13 Crazy Cotton Ball Crafts and Activities for Kids

cotton ball roundup of easy crafts for preschoolers

Cotton balls are soft, easy to craft with and cheap – the perfect preschool medium for kids activities. Kids Activities Blog is crazy about recycled activities and crafts using things that you already have laying around the house! Cotton Ball Crafts for Kids Go outside, hang some paper, then dip cotton balls in paint and throw […]

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15 {Adorable} Tissue Paper Crafts


These tissue paper crafts are so pretty!  We have a great list of ideas for you to try today with a wide age range.  There is something for the littlest crafters all the way to the older kids. We found these and so many other great crafts from the ideas you’ve been sharing with us […]

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10 {Cool} Paper Plate Crafts

10 {Cool} Paper Plate Crafts

We love to create paper plate crafts!  It’s fun to see just how many different things you can come up with by using a simple paper plate.  We also love helping our kids use their imagination to look at something so simple and build it into something amazing! Inspired by There’s Just One Mommy, we’re […]

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Aluminum Foil Craft {Colorful & Shiny Tin Foil Collage}

aluminum foil craft

This aluminum foil craft is awesome.  Using tin foil is an adventure – is just so shiny and crinkly!  Making a Tin foil collage is a craft with aluminum foil that is so simple that even the youngest artist can get involved with colorful results. Kids Activities Blog loves when things found in the kitchen become art. Tin Foil […]

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Craft To Make: Sea Stars Paper Craft

craft to make

If you are looking for a fun craft to make with things you already have at home, then take a look at this cute idea.  You can make your own Sea Stars!  We hope you enjoy this paper craft and be sure to look for more ideas like this on Kids Activities Blog. Craft to […]

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Ocean Play Dough

Ocean Play Dough Thumbnail

Play dough can be an amazing doorway into imaginary lands. Take a batch of home-made dough – we always use this no-cook play dough recipe  – and add in some food coloring to set the scene. Today we went with blue for the ocean. Provide some props. I like to offer open-ended items – materials […]

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Painting Craft: Water Bottle Flowers

painting craft water bottle flowers

Every Friday our friend Katy comes over to play and we always try to do some sort of fun activity with her.  So when Katy informed me of a painting craft she thought Rory would like, we immediately started gathering supplies to make water bottle flowers. This painting craft is a great way to help […]

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Art For Kids: Sponge Painting


  Painting never seems to get old for my kids, but sometimes it’s nice to break out of our routine and try alternative painting techniques and materials. Sponge Painting fits the bill nicely.  What I love about making Sponge Prints is that it’s cheap – all you need to do is use a spare kitchen […]

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Recycled Art: Biodegradable Packing Peanut Sculptures


A friend approached me the other day with a box full of biodegradable packing peanuts (affiliate link) left over from a package she received.  I was so excited when she started showing me some different things she discovered about them and grabbed a handful to bring home to my son. The first thing she told me was […]

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Easy Puzzles – Your Kids Can Make

popsicle stick puzzles

This easy puzzle craft came to my rescue last week.  I needed an activity I could do with a wide range of kids with different ages, crafting abilities, etc. We had a crowd at our house, the joy of an extra five kids to hang out for the day. Extra kids means extra fun – […]

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Color Experiments – An It’s Playtime Round Up

color experiments

Kids love to color, love mixing the colors, love exploring with color – the brighter the better. Here are a few of my favorite color experiments that were linked up during last week’s It’s Playtime. Many thanks to my co-hosts for making this a great kid’s meme! Be sure to check out their blogs to […]

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How To Make Mickey Head Tie Dye Shirts


Planning a trip to a Disney Park?  Make a set of these Mickey Head Tie Dye shirts for your whole group & stand out from the crowd!   This fun project will make for some wonderful photos at the parks as well. A few tips before you begin: *Choose tshirts that are 100% cotton.  Synthetic blend […]

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Activities for 3 Year Old

Physical movement for kids

Three year olds are curious, active – at least mine seem to have an endless supply of energy.   They are beginning to make comparisons and differentiate patterns, colors and love to play pretend.  Here are just a few of our favorite three year old activities.  These activities were gleaned in part from from our weekly […]

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It’s Playtime Linkup Party Round-up

We team up to run the kids play activities link-up, It’s Playtime, each week with Hands on : as we grow, Let the Children Play, The Imagination Tree and Messy Kids.  Each week you, our beloved readers submit your favorite play posts to show up on all of our blogs.  This week I have the […]

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Cars: a DIY Car Mat & Redbox Sweeps

DIY cars play mat

Cars, the movie and the toys are beloved friends of my four year old. . We love movies we can interact with.  We all watch movies.  They are great for those moments when we need a break, or when we have a sick kiddo, or for when we want a “special family tradition”.  Our family’s […]

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Car Marionette Puppet (a video)

car marionette puppet

.The kids and I made our first video (well, that I can remember) using car marionettes.   Chevy DFW inspired this post, they dared me to make a video with my kids and cars.  My minivan isn’t quite movie worthy, let’s just say its got more than it’s fair share of dings and is it’s typical […]

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10 Ways to Make Flowers with Preschoolers

flowers preschoolers can make

Flowers, nothing says spring, more than a bunch of flowers! Here are ten different ways you can make flowers with your preschoolers this week – or maybe you can convince Grandma to make them with your kids – as your mother’s day gift!  Don’t want to make your own flowers?  Check out our sponsor for […]

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Paper Plates: Ideas to play and learn with plates!


The combination of packing to move (we move into our new home in 2 weeks!!!) and preparation for a busy holiday season means that we have moved to being a disposable, paper plate loving family.  Dishwashing with our preschoolers is not as feasible as it has been in the past.  Hefty must have known the […]

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Rainbow Cookies – Fun Painting our Food

eating rainbow cookies

Eating cookies is yummy and painting is fun – last week we combined two of our favorite things with two of our favorite people!   I like simple easy recipes!  We adapted this recipe from the back of a Duncan Hines Cake box (one we found when making our rainbow cupcakes a few weeks ago).   These […]

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Dreaming of Winter? Let’s Make Snowflakes

Snow flake preschool Craft

Want a craft project that reminds you of cooler days?  We are pretty warm right now in Texas, and I was thrilled to discover a fun “wintery” science experiment.  Pam of Troop Petrie created some fun and whimsical snowflakes with her kids using borax (which is a staple in homemade cleaners) and pipe cleaners.  As […]

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Story + Art = stART, check it out!

start 1

We are looking forward to the fall and beginning to homeschool our oldest. I love the sounds of this meme, stART. Michelle is a former elementary school teacher who created weekly activities for her kids mixing literature (stories) and art projects. They look like a ton of fun! Here was one of the projects that […]

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Edible Paint: Fun Snack Activity with Honey Mustard, Ketchup & Ranch

dips to paint 6

Painting with toddlers can be a challenge.  Our youngest wants desperately to participate with her older siblings during craft times, and yet, she still has a tendency to put things in her mouth. Time for edible paints! French’s sent us some honey mustard (yummy!) and Quirky kid A has had fun playing with “paint” while […]

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Make Your Own Building Block Town

Play Block Houses

I loved discovering these homemade wooden houses and building blocks!  They are so colorful and inspirational!  My hubby is going to have to replace a portion of our fence soon and I am already daydreaming about the scraps we’ll have and the fun blocks we’ll get to make!  This is even more fun as this […]

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DIY Shaking Bottles for Toddler Learning and Entertainment

shaking bottles for toddler learning

I first found out about these DIY Shaking Bottles from a stay-at-home Dad/friend, who made them for his son to enjoy.  He also makes them and gives them out as gifts.   I love a toddler activity that’s easy, looks great and provides opportunities for learning too! I’ve had my eyes peeled for a number of […]

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Gospel Fuzzies: Preschool Sunday School Activity

Gospel Fuzzies

My daughter came home after Easter Sunday thrilled with the lesson she had learned!  She made a Gospel Fuzzies glove.  I need to preface this post by saying it is not original!  Her Sunday School teachers didn’t remember where they first found out about this activity, so if you are the creator, let me know […]

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Make Your Own Moon Sand – Aka Moldable Mess!

moon sand

Combine play sand with cornstarch and you get lots of sand fun!  What is great about this mixture is that unlike regular sand, it cakes together when slightly damp.  Almost becoming hard, but smashes back into sand.  All of my kids enjoyed playing with there new “outdoor only” tub!  I will warn you though, they […]

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Painting with Shaving Cream: Frugal Crafting

shaving cream paint

This is my preschoolers favorite way to paint!  Basically, it is what it sounds like; shaving cream mixed with paint.  We usually mix the shaving cream with tempera paint as it has the smoothest consistency and is the cheapest!  We have three tubs of primary colored paint: red, blue and yellow that we mix to […]

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How to Make Coffee Filter Bugs and Flowers

coffee filter bugs

This is a great activity to teach our kids color, what bugs need to eat (nectar) as well as the important roll of bugs as pollinators.  All while having fun with a craft project! Materials Needed: -coffee filters or paper towel cut into circles – watery tempera paint or food coloring and water – Pipe […]

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Make Your Own Felt Shape Board


My kids love tactile learning!  I saw an example of this (much classier) somewhere – I can’t remember where the inspiration came from, it’s not entirely original, but it stuck in my head.  The craft store had a sale on felt this past weekend, it was time to make our own!  Hopefully, your kids will […]

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Preschoolers Painting with Feathers Activity


Paint is our favorite medium.  It is the good ole’ standby at our house.  As we are learning about birds this week, we decided to paint with feathers. … Materials Needed: Paint, we used our shaving cream paint recipe Feathers Glue Paper Originally we were going to use the feathers as one would use a […]

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