i am moving to the spa

My parents had no concept of child labor laws…I started mowing the lawn with a riding lawnmower at the age of 6. Yes, I said 6. I made $3 each time I mowed the lawn… usually on a Friday afternoon… usually took several hours. When I was 8 or so I decided that I needed […]

Look! Look! Look!

apple pie1

We have dreamed about it for over a year… and can finally be unveiled… It is our brand new sparkly super fancy full of great people and fun information Contributor Page! We are starting 2010 off right. Now… go! Take a look! (Click here if you don’t want to go searching for it…this will take […]

Just in time for back to school

Hey! Hurry – 48 hour contest to win… Go to Burb Mom and leave a comment here to win one of several $50 off at Old Navy… You know you would use it.


I am starting a new REALITY CHECK series over at Burb Mom. I am not going to post the follow up stories here, but wanted to let ya know what I was doing over there in case you want to follow along. For the next month I am going to play THE GROCERY GAME. The […]

For the love of pancakes

Today is another day on our quest for cheap meals with the help of Oprah and Chef Cat Cora! Holly squeals with excitement hoping to over come her kitchen fatigue. Today is day four of the Chef Cat Cora 21 meal menu as seen on the Oprah show. Let’s make breakfast! Lemon-Pecan Pancakes These pancakes […]

Holly makes it to Day Two of 21 meals

Whew. We felt pretty good making it through day one of the Chef Cat Cora 21 meal menu as seen on Oprah. And then we realized that day two would mean three homemade meals. Three homemade meals. I think I can…I think I can…I think I can. Let’s make breakfast! We decided to try: Egg […]

Holly takes on a 21 meal challenge

Someone recently lamented to me that “Americans follow Oprah like sheep”. Really? A few days ago I breezed through my TiVo’d Oprah episode from last week that told the story of three professional chefs “living with” three ordinary families and making-over the family meals to be cheap, healthy and easy. There is no way that […]