The Best Playdough Recipe

best playdough recipe

Play dough is the perfect rainy day activity, and we love making it in our kitchen. When you make your own playdough with the best playdough recipe ever, you get way more dough for your money than when you go out and buy it. Plus, this homemade playdough is so much softer and easier to mold than the […]

Adorable Kid Made Puppets

kid-made puppets by Michelle McInerney of

Two of my favorite things in the world, my daughters drawings and cardboard, have come together for this simple activity. There is nothing I love more than to see Molly sprawled across the floor or table with paper and pencils in hand, busy doodling and humming away in her own little world. Usually she draws […]

Free Kids Easter Egg Doodle Coloring Pages

free printable download easter egg idioms

Easter is just around the corner, and we have the cutest Easter Egg Doodle Coloring Pages for you to download. These more complex designs will appeal to your older elementary school aged kids, and artistically inclined kids. (Or to you, because we all need to stop and do a little coloring every now and then!) […]

Nature Craft: Collage

make a nature collage

My children love to collect leaves, twigs, and flowers petals anytime we are outside.  We have quite a collection! But what can we do with all of these “treasures”? Make a collage! On our most recent walk to the park, my daughter brought her Elmo bucket along to help her collect items she wanted to […]

Color Spray – Science through Art for Kids

color spray science through art project for kids

I am super excited, I love my preschooler – but I have a houseful of them – and this year I am taking a break from them once a week and teaching a Art through Science course with our local home-school Co-op.  All of my students are potty-trained, they all can read… and they all […]

Picasso Inspired Tree Ornaments Kids Can Make

Picasso inspired tree ornaments to make with kids - Kids Activities Blog

Our pal, Maggy over at Red Ted Art, has a series about kids crafts inspired by the great masters in art, we’ve had a couple of “master” inspired projects in the past, Kandinsky inspired Circles, and Pollock inspired Drip Painting. Today, we are inspired by Pablo Picasso…we are making silly faces! Make Picasso Inspired Ornaments […]

The Shape Game: Kids Literature Brings Art to Life

the shape game helps kids appreciate art

Childhood is an adventure. Let’s raise explorers! My name is Lisa. I’m not just an English teacher, or just a mum, or a wife, or a great big greenie. I’m all of those things. Raising Explorers, inspired by my kids, is also all of those things. It’s all about encouraging our kids to be adventurers in their expanding world – tips and stories about learning, books, outdoor adventure and play.

Fourth of July Crafts for Kids Using Popsicle Sticks

Fourth of July Popsicle Stick Crafts for Kids

These Fourth of July crafts for kids will keep little fingers busy in the celebration of the birth of America.  Each of these kids crafts uses craft or  popsicle stick for patriotic projects.  Kids Activities Blog loves these classic popsicle stick crafts for kids. Fourth of July Crafts for Kids The Fourth of July is a holiday that gives […]

40+ Tips for Road Trips with Toddlers/Pre-schoolers


I dread going on long trips with kids in tow.  We have driven across the country at least once a year for some time now and have learned a few things about traveling with children.  Here are some tips to make road trips easier. To keep a bit of sanity.   Road Trip Games & […]

Sharpie on a Mug: Kids Art

Decorate mugs with Kids Art {Sharpie on a mug}

Kids can use a Sharpie on a mug to be creative.  This is a great way to decorate mugs with kids art.  We at Kids Activities Blog are excited to see new way to enjoy kids art that doesn’t involve adding one more picture to the fridge. Sharpie on a Mug Our kids love to give […]

DIY Crayons: Crayon Activity {for Parents}

DIY Crayons {Crayon Activity for Parents that Kids Love!}

DIY Crayons!  Keep reading to learn about this great crayon activity to make a cool new tool for your child’s art supplies. Kids Activities Blog wants to point out that this activity is for parents to make and for kids to enjoy. DIY Crayons Does your art center need a bit of a pick me […]

Crayon Wax Rubbing {Cute Crayon Art Ideas}

Wax Rubbing {Cute Crayon Art Ideas for Kids}

Wax rubbing is a classic art project for kids that is easy and fun for kids.  Crayon art ideas like these are great for fine motor skills development, recognizing textures and colors, and they are just plain fun!  We at Kids Activities Blog love this simple craft with crayons and we hope your kids do […]

Make It Shine: {Super Shiny} Play Dough Ideas

Make It Shine: {Super Shiny} Play Dough for Kids

Add bling to play dough and make it shine.  Here are a few fun things for kids to add to play dough.  Kids Activities Blog loves finding ways to create new and exciting ways to use everyday play dough for kids. Make It Shine Our kids love things that shine and glow… They also love […]

Artful Parent: Interview with Jean Van’t Hul

Jean Van't Hul Drawing with Sister and Grandmother

One of the things that I love about the kids blogger online community, is the insane amount of talent that we are surrounded by! To prove that {again}, we are super excited to feature an interview with Jean Van’t Hul. She has an amazing new book out, The Artful Parent:  Simple Ways to Fill Your […]

Make Paint {2 Dozen Paint Recipes}

2 dozen ways to make paint for kids!

There are so many fun and creative ways to make paint.  We are excited to bring you 2 dozen of them right here.  Kids Activities Blog has been combing the net finding paint recipes for kids. Thanks to everyone who linked up ideas to our weekly Kids Meme, It’s Playtime, every Wednesday afternoon.  I have […]

{Easter Bunny} Cute Bingo Dauber Easter Craft

Kids can paint their own Easter bunny with this cute bingo dauber Easter craft

Kids can have a blast painting an Easter bunny with this cute idea.  This Easter craft uses just a bingo dauber to make dots of paint and some markers to draw on accents.  We hope you love this idea as much as we do here at Kids Activities Blog. Easter Craft What do you find […]

Heart Art {Finger Print Art}

Heart art for kids makes for a special finger print art project

Heart art is an expression of love and it is the perfect way to decorate these adorable greeting cards.  The cute hearts on these cards are special though because they are made with finger print art!  Kids Activities Blog hopes that you and your child will enjoy some special time together as you make these […]

2 Dozen Easter Eggs Activities

egg activities

Looking for something to do with Easter Eggs? Here are more than a dozen suggestions! Leave a comment at the end of some of your favorite “eggy” activities.  Thanks to all the It’s Playtime participants who contributed these ideas last season – Easter is a month away and we can’t wait to see the activities […]

Art Museums in DFW with Kids

pull apart bill

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has some distinguished art museums.  They are often discounted as a place for children, but here are some reasons why you SHOULD be taking your kids with you.  These museums have gone out of their way to be family friendly and offer fun and education to “artists” of all ages. Dallas […]

How to Draw Cartoons

cartoon title

How to draw cartoons is something that artsy kids often want to learn.  How to draw cartoon faces can be challenging even when broken down into a grid or segments.  Kids Activities Blog loves when a simple solution to answer kids’ questions is available {even if mom and dad aren’t great artists}! Drawing cartoons looks […]

{Christmas Craft} Reindeer Handprints

reindeer handprints

Looking for a quick, easy and quiet Christmas craft ideas for your kids?  Instead of sending just a regular Christmas card in the mail, why not put one of these cute little creations with reindeer handprints on your cards?  Kids Activities Blog loves bringing our readers adorable craft ideas for kids. Christmas Craft We are so […]

Family Games: {Giant} Chalk Game Board

family games

Family games bring loved ones together for laughter and fun.  This chalk game board is great for playing outside.  Please leave a comment on Kids Activities Blog if you have some other fun ideas for using this giant chalk game board! Family Games Our family loves board games. They’re wonderful for bringing everyone together, having […]

Thanksgiving Crafts: {Foot Print} Turkey

Thanksgiving craft

We still need some ideas for Thanksgiving crafts.  Although I love doing hand and foot print crafts I wanted to refrain from doing the hand print turkeys, just because I know many people already know how to do them.  So, I decided to do a “play” on the traditional hand print turkeys; we are making […]

{Thanksgiving Crafts} Hand Print Craft Trees

Thanksgiving crafts

It’s about time for the kids to start making Thanksgiving crafts!  Here is a simple way to make some colorful craft trees to decorate your home for the holidays and display the things that your family is thankful for.  We hope you love hand print art as much as we do at Kids Activities Blog. […]

{Simple and Fun} Family November Crafts

November crafts

November crafts aren’t just turkey related. They can be something that is just colorful, fun, and a wonderful family activity.  Kids Activities Blog loves creative projects like this that the whole family can enjoy especially beautiful paper crafts like this. November Crafts One afternoon, my preschool twins N and M were particularly restless. Normally they […]

{Halloween Crafts} Make A Ghost with Footprints

halloween ghosts

Halloween crafts for kids is something we are seeking here at Kids Activities Blog knowing that parents, caregivers and teachers are searching high and low for the perfect one!  The good news is that today’s Halloween craft, Make a Ghost is something that can be done easily with supplies you likely already have and it […]

{Not So Scary} Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween Crafts for kids

Halloween crafts for kids can often be scary!  Kids Activities Blog loves this idea because it is simple, uses things you already have at home and you could create one or a whole room full of kids could participate in this Halloween crafts for kids.  A simple child’s hand print is transformed into a super […]

Ships {Handprint Craft}

handprint craft

A handprint craft makes for a fun project for kids and a special keepsake for mom.  Check out this cute way to make ships out of your child’s handprint. Ships Almost once a weekend we enjoy a nice relaxing family day at the beach.  We like to go to the private beach, because it is […]

{Hispanic Heritage Month} Celebrate with Mexican Art

hispanic heritage

It’s Hispanic Heritage Month! Let’s celebrate! We also get to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day so we will kick off our celebration with a Mexican art craft! Hispanic Heritage Month Just a fun fact: Many people think that Mexico’s Independence Day is Cinco de Mayo but it’s actually on September 16th. Hispanic Heritage month runs from […]

Wax Crayon Art: 20+ Ideas

how to melt crayons

Crayon art goes beyond just coloring!  Wax crayons are fun to color with – a staple of preschooler craft times everywhere.  In addition to coloring and crafting with crayons, we have collected the best art projects from around the web for you to enjoy with your kids! Kids Activities Blog hopes that you will be […]