Heart Art {Finger Print Art}

Heart art for kids makes for a special finger print art project

Heart art is an expression of love and it is the perfect way to decorate these adorable greeting cards.  The cute hearts on these cards are special though because they are made with finger print art!  Kids Activities Blog hopes that you and your child will enjoy some special time together as you make these […]

2 Dozen Easter Eggs Activities

egg activities

Looking for something to do with Easter Eggs? Here are more than a dozen suggestions! Leave a comment at the end of some of your favorite “eggy” activities.  Thanks to all the It’s Playtime participants who contributed these ideas last season – Easter is a month away and we can’t wait to see the activities […]

Share the Love: Heart Stones (Crafts for Kids)

Kids can share the love this Valentine's Day with heart stones

Share the love this Valentines Day with cute crafts for kids.  These adorable heart stones will melt everyone’s hearts.  Kids Activities Blog hopes you have had a wonderful Valentine’s Day full of love. Share the Love Let’s carpe diem Valentine’s Day! Let’s make it more than a romantic holiday for couples. Valentine’s Day is more […]

{Show Love} Valentines Cards

These super cute Valentines cards are easy for kids to make! I love you cards

How do you show love on Valentine’s Day?  These sweet Valentines cards are bursting out of the card with love!  Kids Activities Blog hopes you have fun making these super cute cards with your kiddos. Show Love Since Rory still isn’t walking yet after her four surgeries over Christmas, we haven’t been able to do […]

Valentines Day Tree

Valentines Day Craft

The thought of a Valentines Day tree may strike fear in those of us still having flashbacks to the post-holiday clean-up, but I promise that this Valentines Day craft will not be leaving pine needles on your floor. This Valentines Day tree is created from paper craft and can be set up indoors or {if […]

Valentines Cards {Kids Can Make}: Owl Love

Owl Valentines Day cards that kids can make

Valentine cards from friends are such a special treat, especially when they are made by hand.  Here are some cute home made cards that your kids can make.  “Owl Love” to hear what cute owl phrases your child comes up with for their cards.  Please come back to Kids Activities Blog and share their ideas […]

Mardi Gras Crafts for Kids {Make a Mask}

Kids can make a mask for Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras crafts for kids may be something you are seeking now that Mardi Gras is coming up! Kids will have a ball getting creative as they make a mask for the big party day.  Of course, every day is a party day here at Kids Activities Blog! Mardi Gras Crafts for Kids When I think […]

Indoor Fun: Make Animals {Playdough}

Kids love being creative as they make animals from playdough. Great kids activity!

Playdough is a favorite with most kids.  Here is a great project to keep kids entertained with playdough as they make animals.  Kids Activities Blog hopes your little one (and you) enjoy this indoor fun activity. Playdough Our preschool  lesson themes are based on books and topics that Bear {4 yrs} has chosen to make […]

Make a Puzzle: Reuse Holiday Cards

DIY puzzles 2

Puzzles are super easy to make. Do you still have any valentines or old Christmas cards left at your house? We have a bunch leftover from our holiday season. My son loves his valentines and won’t let me dump them into the recycling bin yet, so we’ve decided to reuse them in a variety of […]

Homemade Christmas Gift: Paint a Shirt

homemade Christmas gift

For a sweet homemade Christmas gift that your kids can make, try this fun project.  Use fabric paint to paint a shirt with these two methods.  Kids Activities Blog loves to share cute ideas like this that lets kids customize items they might already have around the house. Homemade Christmas Gift Supplies shirt {or other […]

{Homemade Christmas Gift} Art Magnets

Homemade Christmas gift

This homemade Christmas gift idea is fun, simple, and quick to create. Art magnets make a perfect handmade gift for family and friends. Each one contains a miniature art masterpiece making them a very personal gift. And the best part of all?  They not only look beautiful, but they’re also functional.  Kids Activities Blog loves […]

{Gobble, Gobble} A Thanksgiving Preschool Craft

Thanksgiving turkey craft feature

A Thanksgiving preschool craft is a great way to introduce your kids to this holiday and encourage them to be more grateful.   If you enjoy having your children play and explore painting, but don’t love  a lot of paint everywhere. Salad spinner painting may just be your kind of painting. We just painted the […]

Thanksgiving Crafts: {Foot Print} Turkey

Thanksgiving craft

We still need some ideas for Thanksgiving crafts.  Although I love doing hand and foot print crafts I wanted to refrain from doing the hand print turkeys, just because I know many people already know how to do them.  So, I decided to do a “play” on the traditional hand print turkeys; we are making […]

12 {Fun} November Activities to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Celebrate Thanksgiving with some of these kids activities.

Over the next week, we are going to be exploring ways to celebrate Thanksgiving.  We thought it would be fun to kick it off today with a dozen November activities to get you started.  Watch Kids Activities Blog countdown to Thanksgiving for even MORE Thanksgiving activities. We love November and filling our days with fall […]

Fall Crafts for Kids: Leaf Craft

fall crafts for kids

Do the beautiful colors of autumn have you searching for creative fall crafts for kids?  If so, then this leaf craft may be just what you were looking for.  Kids Activities Blog has many fall crafts like this to keep you little one happy. Fall Crafts for Kids Fall is a time of raking leaves […]

{Simple and Fun} Family November Crafts

November crafts

November crafts aren’t just turkey related. They can be something that is just colorful, fun, and a wonderful family activity.  Kids Activities Blog loves creative projects like this that the whole family can enjoy especially beautiful paper crafts like this. November Crafts One afternoon, my preschool twins N and M were particularly restless. Normally they […]

Craft To Make: Sea Stars Paper Craft

craft to make

If you are looking for a fun craft to make with things you already have at home, then take a look at this cute idea.  You can make your own Sea Stars!  We hope you enjoy this paper craft and be sure to look for more ideas like this on Kids Activities Blog. Craft to […]

{Kids Thanksgiving Craft} Handprint Art

Kids Thanksgiving Craft

As my little one gets older, I am looking for ways to “measure his growth”.  One of the best ways I have found has been by using his hands & feet to make art!  There are so many amazing ideas using littles ones fingers, handprints, and footprints to commemorate the seasons throughout the year.  We […]

{Recycled Craft} Make a Vase from Old Shoes

recycled art

Make a vase that will remind you of times past.  This simple recycled craft is made with a pair of your child’s old shoes.  Kids Activities Blog loves to find easy {and inexpensive ways} to get kids involved in the craft process and this recycled shoe vase is easy enough for a child to create. […]

Spider Craft {Halloween Craft}

halloween spiders

Another Halloween activity!  We love Halloween so much!  I love that Rory is getting so into Halloween too!  Just the other day she asked me if we were going to make any witches!  (Now I am thinking of another project we can do before Halloween that incorporates witches!). One of my favorite things about Halloween, […]

{Halloween Crafts} Make A Ghost with Footprints

halloween ghosts

Halloween crafts for kids is something we are seeking here at Kids Activities Blog knowing that parents, caregivers and teachers are searching high and low for the perfect one!  The good news is that today’s Halloween craft, Make a Ghost is something that can be done easily with supplies you likely already have and it […]

Homemade Baby Toy for Older Siblings to Make


When I was pregnant for my third baby I was always looking around for things that would help my other two children share in the excitement of a new baby in the house.  Having activities for our kids lined up seems to help ease the transition and forestall feelings of jealousy a bit when older […]

Pumpkin Window Cling {Halloween Craft}

halloween craft

Pumpkin A pumpkin is the most popular decoration for fall and Halloween.  They are eye-catching and colorful so they look great displayed in a window.  With this Halloween craft, your child will feel so proud to see their own cute pumpkin hanging in the window for all to see. It is fun to add texture […]

{Hispanic Heritage Month} Celebrate with Mexican Art

hispanic heritage

It’s Hispanic Heritage Month! Let’s celebrate! We also get to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day so we will kick off our celebration with a Mexican art craft! Hispanic Heritage Month Just a fun fact: Many people think that Mexico’s Independence Day is Cinco de Mayo but it’s actually on September 16th. Hispanic Heritage month runs from […]

Preschool Fall Crafts – A It’s Playtime Roundup

50 kids activities celebrating fall

We love doing fall crafts with our preschoolers.   Thank you!!!  In our weekly Wednesday afternoon Kid’s Meme, It’s Playtime, there have been dozens of autumn activities linked up over the years!! There are tons of great activities for kids linked up each week. With the deepening days and the crisper temps – it’s the perfect […]

{Fall Craft} Red Barn

fall craft

This fall craft is easy to make and uses basic household items like paper plates, paint, and construction paper. Fall Craft The fall is filled with wonderful symbols. There are black cats, bats, pumpkins, leaves and bundles of hay to name a few. My family loves to visit a local apple and pumpkin farm that […]

Crayon Melting

crayon melting

It’s been really, really hot here. I’m talking about 110 degree highs every day!  Perfect weather for wax crayon art.  It’s hot enough to melt crayons in my van. Unfortunately, I know this from personal experience. We decided to see how well they would melt outside and experiment with an art project while we were […]

Wax Crayon Art: 20+ Ideas

how to melt crayons

Crayon art goes beyond just coloring!  Wax crayons are fun to color with – a staple of preschooler craft times everywhere.  In addition to coloring and crafting with crayons, we have collected the best art projects from around the web for you to enjoy with your kids! Kids Activities Blog hopes that you will be […]

Painting with melted crayons: My Preschooler’s Self-Portrait

painting crayon

Our kids love to draw and have literally hundreds and hundreds of crayons over here, many of them mere shards.  We’ve melted the crayons to create “new” crayons, but today I had a new “plan” for our leftovers.  Several months ago I saw a post by Suzy’s Sitcom where she melted crayons and then painted […]

Back to School: Crayon Magnets

back to school crayon magnets

It is time for kids to go Back To School.  Here is a fun craft made with crayons that you can make with your kids to help celebrate going back to the classroom. Crayon Magnets My children get crayon boxes as gifts all the time so we have our fair share of coloring supplies.  I […]