{Valentines Day Dessert} Smores Recipe

Valentine smores - Kids Activities Blog

Can’t go wrong with a chocolate Valentines Day dessert. Here’s an easy smores recipe to bake with kids….Valentine’s Smore’s Bark.  Did you know that Kids Activities Blog loves any recipe that has chocolate as an ingredient? Valentines Day Dessert Two things this momma loves.  Cooking with my kiddos and Any combination of graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. […]

Snowman Pancakes

snow man pancake activity for kids

We made Snowman Pancakes.  Pancakes and winter just seem to go together!  Have you tried our kinda lemon pancake recipe? Or celebrated If You Give a Pig a Pancake activities recently? Snowman Pancakes They were super easy and so much fun! All you need is prepared pancake mix, chocolate chips, and whipped topping. Step 1: […]

Spider Snack {Healthy and a Little Silly} Food Art

Banana Spider Snack - Kids Activities Blog

Try this super cute spider snack!  It is food art at its easiest!  Here at Kids Activities Blog, playing with food is always allowed.  We hope you find this adorable food art spider snack something that your kids will beg to eat {and it might even be healthy…shhhh}. Bugs. I have a toddler who loves […]

What to have for lunch: A collection of Meal Ideas

What to eat for lunch

Do you ever get in the lunch dull-drums?  We do!  I regularly struggle wondering what we should have for lunch for the kids (and/or myself).  Here are some of the brilliant suggestions we have found to make lunch fun, simple and sometimes silly. . Have a lunch: Lunch on a stick.  Make a skewer of […]

{Easy Bread Recipe} Lazy Woman Bread

easy bread recipe

Wouldn’t you love to find an easy bread recipe?  Well here is a recipe that involves such simple baking it is called Lazy Woman Bread.  With this recipe from Kids Activities Blog, you can enjoy freshly baked bread any time. Easy Bread Recipe This is a time saver for those of you who are bread snobs and want your […]

Trail Mix Recipe: Fall Menu Item {Kids Can Cook}

trail mix

Trail mix is one of those snack foods that can be made for any occasion. Does your family have a favorite trail mix recipe? Kids Activities Blog loves projects like this to let kids get creative and to build their independence. We hope you get some new ideas with this home made trail mix and […]

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

homemade peanut butter cups

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups I love to cook and bake as much as possible, and I love that Rory enjoys doing it with me!  The only problem… is that it’s hard to bake with a toddler. I have quickly learned that Rory is just like her mom and her aunts; she loves to pick at […]

Fun Snack: Spaghetti Dogs

fun snack spaghetti dogs

As the summer wears on, I find myself dishing up the same thing day after day.  But just like adults, kids get tired of having the same food all the time. Awww, Mom.  Hot dogs AGAIN???  Why not make that hot dog a little more exciting? I first saw this fun recipe for spaghetti dogs […]

Recipe: Peppermint Creams

peppermint creams feature

  Recipe for Peppermint Creams You know those cheeky moments when your kids sneak up to the kitchen bench, quickly grab a goodie, duck out of sight behind the fish tank whilst gobbling up that mouthful of sweetness? Well, these peppermint creams are worthy of such cheeky moments. Be warned, this recipe makes a batch of […]

4th of July Desserts: Sugar Cookie Bars

sugar cookie bars header 2

Sugar cookies are a tradition in our family.You know, the ones that take hours to roll, cut out, frost and decorate. Yup! Those! We make them for EVERY holiday. Well just about every holiday. I generally get to skip the likes of Thanksgiving and the 4th of July, but not this year.  Nope, the kiddos […]

Pig and Pancake – 20 Recipes and Activities for Kids

20+ Activities and Recipes for pancakes. Start a fun family "pancake" tradition!

Pancakes are part of a family tradition. We love our family traditions!! We love our bucket lists and Activities for Autumn.  These pancake activities are on our list of favorite activities.  The kids enjoyed reading the book, If you Give a Pig a Pancake. When my hubs is working late we have a pancake night, […]

Summer Dessert Fun: Frozen Limeade Cake

little girl rolling graham crackers

Frozen Limeade Cake makes a great summer dessert I am a huge foodie- I enjoy cooking and baking as much as possible! Lately, Rory has been getting involved in the cooking and baking!  She loves to help anyway she can with stirring, measuring, and of course sampling. There are a few problems that arise when […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip – Made with beans!

cookie dough dip

. I love making things that the kids absolutely LOVE and that are good for them!  I discovered the recipe for chick pea cookie dough dip from Chocolate Covered Katie.  The recipe is super simple (go to her site for quantities if you are an exact person, or if you are like me and “wing […]

Easy Fairy Cake Recipe

easy fairy cake recipe

I’m sharing a family secret with you today ~ a tried and tested easy fairy cake recipe that’s great for kids to make. I’m from a family of cake bakers and cake eaters and both are skills I’m keen to pass on to my own children. Cakes are central to many of our most important […]

Easy Recipe for Kids: Dirt Cake

dirt cake ingredients

Dirt Cake?  What’s that?! Dirt Cake can be made in various ways but typically involves a chocolate treat made to look like dirt but it is completely edible – and yummy! There are some great recipes for Dirt Cake out there.  Here’s a fun recipe for Edible Dirt Pudding by another great Quirky Momma! However, […]

Making Butter With Kids


Making butter used to be a hard, time-consuming job.  But of course, for centuries, almost everyone did it.  When my kids and I read a story book about life in old Appalachia recently and saw the pictures of a butter churn and children pumping away at it, we decided that we wanted to give making […]

Easy Bread Recipe for Kids

easy bread recipe for kids

Have you ever made bread with your children? It’s such a satisfying thing to bake and so well suited to children as the dough is robust enough to withstand their enthusiastic handling. This easy bread recipe is a really good one to use with kids. It’s almost a no-knead recipe, with just thirty kneads required, […]

Easy Cake Recipe: 3, 2, 1 Cake


If you’re anything like me, you have occasionally forgotten a friend’s birthday or meant to call but the day got away from you.  So, what do you do when your child’s best friend or lovey has a birthday and you forgot to mark it on your calendar?  Throw an impromptu birthday party, of course! We […]

Cooking with Preschoolers – 5 Cool Things!

cooking with preschoolers

I love cooking with my kids! My son has been cooking a lot at preschool lately, so we’ve been practicing many of the recipes at home! I love all the skills that can be practiced while we cook together, including reading, following directions, measuring, strengthening fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and learning early math […]

Camp Fire Food: Fruit & Smore Cones

Campfire food smores Cones

One of my favorite things about camping is the food. Food cooked on a fire tastes so much better than the “everyday” food we make at home! A couple of weekends ago we went on a camping trip as a family – it was wonderful! Other than my kids catching their first fish (I think […]

Crafting a Healthy St. Patrick’s Day Snack

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up I wanted to create a healthy snack for my son that looked like it was related to St. Patrick’s Day even though it won’t contain Irish foods. The first thing to come up with was a rainbow arch. My son doesn’t really like peppers but, I thought they would […]

Star Wars Cake Ideas


My son requested a Star Wars themed birthday party & of course, a coordinating cake was needed! I wanted to make the cake myself, but I am no cake decorating master so it was hard to find a design that wasn’t beyond my skill level.  If you Google “Star Wars Cake” you will come up […]

Dinner Adventures in Nigeria

When we first moved to Nigeria we did not have a cook so here is a sampling of what cooking was like then: No electricity?  No running water?  And I have to cook dinner?  No problem… I have been struggling with cooking anything but eggs since we arrived.  The oven and stove are gas, the […]

Leftover Halloween Candy Recipe: Snickers Blondies…Yum!


  Is that bowl of Halloween candy staring at you today?  Did your kids bring home more candy than they could possibly eat?  Get creative & try this recipe…you’ll use up some of those tasty Snickers candy bars!  Bringing kids into the kitchen creates the perfect time to bond & learn together.  Younger children can […]

Halloween Cookies: The Cutest Sugar Cookies Ever!


I love making cut-out sugar cookies with my kids during the holidays, but let’s be honest…it makes a huge mess and takes a long time!  If you’re looking for a quick way to make Halloween cookies with your kids, check out these adorable Candy Corn Sugar Cookies!  No cookie cutters, no rolling out the dough…so […]

Central Market Cooking School – Beef Class

One of the things my husband and I like to do is go to cooking classes.  We have been to several at Williams Sonoma which we really enjoyed.  When I was invited by the Texas Beef Council to attend Central Market’s Restaurant Week Variations on a Theme Cooking School Class on beef, we jumped at […]

Freezer Banana Pops: Homemade Summer Popsicle

Frozen banana pops

One of the things that says “summer” more than anything else are popscicles.  This is by far my kids favorite way to consume a banana – stuck on a stick, smothered with chocolate, and covered with sprinkles. . Freezer Banana Pops are also a great way to rescue those bananas that are nearing the end […]

Mud-Like Coffee PlayDough

coffee playdough recipe

This post is in honor of International Mud Day… whoever made the last Wednesday of June “mud-day” does not live in Texas.  The heat index was 107 yesterday and it’s dry, very dry… while we LOVE mud and LOVE playing outside, this is just not the time of year for outdoor play (well, after 8:30 […]

Quirky Kids Snacks: It’s Playtime Link-up

Quirky Kids Food

My quirky kids like to play with their food… and it’s Wacky Wednesday at our house in honor of one of our favorite books by, Theo LeSieg. Here are several silly and “wacky” snack ideas that were recently linked up to It’s Playtime! I hope they inspire you and your children to have fun playing […]

DIY Hot Pockets: Perfect On-the-go Meal

how to make hot pockets

. With our upcoming adoption (and all the fees that are associated) we are tightening the money belts.   There was a time when I thought nothing of a quick run through Wendy’s or wherever to feed the kids with the dollar menu.   I discovered a kid-friendly, incredibly easy to make and oh-so-convenient portable meal […]