Simple Baby Games: Think Outside of the Box!

Set up simple baby games

My son adores simple baby games. In fact, he’s taken several boxes from around the house and tried to play this game again!  We’ve played spinning baby games with him before, but this was even easier to set up.  All I had to do was flip over a box. My one-year-old has learned the joys of […]

15 {Precious} Homemade Gifts for a 1 Year Old

15 homemade gifts you can make for one year old babies. Great ideas for older kids to make for their younger sibling too

Homemade gifts mean a lot, they mean you spent your time and your energies on the person you are creating the gift for.  And for young children you can often get the same thrill with a simple mom-made gift as you can with elaborate and often expensive toys.  For even more ideas check out our […]

Top Pinterest Boards for Babies

boards for babies

Here are our picks for the Top Pinterest Boards for Babies.  Babies love to play and I love Pinterest! This past week we have been focusing on babies, ways that they develop play, and activities for our one year olds.  I Love how I am able to go find inspiration of ways I can connect […]

Games for Baby: Muffin Tin Fun

balls and muffin tins 5

I love making toys out of  random things we have around the house.  I also love repurposing the toys we do have, mixing up parts etc. Often some of the actual toys become much more fun when mixed with some of the non-toy items. The other day it occurred to me that those little plastic […]

Mom: Bonding

While pregnant with my first son, I read everything I could find concerning babies. I wanted to be über prepared. Let’s all take a break for a good chuckle. There was, however, one question for which I could never locate the answer. A topic that was so dark and scary that no book would broach […]

Easy Solution for Colicky Baby: Make them Poo


My oldest child had horrid gas and was colicky for her first few months.  My husband and I remember hours of pacing, desperate for a solution to her discomfort.  We eventually found one!  Someone showed us how to press her knees into her chest and help our little girl release extra gas.  With our subsequent […]