Decoupage: Ways to Showcase Your Kid’s Art Work


Decoupage is a great way to showcase your kids artwork.  We have used decoupage to make a planter out of an old oatmeal tub, to decorate the cover of a journal, to make a boredom-buster die, as well as picture frames, cards and hand magnets.  Here are some simple decoupage instructions… You’ll need: Clear glue […]

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Preschool Craft: Shaving Cream Painting


We love shaving cream over here!  You can spray it on a table and let the kids get messy without any stains!  We also use shaving cream to make our paint last longer.  By mixing tempera paint into a cup of shaving cream, your paint will go farther, the colors will be more brilliant as […]

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Preschool Project: Make Your Own Paintable Chalk

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

My kids have had a blast making and finger painting our fence with paintable chalk.   Note: It washes right off concrete, but we have to scrub a bit on our fence to get it out of the grooves of the wood. Ingredients: Cornstarch Water Food Colors (liquid is okay, but the gels are more […]

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