Kinetic Sight Word Activity… With a Beach Ball

Sight Word Activity for Kids - Kids Activities Blog

Have I told you about our Fridays? We are homeschooling our oldest two kiddos and Fridays are our fun learning day! We count with legos, we have “PE at the park”, and we play sight word ball. Even our two and one year old kiddos join in the fun! Fun Sight Word Activity This is […]

10 Fun Ways to Learn the ABC’s


Learning your ABC’s is a critical part of early childhood education.  Inspired by Growing Book by Book, we’re sharing our favorite ways to learn the alphabet and letter recognition.  Step away from the flash cards, and start having fun! 10 Fun Ways to Learn the ABC’s 1.  Throwing away the pencil and using bendable household […]

Word Families Flip Chart

how to make a word families book

W is for Words.  We have an early reader in our house, a gal who just can’t get enough of words to say, words to read.  Our phonics flip chart is our friend! We made it last fall and with the help of that book, my daughter can sound out and read short words like […]

Letter Game: {Silly} Alphabet Bowling Activities

letter game - alphabet activities

This is a fun letter game for kids who are learning letters.  Alphabet activities like this one can make a game out of early education.  Learning should be fun! Kids Activities Blog is excited to welcome Hannah from Making Boys Men as Quirky Momma for the day!  She is here to share an interactive letter […]

Learning Letters with DIY Tiles for Alphabet Activities

learning letters - alphabet activities

Learning letters is the first step in the reading process.  Finding a variety of alphabet activities can be important to keep kids excited and engaged about this new skill. Kids Activities Blog is excited to have Valerie from Glittering Muffins as Quirky Momma for the day to share her ideas about learning letters and alphabet […]

10 Tips for Reading Readiness & Learning Letters

alphabet ideas2

Tips for reading readiness can make learning letters much easier.  These 10 Tips for Reading with Kids will have your child playing with alphabet activities, playing alphabet games, name games, creating phonemic awareness, writing the alphabet, learning alphabet sounds and generally learning letters! Kids Activities Blog is excited to welcome Mary Catherine from Fun-A-Day as […]

FREE Educational Apps for Kids

free edu apps for kids

Are your kids constantly grabbing your ipod or android to play games on them? You are not alone. But at least you can sneak in a little learning while they naively have fun playing on Mommy’s new toy.  Here are some educational apps that kids will have fun with and may not even realize that […]

Scramble and Unscramble Letters: A learn to spell my name game

Scrambling the letters of my name

Z man is using our letter cards to help him learn how to spell his name. He is also all boy. This is a fun game that we created to let him jump and learn at the same time! We play several different learning games with our Letter Cards, many of them are featured in […]