Make Your Own Moon Sand – Aka Moldable Mess!

moon sand

Combine play sand with cornstarch and you get lots of sand fun!  What is great about this mixture is that unlike regular sand, it cakes together when slightly damp.  Almost becoming hard, but smashes back into sand.  All of my kids enjoyed playing with there new “outdoor only” tub!  I will warn you though, they […]

How to Make Coffee Filter Bugs and Flowers

coffee filter bugs

This is a great activity to teach our kids color, what bugs need to eat (nectar) as well as the important roll of bugs as pollinators.  All while having fun with a craft project! Materials Needed: -coffee filters or paper towel cut into circles – watery tempera paint or food coloring and water – Pipe […]

Make Your Own Felt Shape Board


My kids love tactile learning!  I saw an example of this (much classier) somewhere – I can’t remember where the inspiration came from, it’s not entirely original, but it stuck in my head.  The craft store had a sale on felt this past weekend, it was time to make our own!  Hopefully, your kids will […]

Preschoolers Painting with Feathers Activity


Paint is our favorite medium.  It is the good ole’ standby at our house.  As we are learning about birds this week, we decided to paint with feathers. … Materials Needed: Paint, we used our shaving cream paint recipe Feathers Glue Paper Originally we were going to use the feathers as one would use a […]

Learning Fun with Birdseed


This week we are studying birds.  We used birdseed in a tactile or blind, “I Spy” as well as practiced gross motor skills by pouring bird seed from cup to cup. … Materials needed: Bucket Birdseed items and small trinkets What we did: The kids love feeling birdseed sifting through their fingers!  They picked three […]

Bird Hats and Nest Building

bird 2

We had so much fun with our bird theme today!  We made adorable bird hats and then collected bits of string and other materials to lace into a nest.  This activity was suitable and enjoyable for my (almost) 3 year old, can easily be enriched for use with older children. … … … Materials Needed: […]

Pine Cone Bird Feeder Craft


If your kids are like mine they are obsessed with birds.  The cooling winds of fall bring lots of birds, mostly crows, through our yard.  Z loves watching the birds congregate on our fence.  Today we created pine cone bird feeders to feed the birds on their southern trip. … … … … Materials needed: […]

Counting Garden: Preschool Learning Activity

Counting "Garden"

This is a great way for kids to work on their listening skills while practicing counting as well as learning cause and effect: plant a seed, grow a flower. … Materials needed: Colored Paper Popsicle Sticks “Garden” container (or two plastic cups) Glue and/or tape Rice/Sand/Lentils, etc. Big Seeds or beans for “planting” Using the […]

DIY Flower Hair Clips


As part of our plant themed activities for the week my daughter and I “dissected” silk flowers. There is no better way to reassemble them than on a barrette. These are my daughter’s favorite accessories (well, after dangly necklaces). … … … . What you will need: Hot glue and gun Ribbon Beads Silk flowers […]

Preschooler Plant Parts Craft Project


Have fun discussing the names and basic functions of parts of a plant while decorating this fun picture using various materials. … Materials Needed (Improvise when necessary): Straws Colored paper Pipe cleaner Tissue paper Scissors White glue Colored pencils/crayons/markers Draw a basic picture of a plant including petals, stem, leaves and roots.  Using the various […]

Decoupage: Ways to Showcase Your Kid’s Art Work


Decoupage is a great way to showcase your kids artwork.  We have used decoupage to make a planter out of an old oatmeal tub, to decorate the cover of a journal, to make a boredom-buster die, as well as picture frames, cards and hand magnets.  Here are some simple decoupage instructions… You’ll need: Clear glue […]

Preschool Craft: Shaving Cream Painting


We love shaving cream over here!  You can spray it on a table and let the kids get messy without any stains!  We also use shaving cream to make our paint last longer.  By mixing tempera paint into a cup of shaving cream, your paint will go farther, the colors will be more brilliant as […]

Preschool Project: Make Your Own Paintable Chalk

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

My kids have had a blast making and finger painting our fence with paintable chalk.   Note: It washes right off concrete, but we have to scrub a bit on our fence to get it out of the grooves of the wood. Ingredients: Cornstarch Water Food Colors (liquid is okay, but the gels are more […]