Aluminum Foil & Tissue Paper Bracelets

aluminum foil bracelets

Having a real ‘girlie girl’ daughter means we make alot of DIY jewelry in our house at weekends. We’ve already tried making popsicle stick bracelets, TP Roll bracelets, papier mache bracelets and now we’ve added Aluminum Foil Bracelets to the jewelry box. Aren’t they so striking?! This craft activity is so fun and engaging for […]

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50 Creative Straw Crafts

Straw Crafts

I am really loving all of these straw crafts.  It’s so much fun to find new uses for everyday things, and today we have more than fifty! My daughter recently dumped a whole bag of straws on the ground and made a huge mess.  Since we weren’t planning on using them for drinking anymore, we […]

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DIY Hopscotch Playmat

hopscotch feature

Learn how to create this simple and fun hopscotch play mat and spark hours of active play. With Spring upon us, it’s the perfect time to put down the phone and amp up the play!  This mat is perfect because it can be played indoors or out, rain or shine.  Introduce your kids to this […]

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Sewing book for kids: Sew Together Grow Together

sew together grow together

Have you been looking for a sewing book for kids with fun and creative projects?  Not sure where to begin? Well then, take a look at Sew Together Grow Together which features 20 easy to make sewing projects developed and road-tested over two decades in classes and workshops with children aged between five and twelve. […]

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50 Amazing Egg Carton Crafts

50 Amazing Egg Carton Crafts

We love making recycled crafts and one of our favorites are egg carton crafts.  It’s really fun to show our kids how many amazing things they can create out of something they look at as trash.  All you need is a little imagination. To spark that creativity in you, here is an enormous list of […]

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No-Mess Monster Craft

No Mess Monsters-2

It’s always great when kids can get a fun sensory experience with paint without actually touching the paint.  If I plan an activity where my kids come into contact with paint I know I’m bargaining for about 30 minutes to an hour of clean-up around our house (of course, sometimes it’s fun to just embrace […]

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Make a Puzzle With Cards

DIY Puzzle KAB Main

  If you’re like me, you just can’t get rid of all the cards that come in for Birthdays, Christmases, Valentine’s Day, what have you. So, dont. Instead cut them up and make a puzzle with cards! Puzzles are super easy to make. Do you still have any valentines or old Christmas cards left at your […]

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Blowing Bubbles to Make Art

Soap Bubble Art-4

Blowing bubbles to make art is a great way to discuss hyperbolic pressure… or to just enjoy making a mess creating colorful designs with your kiddos. What you need to make Soap Bubble Art: 1 T Dish Soap 3 T Water water soluble food coloring (10 drops) straws cardstock paper (You can use computer paper or […]

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Easter Chick and Bunny Handprint Craft

handprint feature

This spring time handprint craft is perfect for celebrating Easter with kids.  And the best part is that the paint is made of edible ingredients so it’s taste-safe, making this a great craft for kids of all ages.  This craft idea came from our sponsor, Imperial Sugar.  We followed the instructions for the Easter Chick Handprints […]

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Make a Lego Rainbow

Lego Rainbow-1-2

We are huge Lego fanatics.  We have made our own Lego Instruction Books; we’ve done Lego playdoh printing, car races, relay races, hunts, and Lego painting! My son just celebrated his fourth birthday and I threw him a Lego-themed birthday party that was a big hit. Our house is now even more inundated with Legos than it was before… […]

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Preschool Activities: Cheerios Bracelet

fruit loop bracelet

Toddlers can make Cheerios bracelets to strengthen fine motor skills and work on counting and patterning. We love Cheerios in our house. We eat them for breakfast all the time but we also play with them too. Do you remember those fun candy bracelets where candy beads are strung on a piece of elastic and […]

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Share the Love: Heart Stones (Crafts for Kids)

Heart Stones

Share the love this Valentines Day with cute crafts for kids.  These adorable heart stones will melt everyone’s hearts.  Kids Activities Blog hopes you have had a wonderful Valentine’s Day full of love. Share the Love Let’s carpe diem Valentine’s Day! Let’s make it more than a romantic holiday for couples. Valentine’s Day is more […]

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50+ Creative Clothespin Crafts


These clothespin crafts show you just how creative you can get with a little imagination.  It is so much fun to make something fun out of a simple household item. If you’re looking for inspiration, we have a huge list of crafts for you to make out of clothespins! 50+ Creative Clothespin Crafts DIY Locker […]

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25 Cupcake Liner Crafts

25 Cupcake Liner Crafts

If you love to bake, you probably have many spare cupcake liners around the house, probably a few each of many different colors and patterns.  Instead of making another batch of muffins or cupcakes, why not let your kids repurpose them with some of the fun cupcake liner crafts? We have 25 great ideas for […]

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65+ Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

TP Rolls feat

Toilet paper roll crafts are one of our most favorite craft activities.  The possibilities of things you can create are endless! We’ve got a huge selection of crafts today you can make from your everyday toilet paper roll. It’s crazy to think how long we were throwing these things away! 65+ Toilet Paper Roll Crafts […]

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20 Duct Tape Crafts the Kids Will Love

20 Duct Tape Crafts the Kids Will Love

Who knew? Ten years ago no one knew we’d be making duct tape crafts in all shapes, colors and sizes. Purses, wallets, school supplies, toys, you name it, you can probably make it from duct tape! 20 Duct Tape Crafts for the Kids I’ve put together a bunch of fun projects that are very kid […]

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20 Beautiful Gifts Kids Can Make

gifts kids can make feature

This is a wonderful collection of gifts kids can make.  There is nothing more special than a handmade gift, especially one lovingly made by a child.  Kids Activities Blog has gathered 20 beautiful gifts that make great use of your child’s creavtity and artistic ability.  They will have fun creating them and enjoy immense pride […]

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20+ Awesome DIY Toys to Make for Your Kids

diy toys feature

These amazing DIY toys will inspire you to make the perfect gift for your child.  Nothing is more fun than watching your child play with a toy you’ve made.  Kid’s Activities Blog found twenty wonderful handmade toys you can create for your child.  From simple to elaborate, each one of these ideas is sure to […]

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{Handmade Journal} Gratitude Activity for Kids

gratitude journal

Help children count their blessings with this simple gratitude activity for kids. This is a wonderful gratitude activity because you just need a few basic supplies.  You and your child can create a beautiful journal where they record all the things they are thankful for.  This project is also a wonderful way to repurpose some of that beautiful kiddo artwork you have […]

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16 Fall Nature Crafts for Preschoolers

Fall Nature Crafts

Fall nature crafts are the best!  It is always fun the create with nature, but the beautiful colors and textures of fall make it my favorite season for nature crafts.  Your preschooler will love making these gorgeous autumn crafts.  Kids Activities Blog found the very best in fall preschool crafting from around the web.  From art to […]

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{Halloween Craft!} Mini Haunted Houses

haunted house feature

I love me a Halloween craft!  As someone who regularly crafts with kids I’m not sure there’s a single holiday more fun than Halloween for making with little ones.  Costumes, decorations, oh my!  This simple and affordable craft isn’t just fun to make, it’s also a super cute decoration.  I think I want to make […]

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How to Make Toilet Roll Ninjas – Frugal Fun For Kids

toilet roll ninjas

My daughter and I had SO MUCH FUN making ninjas out of toilet rolls and straws this evening! So quick and easy to make these toilet roll ninjas, with their mad sensei skills!, are a perfect after school, weekend or playdate craft for boys and girls. They would make for a perfect craft for ninja […]

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5 Little Ghosts No-Sew Finger Puppets

ghost finger puppets feature

Get into the Halloween spirit with these adorable no-sew finger puppets.  Your little ones will love creating and playing with these sweet and spooky little ghosts.  This simple craft is perfect for fingerplay, I’ve even included a few fun rhymes!  With both preschoolers (who will love playing with these) and younger children (who might prefer […]

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Throw a Mad Monster Party

These are adorable ways to make monsters - my kids love #2!

Monsters. If we didn’t just have a reptile birthday party for the kids we would have totally had a monster bash – these activities look cute and fun.  Thanks to all the bloggers who have linked up to our weekly kids meme, It’s Playtime.   We glean most of the posts we feature here and on […]

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Spider Craft {Halloween Craft}

Make your own paper plate spiders this Halloween - perfect for hanging on your door!

  Another Halloween activity!  We love Halloween so much!  I love that Rory is getting so into Halloween too!  Just the other day she asked me if we were going to make any witches!  (Now I am thinking of another project we can do before Halloween that incorporates witches!). One of my favorite things about […]

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80+ Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Paper Plates feat

Paper plate crafts are so much fun!  I’ll bet you never knew just how many awesome things you can make from a simple paper plate.  It’s amazing what you can do with a little creativity. Here are some really incredible crafts made from the ordinary paper plate.  If you’ve got your own ideas, scroll to […]

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Ping Pong Ball Painting

ping pong art feature

Part art project, part gross motor activity ping pong ball painting is so much fun!  And the best part?  The results are frame worthy!  Simple enough for a toddler to master but exciting enough to interest much older kids this art project is awesome!  With just a few supplies, most of which you probably already […]

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Pipe Cleaner Disguises

pipe cleaner disguises

Pipe cleaner disguises are pretty much the most fun ever. They’re an easy craft for everyone to do, they take no prep work on your part, and the clean up is a snap. One little goofy pipe cleaner mustache started it all! An afternoon of fun for the whole family. You never know where one’s imagination […]

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{Back to School Craft!} Kid Decorated Pencil Pouch

back to school craft

Help your kiddo get pumped about another year of learning with this fun and easy back to school craft.  One of the best parts of going back to school is the fresh school supplies!  Your kid can turn an ordinary pencil pouch into something cool and personal with this easy craft.  Perfect for all ages, this […]

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100+ Crafts Inspired by Children’s Books


These activities combine two of our favorite things: crafts and children’s books.  What could be more fun than making your favorite book come to life? We have so many fun crafts shared here and the number is growing every day.  I’m sure that at least one of your little ones favorites is on the list! […]

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