Dinner Adventures in Nigeria

When we first moved to Nigeria we did not have a cook so here is a sampling of what cooking was like then: No electricity?  No running water?  And I have to cook dinner?  No problem… I have been struggling with cooking anything but eggs since we arrived.  The oven and stove are gas, the […]

Bride Price

Two weeks after moving to Nigeria, I had the opportunity to be a mentor at a purity conference with a Nigerian “youth group”…the youth were between the ages of 18-28.  This was the third day of the conference and in the morning we only had about 10 attendees…but by lunch our number had grown to over […]

Strawberry Day

About a month after we moved to Nigeria I bought a large box of strawberries…I think it was about 4 kilos (almost 9 pounds)…here is what happened the day I decided to do something with them: 5:45        Wide awake.  I would rather be sleeping but I get up and get laundry going.  Caden is […]