10 Fast Family Dinners: Home-Cooked in 20 Minutes or Less

Making dinner doesn’t have to be so hard. With four small kids of my own (seriously, the oldest one is five), who insist on eating dinner every single night, I’ve armed myself with a few fast dinner recipes that will always be done just around the time that 22-minute Clifford video starts rolling credits. Here […]

Make Candy Corn Sugar Cookies For Halloween

I love making cut-out sugar cookies with my kids during the holidays, but let’s be honest…it makes a huge mess and takes a long time!  If you’re looking for a quick way to make Halloween cookies with your kids, check out these adorable Candy Corn Sugar Cookies! No cookie cutters, no rolling out the dough…so these can […]

20 Delicious Fall Slow Cooker Recipes

Savor the best autumn flavors with these easy fall slow cooker recipes.  After a long summer of salads your family will love these cozy crockpot recipes.  Here at Kids Activites Blog we love our slow cooker meals because they are a simple way to cook even on the busiest of days.  So in between soccer […]

{Simple Suppers} 20+ Slow Cooker Recipes Kids Love

With the hustle and bustle of school back in session, slow cooker recipes make getting dinner on the table super simple.  These slow cooker crockpot dinners aren’t just easy, they are delicious too!  Kid Activities Blog asked real moms which slow cooker recipes their kids love.  We’ve put together enough tasty kid-friendly recipes for every weeknight […]

How to Pack a Super Hero Lunch

Here at Kids Activities Blog we are all about making lunch fun.  Packing the same old lunch for school everyday is boring for you to make and your kids to eat.  That’s why we partnered with our sponsor Del Monte®, to bring you this simple and fun super hero lunch idea.  Moms will have fun putting together […]

15 of The Best Recipe Apps for Busy Moms

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or work outside of your home, I think we all can agree just being a mom keeps us busy! So when it comes to meal time we believe it should be simplified which is why we have partnered with our sponsor, Verizon FiOS, to bring you 15 of The Best Recipe […]

Banana Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie {Breakfast on the Go!}

This delicious banana blueberry yogurt smoothie makes the perfect breakfast for busy summer days.  Here at Kids Activities Blog we love a good smoothie recipe, we partnered with our sponsor Yulu, to bring you this extra tasty one. Plus, we’ve got a genius hack that turns a regular mason jar into a spill free smoothie […]

{Easy Bread Recipe} Lazy Woman Bread

Wouldn’t you love to find an easy bread recipe?  Well here is a recipe that involves such simple baking it is called Lazy Woman Bread.  With this recipe from Kids Activities Blog, you can enjoy freshly baked bread any time. Easy Bread Recipe This is a time saver for those of you who are bread snobs and want your […]

Cinnamon Roll French Toast Preschoolers Can Cook

Last week we did a series on playing with our food, we made kale smoothies, played dress-up with collard greens, in the past we have painted our pancakes, and have made spider bananas. But, the thing my daughter loves to make the most is Cinnamon Roll French Toast. This is such an easy breakfast idea. […]

The Perfect Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate

This slow cooker hot chocolate recipe is oh so good (and oh so easy)!  Your kids will love to help make (and drink) this delicious Black and White Crockpot Hot Cocoa.  Have you ever ordered a Black and White Hot Chocolate from Starbucks (it’s on the secret menu)? This copycat recipe is simple, delicious, and great […]

25+ Creative Breakfast Recipes Kids Love!

Move over cold cereal, step aside boring toast, we’re making breakfast fun with the coolest breakfast recipes from around the web.  These awesome breakfasts will have your kiddos hopping happily out of bed each morning.  (Okay, maybe not every morning – results may vary!)  Kids Activities Blog asked fellow bloggers for their kid’s very favorite breakfast recipes.  We’ve gathered a […]

{Kids Cook!} Simple Healthy Cream Pops

This healthy cream pops are super simple to make.  They are one of my favorite kid-friendly recipes.  In fact, they only require one ingredient and your kids can easily make them all by themselves!  Oh, and did I mention they are healthy and delicious?  That’s right, this is a dessert you can say yes to […]

10 Fun Tools for Kids In The Kitchen

Letting kids in the kitchen to to help us cook can be a wonderful learning experience.  It’s really important to help teach them these practical life skills like how to cook.  Plus, there are other learning opportunities involved with cooking like measurements. We found a huge selection of kitchen items designed specifically for kids!  Some of […]

{Kids Cook!} Healthy No-Churn Ice Cream

This healthy no-churn ice cream recipe is sure to become a household favorite.  This Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream isn’t just delicious and simple to make, it’s a good for you!  Your kids will love it because it tastes delicious and they can help make it; you’ll love it because it has no added […]

Sugar Cookie Bar 4th of July Dessert

Sugar cookies are a tradition in our family.You know, the ones that take hours to roll, cut out, frost and decorate. Yup, those! We make them for EVERY holiday, and they are especially cute as a 4th of July Dessert! We decided to make sugar cookies for the fourth this year, but we did this […]

Homemade Father’s Day Mouse Pad Craft

My husband told me that he never gets handmade gifts for Father’s Day. I realized it was true.  Father’s Day falls in the summer, long after the school bell has stopped ringing and the kids don’t always get crafty for Father’s Day.  So this Father’s Day, I decided to have the kids make something cute, easy, […]

Fun Bathtime Idea: Play with Bathtub Paint

My preschool kids love to paint and I don’t love to clean up the mess. What if you could combine painting with cleaning the bathtub? Wouldn’t that be awesome?  This is bathtub paint!  You can make it thick and use it as finger paint, or you can dilute it and use it with paintbrushes.  This “paint” […]

Rainbow Cupcakes

My daughter just turned four! Her birthday request was for rainbow cupcakes. I was imagining rainbow icing till she explained she wanted the entire cupcake to be a rainbow. How on earth would I make that? Then I remembered the blog post I read from Shannon, at Milk and Cuddles, there was hope! We could make […]

Free Knife Skills Class: Activities for Mom & Dad!

Yep, put the kids down for a nap or wait until bedtime because we have something incredibly fun {and FREE} to share with you today from one of our favorite Kids Activities Blog sponsors, Craftsy! It is an online video course about how to use a knife properly. I am a huge fan of food […]

{Valentines Day Dessert} Smores Recipe

Can’t go wrong with a chocolate Valentines Day dessert. Here’s an easy smores recipe to bake with kids….Valentine’s Smore’s Bark.  Did you know that Kids Activities Blog loves any recipe that has chocolate as an ingredient? Valentines Day Dessert Two things this momma loves.  Cooking with my kiddos and Any combination of graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. […]

Snowman Pancakes

We made Snowman Pancakes.  Pancakes and winter just seem to go together!  Have you tried our kinda lemon pancake recipe? Or celebrated If You Give a Pig a Pancake activities recently? Snowman Pancakes They were super easy and so much fun! All you need is prepared pancake mix, chocolate chips, and whipped topping. Step 1: […]

Spider Snack {Healthy and a Little Silly} Food Art

Try this super cute spider snack!  It is food art at its easiest!  Here at Kids Activities Blog, playing with food is always allowed.  We hope you find this adorable food art spider snack something that your kids will beg to eat {and it might even be healthy…shhhh}. Bugs. I have a toddler who loves […]

What to have for lunch: A collection of Meal Ideas

Do you ever get in the lunch dull-drums?  We do!  I regularly struggle wondering what we should have for lunch for the kids (and/or myself).  Here are some of the brilliant suggestions we have found to make lunch fun, simple and sometimes silly. . Have a lunch: Lunch on a stick.  Make a skewer of […]

Trail Mix Recipe: Fall Menu Item {Kids Can Cook}

Trail mix is one of those snack foods that can be made for any occasion. Does your family have a favorite trail mix recipe? Kids Activities Blog loves projects like this to let kids get creative and to build their independence. We hope you get some new ideas with this home made trail mix and […]

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups I love to cook and bake as much as possible, and I love that Rory enjoys doing it with me!  The only problem… is that it’s hard to bake with a toddler. I have quickly learned that Rory is just like her mom and her aunts; she loves to pick at […]

Fun Snack: Spaghetti Dogs

As the summer wears on, I find myself dishing up the same thing day after day.  But just like adults, kids get tired of having the same food all the time. Awww, Mom.  Hot dogs AGAIN???  Why not make that hot dog a little more exciting? I first saw this fun recipe for spaghetti dogs […]

Recipe: Peppermint Creams

  Recipe for Peppermint Creams You know those cheeky moments when your kids sneak up to the kitchen bench, quickly grab a goodie, duck out of sight behind the fish tank whilst gobbling up that mouthful of sweetness? Well, these peppermint creams are worthy of such cheeky moments. Be warned, this recipe makes a batch of […]

Pig and Pancake – 20 Recipes and Activities for Kids

Pancakes are part of a family tradition. We love our family traditions!! We love our bucket lists and Activities for Autumn.  These pancake activities are on our list of favorite activities.  The kids enjoyed reading the book, If you Give a Pig a Pancake. When my hubs is working late we have a pancake night, […]

Summer Dessert Fun: Frozen Limeade Cake

Frozen Limeade Cake makes a great summer dessert I am a huge foodie- I enjoy cooking and baking as much as possible! Lately, Rory has been getting involved in the cooking and baking!  She loves to help anyway she can with stirring, measuring, and of course sampling. There are a few problems that arise when […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip – Made with beans!

. I love making things that the kids absolutely LOVE and that are good for them!  I discovered the recipe for chick pea cookie dough dip from Chocolate Covered Katie.  The recipe is super simple (go to her site for quantities if you are an exact person, or if you are like me and “wing […]