Painting on a Mirror: Outdoor Art Activity

Painting on a Mirror: Outdoor Art Activity

Today we’re painting on a mirror in the backyard, under a clear blue sky and a canopy of trees! I’m a huge fan of outdoor art activities. There’s nothing quite like painting in the great outdoors to get those creative juices flowing! Using a mirror as your canvas is a fantastic way to give kids a […]

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Classic Craft: Making Paper Bag Puppets

Classic Craft: Making Paper Bag Puppets by Amanda Formaro

This classic craft has been around for years. It’s one that has stood the test of time, even if it has changed or evolved over time. Paper bag puppets are easy to make and really fun for kids to play with. Whether it’s just markers you create your puppets with or you decorate with yarn, […]

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250+ of the Best Christmas Crafts

Christmas crafts

One of my favorite things about the holidays are Christmas crafts.  There are just so many fun ideas!  Gingerbread houses, homemade ornaments, DIY snow globes… the list goes on and on. If you’re looking for the ultimate list of Christmas crafts, we’ve got you covered.  The fun part is that this list keeps growing!  Every […]

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14 Ways to Recycle Old Magazines Into New Crafts

14 Ways to Recycle Old Magazines Into New Crafts

If you’re like me, you feel bad throwing away all the magazines you’ve already read. I mean after all, there’s tons of ways to create crafts from magazines. So stop hoarding and start creating! Cool Crafts From Old Magazines Looking for some different ideas? Below are ten of our favorite ways to recycle magazine pages […]

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Make a Book Pumpkin – Frugal Fall Craft

Book Pumpkin

Have you seen a book pumpkin? I have to admit something. I am not a very skilled crafter. It is one of the reasons I feel much more comfortable in a kids activities setting…people aren’t expecting professional results! But I love to craft! Finding really easy crafts that turn out with limited skills {that are […]

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Never Bored – 10 Amazing Kids Activities Books

Never Bored - 10 Amazing Kids Activities Books

Kids activities are so important to us.  We adore finding fun and unique ways to keep your kids active and engaged. Here are some books we think are must-haves at home to keep your children crafting and creating and most importantly, never bored!  Number one was written by our very own Holly Homer and Rachel […]

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Craft & Activity SHARE

Its Playtime Post Share - Kids Activities Blog

Welcome! We love to highlight YOUR FUN. We have adored to feature YOUR blog posts and projects over the last few years of It’s Playtime! But we want even more! We have found the more we feature YOU, the better WE are. {insert group hug} We want you to share so we can promote you.  When […]

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Scrabble Tile Craft ~ Acronym Magnets

Scrabble Tile Craft

Over the last year or two I’ve noticed a trend in Scrabble tile crafts. Also, I’m sure you’ve seen magnetic words and letters, which are great for helping kids learn their alphabet and make words. For older kids, they can be fun for leaving messages for each other on the refrigerator! That got me thinking. In this technology driven […]

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21 Handpicked Fun Activities For 3 Year Olds

21 activities for 3 year olds on Kids Activities Blog

It’s a few years since my daughter was a 3 year old, but the memories of her enjoying independent play and my eavesdropping on her playroom chats are happily fresh in my mind. Being 3 is all about playing, being curious, having fun and ‘more’ playing! – watch them get busy with these 21 handpicked activities […]

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Craft Stick Flip Flops in Honor of Dollar Tree Flip Flop Frenzy!

Craft Stick Flip Flops Feature - Kids Activities Blog

One of the signs of summer is the return of the flip-flop! Yay!  I am a huge flip flop fan which is why when Dollar Tree asked Kids Activities Blog to help spread the news about their April 21 Flip Flop-Frenzy event {both in stores and online}, it was an easy…YES! Flip Flop Frenzy At […]

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Free Printable: Cardboard Bunny Lacing Card Template

DIY cardboard bunny lacing card

Need a project to keep little hands busy and engaged this side of Easter? Try making this simple cardboard bunny lacing card template – all you need is a shoelace, a toothpick and just 10 minutes of your time. Hand to eye coordination activities just got cuter!! – Materials You Need: Cardboard Craft Knife Glue […]

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13 Crazy Cotton Ball Crafts and Activities for Kids

cotton ball roundup of easy crafts for preschoolers

Cotton balls are soft, easy to craft with and cheap – the perfect preschool medium for kids activities. Kids Activities Blog is crazy about recycled activities and crafts using things that you already have laying around the house! Cotton Ball Crafts for Kids Go outside, hang some paper, then dip cotton balls in paint and throw […]

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Valentine Craft Printable – Bee Mine!

valentine craft for kids

This adorable valentine craft is so easy! By downloading our free printable bumblebee, the hard part is already done, leaving the fun for the kids. Bumblebee Valentine Craft To help your little one with this craft, just print the bumblebee and cut the pieces out.  The older kids can even do this part by themselves. […]

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11 {Adorable} Penguin Activities


Penguin activities are a fun way to learn all about this amazing flightless bird.  It’s fun to take time to learn about all of the different animals on our planet, but for today, we are just focusing on one.  Plus, they’re really cute! We found so many fun penguin activities in our It’s Playtime! link-up. […]

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Snowflake Coloring Pages to Make Glow-in-the-Dark Window Clings

Make Your Own Snowflake Window Clings - Kids Activities Blog

We don’t get snow too often here in Texas.  It is actually pretty rare. But that does not stop us from dreaming about snow, snowflakes, icicles, even the chilly temperatures! Using a set of snowflake coloring pages, we created window clings using wax paper and glow-in-the-dark fabric paint.  We have a set of glowing snowflakes […]

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Super Simple Listening Game and Craft for Kids

Super Simple Listening Game and Craft for Kids

Some times the easier and less complicated toys are the ones that your kids will engage your kids more than all the fancy toys money can buy. Making your own “telephone” is one of those DIY Toys that your kids will have fun exploring and playing with!  It can become a listening game for kids […]

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101 DIY Gifts for Kids

{Kid-made Gifts} Over 100 ideas of things your kids can make to give this Christmas

Want some ideas for homemade, personalized gifts? Something from this list should inspire or help you! Have any ideas that were not listed? Lets see if we can come up with more! Leave a comment with one of the gifts you have made in the past (or one you hope to make) or feel free […]

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12 Subscription Craft Boxes for Kids Compared

10 Craft and Activity Subscription Boxes For Kids Compared on Kids Activities Blog

UPDATE:  I wrote this last year and since then new subscription boxes for kids have been released.  I am adding to this list as they are delivered!  I have done my best to check out to make sure the ones on this craft boxes for kids list are still active.  There are now more than […]

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6 Fall Apple Crafts For Kids


Apple crafts are a perfect activity for fall.  Along with all of the apple picking events and apple recipes, there are also lots of crafts!  We love crafting of any kind, and each season brings a new set of ideas. Today, we’re showing off a few of our favorite apple crafts pulled from our Wednesday […]

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What to Do With Little Pumpkins for Halloween

What to Do With Those Little Pumpkins - Kids Activities Blog

I am always drawn to those cute little pumpkins that are everywhere during this season. They are so little.  They are so cute! I buy them and take them home.  And they sit in a bowl on my kitchen counter until they rot away. Not cool! They are too little to carve easily, but I […]

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Paper Mache for Preschoolers

Paper Mache for Preschoolers - Make a bowl for Halloween

Do you remember doing paper mache when you were little? I remember making paper mache balls from balloons, covering them in layers of newspaper, waiting for them to dry before popping the balloon inside. My sisters and I used to make different kinds of masks and create elaborate drama productions for our parents. We loved […]

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18 Easy Crafts for Kids

18 Easy Kids Crafts - Kids Activities Blog

Easy crafts are the best kind of crafts!  Making things easy for little ones to do makes them that much more excited to try them. It also makes it easy for mom to just be able to rummage through the house and create a craft. Here are a few easy crafts for kids that we […]

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8 Simple Mother’s Day Crafts


Mother’s Day is approaching again.  Our mother’s are precious to us and we always love to give something from the heart.  What could be more from the heart than something handmade? Since it is usually mom herself that is the craft creator, we thought we would give a helping hand to the dad’s out there.  Here […]

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Melted Crayon Art Using Hot Rocks!

melted crayon art

This melted crayon art project was one of my FAVORITE crafts for kids…ever. It is the perfect mix of art and science.  The really cool thing is that it is one of 60+ easy crafts for kids in a new book, Red Ted Art by our dear friend, Maggy Woodley!  A few months ago we […]

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{Simple and Fun} Family November Crafts

November crafts

November crafts aren’t just turkey related. They can be something that is just colorful, fun, and a wonderful family activity.  Kids Activities Blog loves creative projects like this that the whole family can enjoy especially beautiful paper crafts like this. November Crafts One afternoon, my preschool twins N and M were particularly restless. Normally they […]

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World Crafts: How Ethiopia Forever Changed our Lives

ethiopia hat made by a child

World crafts can connect us to far away places and remind us of far away people.  Kids Activities Blog is so excited for Rachel to share part of her story today and how world crafts are helping connect her sons with a the country of their birth which was prompted by WorldFest. If you are […]

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{Halloween Crafts} Make A Ghost with Footprints

preschool art footprints make ghosts for halloween

Halloween crafts for kids is something we are seeking here at Kids Activities Blog knowing that parents, caregivers and teachers are searching high and low for the perfect one!  The good news is that today’s Halloween craft, Make a Ghost is something that can be done easily with supplies you likely already have and it […]

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Colorful Finger Prints Make the Perfect Preschool Fall Craft

preschool fall craft

This Preschool fall craft is perfect for little finger tips!  It is something that can be made at home to celebrate the beautiful colors of the fall season while also making a sweet keepsake of your little ones foot print and finger prints making it a treasured preschool fall craft. My daughter and I have […]

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Solar Oven

solar oven title

When we heard about the Museum of Science+Industry Chicago’s  Summer Brain Games Series, we had to join in on the fun. Summer Brain Games is 8 weeks of summer fun {don’t tell, but your kids might learn something, too!}. This is Week 5’s activity, the solar oven: How to Build a Solar Oven Materials Pizza […]

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Kids Art: How to Store It All


Being a mom and an artist, I was so excited when my first son started preschool and began bringing home art projects. I had the grand idea that I would be able to save all of these projects in a portfolio for each of my children. When school began, the art projects began rolling in […]

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