How To Be Frugal {Save Money}

save money feature - Kids Activities Blog

Would you love to know 50 ways to save money? Here are some general tips on how to be frugal, ways to save money in your household, with your kids, and when feeding your family.  Do you have a tip for frugal living? Please share your ideas here at Kids Activities Blog in the comments or […]

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40+ Tips for Road Trips with Toddlers & Preschoolers

over 40 tips for road trips with little kids

I dread going on long trips with kids in tow.  We have driven across the country at least once a year for some time now and have learned a few things about traveling with children.  Here are some tips to make road trips with toddlers and preschoolers easier. To keep a bit of sanity. Road […]

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Homemade Father’s Day Mouse Pad Craft

Father's day gift

My husband told me that he never gets handmade gifts for Father’s Day. I realized it was true.  Father’s Day falls in the summer, long after the school bell has stopped ringing and the kids don’t always get crafty for Father’s Day.  So this Father’s Day, I decided to have the kids make something cute, easy, […]

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Super Secret System for Shopping After Christmas Sales

Super Secret System for Shopping After Christmas Sales - Kids Activities Blog

A few years ago I found out a little secret. This secret completely re-arranged my holiday shopping and budget plan. Not only that,  it made me charged and ready to spread this well-kept secret to my frugal friends and family. Are you ready for it? Ok, here it is: Shop THE AFTER-CHRISTMAS DAY SALES! Family […]

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101 DIY Gifts for Kids

{Kid-made Gifts} Over 100 ideas of things your kids can make to give this Christmas

Want some ideas for homemade, personalized gifts? Something from this list should inspire or help you! Have any ideas that were not listed? Lets see if we can come up with more! Leave a comment with one of the gifts you have made in the past (or one you hope to make) or feel free […]

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Summer Fun on a Budget

summer fun on a budget

Like most families, we love to save money. But once the kids are out of school, it’s sometimes hard to keep them entertained without spending.  But there are ways to have summer fun on a budget. Each spring, I sit down with my kids and together we compile a list of fun things to do […]

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Free things to do with kids

Free things to do with kids

Kids don’t need toys, they don’t need “programs”. I love a few of the activities linked up in It’s PLaytime last week! These are things you can do with your kids almost anywhere with no preparation – and they won’t cost you a dime. Looking for more ideas? Check out our weekly link-up below. Lots […]

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Financing a Lay-Off

When I was a kid I always looked forward to Saturdays. On Saturdays I got to sleep late. More importantly, Saturday was “allowance day”. Dad would go to his dresser and ceremoniously bestow my weekly allowance. My insides would tingle as he placed the money in my hands. It was definitely the highlight of my […]

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Work From Home Job Ideas for Moms

I never imagined myself to be a working-momma, but I became one.  A few years ago I started QM as a journal of sorts – now it pays for the groceries – Woot!   I am sure I am not the only mom to say that in this economy, having a little extra income is a […]

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$100 worth of food for $30… and a $1000 Shopping Spree giveaway!!


My wish, for Mothers Day, is to not wash a single dish, make a single meal or do any other chores but… we are also in the midst of an adoption of two kids and money is tighter than normal.  I am thrilled that I managed to get $100 worth of restaurant food for $30.  […]

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Deal Sites for Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)

I don’t know if you have been following QM for long, but we have recently decided to adopt, two boys, from Ethiopia.  We are excited to add to our family and shocked – legal and paperwork fees – Ouch!  Meanwhile, the kids still want to have lessons out of the home, we are planning a […]

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Teaching Kids About Money

handprint stepping stone

My son’s birthday is right after Christmas… so needless to say, he gets a lot of cash and coins from relatives. He had it stashed in various places all over his room, because of course he’d rather play with toys than the ol’ dollar bills. I wanted to teach him about the importance of a […]

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Painting with Shaving Cream: Frugal Crafting

shaving cream paint

This is my preschoolers favorite way to paint!  Basically, it is what it sounds like; shaving cream mixed with paint.  We usually mix the shaving cream with tempera paint as it has the smoothest consistency and is the cheapest!  We have three tubs of primary colored paint: red, blue and yellow that we mix to […]

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List of Super-Cheap Grocery Stores

Salvage Grocery Stores

Are you feeling the post-holiday belt crunch?  I know our budget is a bit tighter each winter.  One of my favorite ways to save is through hounding our local discount grocery store (aka Bent and Dents).  Most of the food is at or near its expiration date, and many of the cans or boxes are […]

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Make Your own Household Cleaners: Lots of Recipes


I was thrilled, a friend showed me several ways to make my own cleaners.  Thanks Melitsa!  These cleaners are biodegradable, made with less harsh chemicals (most you can eat!), and is a ton cheaper!  I will definitely be making my own batches in the next week or two! … … What you will need: Hot […]

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Need Eye Glasses?


We are a family that needs eyesight correction, and lots of it!  Buying glasses at full price can really break the budget.  I was beyond thrilled to have discovered Zenni Optical.  You don’t even need a current prescription (although that is always advised).  We have bought over 12 pairs of glasses from them in the […]

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Empty-Your-Pantry Casserole

easy casserole recipe

We have the answer to what is for dinner?! I love this easy casserole.  It is so versatile.  You can make it with almost anything.  This is a great way to use your leftovers.  This recipe is adapted from the CDKitchen. What is for dinner? Ingredients: 1 cup milk 1 cup water 1-2 Tablespoons of […]

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Homemade Gatorade: An Easy Copycat Recipe


Sports drinks can get pretty expensive, especially if your family drinks it as fast as mine does. This recipe was shared with me last summer and my family has been loving it ever since! It’s extremely inexpensive and easy to make and it tastes exactly like Gatorade and contains the same hydrating properties! ….. Homemade […]

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Coupon Sites

As compiled by the “Sugar Mommas”: – it is like the “Grocery Game” only you don’t have to pay for it! It takes the weekly sales from your local store and matches them up against available coupons. – lets you know which manufacturer has the cheapest diapers that week & […]

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Organizing Coupons


I’ve recently been sucked into the world of coupons and have TONS. I didn’t know what to do with them and had them scattered everywhere. In a drawer, in my wallet, a few in my purse and a couple random ones in my car. I took this tip for a website and ADORE this system! […]

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