10 Angry Birds Birthday Party Ideas

10 Angry Birds Birthday Party Ideas

These Angry Birds birthday party ideas are so much fun!  Do your kids love Angry Birds? Mine do! Here are some ideas of ways to bring the silly birds, mean pigs, and crashing blocks into reality.  If we weren’t already planning a reptile birthday party we would do an Angry Birds one! Angry Birds Birthday […]

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DIY Balloon Play House & Fort Magic Giveaway!

balloon party fort

It is birthday season at our house. This year we are having an at-home party for the kids. Thanks to Fort Magic for saving the day.  Fort Magic has been a sponsor of Kids Activities Blog this year. We got our first Magic Fort kit about 4 months ago and it is by far one of the […]

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Rainbow Cupcakes

rainbow cupcakes

My daughter just turned four! Her birthday request was for rainbow cupcakes. I was imagining rainbow icing till she explained she wanted the entire cupcake to be a rainbow. How on earth would I make that? Then I remembered the blog post I read from Shannon, at Milk and Cuddles, there was hope! We could make […]

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How to Plan a First Birthday Party


Although every child’s birthday is an occasion to celebrate, certain years seem to be significant childhood markers. Baby’s first birthday party is surely a milestone event! What’s a good way to observe such an occasion? How do you decide on a birthday party theme?       How to Plan a First Birthday Party On my blog, Spaceships […]

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DIY Super Mario Party with Obstacle Course

DIY Super Mario Party with Obstacle Course featured on Kids Activities Blog

It is so easy to spend hundreds of dollars on a child’s birthday party. Food, entertainment and party venue costs really add up. The point of a birthday party is to make your child feel special, and this year I challenged myself to do exactly that without the hefty price tag. My son Timothy talks nonstop about […]

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5 Tips for Planning a Stress Free Kids Party

Woman at a birthday party surrounded by colorful balloons

Hosting a child’s birthday party can sometimes feel overwhelming. There’s so much to arrange that it can often feel like a huge production. It needn’t be stressful though, and there a few simple things you can do to ensure a fun and stress free event. Stress-free Party Planning 1. Plan, plan, plan. About four weeks […]

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Kids Football Party Ideas

kids football party ideas

The weekends at our house have been invaded by football. I love that Stephanie is here today to share some really fun kids football party ideas! Most of these are so cute, they would work well for a party for any age football fan! Football Birthday Party Ideas for Kids Fall means football for a […]

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How to Involve Kids in Planning their Own Birthday Party

How to Involve kids in planning their own birthday party - Kids Activities Blog

Stephanie Keeping is mom to a boy named Sam, party blogger and Etsy-preneur. You can continue the conversation with her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterst and G+.

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{Best Blog} Peanut Blossom

Mom to Mom: A Kids Activities BLogger Feature

This week’s pick for our best blog feature is Peanut Blossom. We are featuring an interview with Tiffany today and rounding up some of our favorite Peanut Blossom posts this afternoon.  Kids Activities Blog is so excited about our best blog series.  We are hoping to introduce you to some sites you won’t want to miss! Best Blog […]

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Coloring the Rainbow: A collection of Colorful Party Ideas

colors of the rainbow

We love color, coloring and exploring a variety of hues with our preschoolers.  I was browsing through the archives of our weekly kids meme, It’s Playtime and discovered a bunch of oldies and goodies featuring the rainbow. . Colorful Party Ideas These rainbow cupcakes were made ages ago and my kids are begging me to […]

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Be a Pirate: Make a Sword

new pirate sword

These are instructions on how to make your own wood sword for under a dollar .  We went through a pirate “kick” for a few weeks where all my kids wanted to do was be a pirate, everything became a “pirate ship”. That big box we got?  Yeah. The couch?  Yup. Their mattresses, the bushy […]

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Recycled Party Supplies

fun with recycled party supplies

Have some leftover party supplies?  Don’t just throw them out.  You can recycle them into fun decorations and activities for your child! My daughter just had her 3rd birthday and her party was a Hello Kitty theme.  There were Hello Kitty invitations, balloons, tablecloths, Happy Birthday banner, plates, napkins, and even Hello Kitty thank you […]

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Birthday Planning 101…preschool-style

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the phillips’ children are planners. Bless their hearts…they were given a double-dose of the Type A personality gene and both have just run with it. There is ALWAYS a plan in the works over here at casa de phillips. Someone wants to schedule a visit for […]

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Party at Boomerangs

find a swim club near you

We went to Boomerangs today for a birthday party for our friends, Z. and M. They are twins who are turning 3 years old. Nicholas had a blast, as always, playing with the kids on all the cool inflatables. Sliding… Climbing… Acting silly… Crawling… Nicholas also loves this virtual reality video game. He has learned […]

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Edible Dirt Pudding: Preschool Party Idea


My kids love to play in the dirt.  For their last Birthday party we had a dirt/bug theme.  The kids got to make their own dirt dessert and added bugs to their individual servings.  Here is an easy “dirt” recipe. Ingredients for the dirt cake: Brownie Mix 8 eggs Heavy Whipping Cream Coco powder Bake […]

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