How to Choose a Rolling Backpack

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Back-to-school time for us is very scripted. We have a list of school supplies that we need, a series of uniform pieces that are required and an never-ending checklist of books to purchase. In fact, when it comes down to it, the only big decision that the boys have is what backpack to choose! The […]

An Open Letter to Target

Dear Target, In case your headquarters in Minneapolis have lost their corporate calendar, I felt the need to inform you that today happens to be July the 7th. Imagine my surprise when I entered your store this morning to discover the “Back-to-School” section is completely set up and ready for business. Do not misunderstand me, […]

Dear Kindergartner

You went to Kindergarten today. I thought you would be scared and clinging to my leg. I thought you would cry and I would have to leave you there upset. I thought wrong… you have grown up very fast and become such a big kid! Wearing your new Transformer’s backback, you strode right into school. […]

Home Alone

The day is near. The day when I have a few days a week for a few hours that day to myself.  Looking forward to this day is what got my through the years when I had three kids ages 3 and under.  I had an infant, toddler and pre–schooler all vying for my undivided […]