the Grand Court (except for Tuesday’s activity which will be in the Macy’s Court). The […]

Thursday – DFW Twitter

apple pie1

I have been on twitter for awhile…here is the shameless link to my Texasholly twitter profile. When I started I had NO IDEA why. I didn’t even LIKE twitter. It is choppy, confusing and I often found myself talking randomly…to myself. Not that I have anything AGAINST random. When Burb Mom started I set up […]