Dinner Adventures in Nigeria

When we first moved to Nigeria we did not have a cook so here is a sampling of what cooking was like then: No electricity?  No running water?  And I have to cook dinner?  No problem… I have been struggling with cooking anything but eggs since we arrived.  The oven and stove are gas, the […]

Strawberry Day

About a month after we moved to Nigeria I bought a large box of strawberries…I think it was about 4 kilos (almost 9 pounds)…here is what happened the day I decided to do something with them: 5:45        Wide awake.  I would rather be sleeping but I get up and get laundry going.  Caden is […]

Stopping to Smell the Roses

When you think of Africa, do you think of rose gardens? I didn’t either.  Nigeria has 2 seasons: wet and dry.  We arrived in Nigeria at the end of the dry season.  The ground was brown, the trees were brown, everything was brown…and it was so hot that we almost got on a plane back […]