60+ Birthday Ideas for Girls

Girl Birthday collage

I love finding new birthday ideas for girls and anything that can make their day more special.  We’ve got a huge list of fun ideas from activities to food. These are categorized under girls, but I’m sure there are lots of boys who would adore these ideas, too!  After all, birthday’s are all about showing […]

Birthday Party Hat Sandwich

birthday party hat sandwich

If your child is celebrating a birthday today, this fun birthday party hat sandwich will make lunch extra special. We adults don’t always enjoy getting older, but our kids can’t wait to tell everyone they are a year older. Birthdays are a bid deal when you’re little, so make your child’s big day really fun by […]

Make a Fairy Birthday Countdown for Kids

Make a Fairy Birthday Countdown for Kids

Birthdays … for most kids this is THE DAY, the highlight of the year. In our house the birthday countdown is a big deal! Often they live towards this day for weeks and the excitement grows with every day that gets them closer to it. “How many times do I have to sleep till my […]

Make Pink Pancakes in Honor of Barbie’s Birthday!

Pink Pancakes - Birthday Breakfast for Barbie - Kids Activities Blog

March 9 is Barbie’s birthday!  Barbie is an icon of childhood play. As a girl, I remember the world we created around our Barbie dolls.  Today is no different.  Girls around the world dream through play with Barbie. Did you know that one Barbie doll is sold every 3 seconds somewhere in the world? Kids […]

How to Plan a Nautical Birthday Party


Fresh air, sunshine, and waves gently lapping a sandy shore; doesn’t that sound like a wonderful invitation? Especially if you live in a climate that is currently in the icy grip of winter like I do, that image of the seashore is tantalizing!  A nautical birthday party for kids might be just the sunshine you […]

101 DIY Gifts for Kids

{Kid-made Gifts} Over 100 ideas of things your kids can make to give this Christmas

Want some ideas for homemade, personalized gifts? Something from this list should inspire or help you! Have any ideas that were not listed? Lets see if we can come up with more! Leave a comment with one of the gifts you have made in the past (or one you hope to make) or feel free […]

4 Fun Birthday Themes for Boys

4 Fun Birthday Themes for Boys

Birthday parties are great fun for our kids.  Sometimes we have small celebrations and other times we throw big parties.  If you’re looking for some inspiration for a little boy party theme, we are sharing a few here today.  These fun party themes are perfect for the boy in your life. Our best blog feature, […]

How to Plan a Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party - Kids Activities Blog

This dinosaur themed birthday party for kids is sure to please even the smallest dinosaur lover. Kids Activities Blog loves celebrating all things kids and this birthday party is a ton of fun. Dinosaur Birthday Party For boys (and some girls too!), dinosaur birthday parties are one of the most popular themes for on my […]

Birthday Ideas for Girls ~ Add Yours


It’s link up time again! We want YOU to link up your Birthday Ideas for Girls. As always, only family-friendly posts accepted. Link Up Your Favorite Birthday Ideas for Girls! By linking up you give permission to anyone to grab a picture and feature you on a site they write for, Facebook, or Pinterest. If […]

from 5 to 6

Could we just freeze time at five? Pause the smile in mid-giggle. Suspend the reasonably weighted piggy-back ride. Hesitate the sweet hand I hold. His sentences still start with mommy. His walk to class is beside me. His run ends with a jump into my arms.   Could we just freeze time at five? Pause […]

8 is great

My sweet*, sweet* Reid turned 8 this week. *Being 8 he can’t exactly show that he is sweet because that would harm his peer reputation, but as his mother I can see that sweetness abounds despite his exterior un-sweetness. Eight is funny. Eight predictably breaks out in random dancing. Eight can hug, but most likely […]

mock results

One of the things I have found the most surprising about motherhood is that… Everything I previously mocked, I now do on a regular basis. Take for example, birthday parties. Before I had children of my own I would look at other people’s childrens’ birthday parties and just shake my head in knowing disbelief. The […]


You are nine. Nine. Nine years ago our family was born. Your dark brown eyes opened. Your brow furrowed. Our lives changed. Every day for nine years you have changed our lives… with Ryan force. Determined. Passionate. Steadfast. There is no gray.  There is no sneaking by.  There is no making do. You hold the […]

Celebrating My Twenty-Ninth Birthday

Friday I celebrated my 29th birthday! I’ve been looking forward to this birthday for over a year because it means I am just that much closer to the magical age of 30 when others will take me seriously based on my age. I’ll be all grown up and mature–or at least that is what others […]


My dearest Rhett, You own four. Four is being in charge.  Four is telling a joke.  Four is orchestrating an elaborate game that no one but you understands how to play. Four is bright eyes.  Four is a mischievous grin.  Four is quietly laying down on the couch for a much needed nap. Four is […]

Overnight transformation

Dear Reid, Today you turned 6. SIX! This year has been big for you.  You have grown into holding your own.  Some of the stages have been noisy, but your quiet confidence is refreshing around here. There are so many things about you that make me catch my breath. -Your big eyes – often partially […]

The $17.99 cake give or take $48.99

Holly’s middle son, Reid is turning six this week. Happy birthday Reid! Because Reid’s mother is not the actual June Cleaver, Holly needed to purchase cakes. She needed two – one for a family party on Sunday and one for a kid party on Wednesday. Load up the minivan! Holly is going to Target… Because […]


Ryan… For a long time you were just a dream. The dream from which I could not awake… that taught patience. that was worth the wait. You are my first born. The wiggling recipient of first-time mothering… of underwhelming technique. of overwhelming love. For a time you were my only dream. Then more dreams became […]

1, 2, 3…

Rhett… Today you are turning three. Three is such a big number. You are such a big boy. Three makes sense for the way you are. Three doesn’t make sense for the way I am. You are bright-eyed and eager. You are involved, engaged and participating. You are simultaneously an independent force and a dependent […]

5 years at the speed of light…

Dear Reid, I know you thought this day would never come…your fifth birthday. In fact, over the last 3 months you have asked every morning, “is today my birthday?” and every day until today I have replied, “no”. But today is different. Today what has taken 5 years and 9 months (minus 2 days) to […]