St. Patrick’s Day Activity: Photo Scavenger Hunt


With both St. Patrick’s Day & Spring break coming up, we like to kick off the break in a fun way…with a St. Patrick’s Day Photo Scavenger Hunt!  Scavenger Hunts are a fun activity to get the kids thinking and working together as a team.  It just takes a little bit of prep work, to […]

Play-doh Ideas: Use Stencils


My parents arrived for their recent visit to our house with two classic gifts for their grandchildren: play-doh and plastic stencils.   Both were good gifts in their own rights, but I thought my mother was a genius when she suggested we use them together.   We’ve been having so much fun! Ideas for Play-doh […]

Fun With Foil

Fun With Foil

We had been using aluminum foil for a school project.  Once we were done, my kids started playing with their leftover foil scraps. It really is fun to play with foil! Then they started asking for more.  And more. Aluminum foil is inexpensive and so much fun to create with that I let them use […]

Balloon People

balloon people (6)

These are my daughter’s new friends at home- Balloon People or Balloon Friends, as she calls them. Best part of this is that she designed them all. She has had a lot of balloons in her room for her 4th birthday. She has made some balloon drawings on some of those. And one of the […]

Creative Kid Bloggers Plan for 2012

Creative Kids Bloggers

There are tons of great creative children’s blogs – and every month a bunch of us get together on twitter for a chat.  In last months chat, 57 bloggers discussed our playing schemes and dreams of what projects we think would most interest our kids or what we would love to do with them in […]

Melting Ice Experiments

excited little girl

  What could make a child squeal with joy about an old toy she has played with a hundred times? ICE! For years I’ve borrowed little trinkets from my children’s toy box and froze them into a block of ice for them to play with.  My 7 year old son still gets so excited about […]

Kids Days Out: Fun School-Break Ideas

Kids days school break activities

Are your kids home from school and going batty?  Here are several of our favorite activities that were linked up to It’s Playtime over the past year.  Perfect to entertain and engage your kiddos during a long week off of school.  We are taking a break from Playtime this week to to enjoy our families […]

Soap Carving Arrowheads


With Thanksgiving approaching, Nicholas and I have been talking a lot about Native American Indians. We learned about how they hunted for food and made all of their own supplies. We learned about how they made their own tools by carving them from wood and stones. I thought about getting some soft wood that is […]

Free things to do with kids

Free things to do with kids

Kids don’t need toys, they don’t need “programs”. I love a few of the activities linked up in It’s PLaytime last week! These are things you can do with your kids almost anywhere with no preparation – and they won’t cost you a dime. Looking for more ideas? Check out our weekly link-up below. Lots […]

Preschool Skills – Lacing Cards

girl working on lacing card

Lacing cards improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills in preschoolers I love lacing cards. They are an easy activity to take with you to keep children busy in the car.  There aren’t many parts to them, they don’t take batteries, and they are completely silent. But lacing cards aren’t only a good thing for […]

Gymnastic Games

gymnastic game - flying

Often what is fun is really simple. So simple that all it requires is two willing participants. My 5 y/o, Rhett, is ALWAYS willing to play our little gymnastic games. His favorite is flying.  I lay on my back {preferably on a soft grass surface, but often in our living room} and put my feet […]

Activities for Boy Scouts in-the-Making: It’s Playtime

bolts with miss jessi

I look forward to our kids meme each week! Thanks to all of you who faithfully participate and make it a grand success! Our Kid’s Meme runs every Thursday and can be found on the following blogs: Let the Children Play Messy Kids Hands On: As We Grow The Imagination Tree When you link up […]

Activities for 2 Year Olds

2 year olds Exploring

Two year olds are so curious. Their brains just love to soak in the world around them. I try to have as wide of a variety of things for my kids to enjoy. My favorite activities for 2 year olds can be grouped as: Exploring, Fine Motor Skill Development and Messy.  Looking for other age […]

Camping Adventure: At Home

playtime kids adventure

We Quirky Mommas are on a camping kick!  A few weeks ago we played pretend camping at home, we made a tent from PVC pipes and this weekend my daughter is off to her first sleepover – and it’s going to have a camping theme!  I love watching the kids go on grand adventures in […]

Kids Activities for Outdoor Play

Outdoor play activities for kids

It is not quite cool enough yet to play outside for long periods of time. It is still 100+ degrees here in Texas, but we are dreaming of the 90s and bookmarking some fun outdoor play ideas as inspired through last week’s It’s Playtime Link-up. Each week over a hundred bloggers link up their favorite […]

It’s Playtime – Our Thursday Kid Activities Link-Up

. Simple activities are great! They give our children the freedom to be creative, to adapt, imagine and create. Of the hundred plus activities that were linked to in last week’s “It’s Playtime” the one by Kelly of Little Wonder’s Days grabbed my attention. On a day when I am sick or when we have […]

Play Ideas with Pool Noodles: It’s Playtime Link-up

lightsaber from pool noodles

As summer is drawing to a close, I am dreaming and scheming of different things I can do with our deformed and wilted pool noodles.  Thanks Chocolate Muffin Tree, Frugal Fun for Boys, Gratefully Growing and Mama Pea Pod for submitting a bunch of inspiring ideas in previous It’s Playtime Link-ups.  I am thrilled our […]

It’s Playtime Linkup Party Round-up

We team up to run the kids play activities link-up, It’s Playtime, each week with Hands on : as we grow, Let the Children Play, The Imagination Tree and Messy Kids.  Each week you, our beloved readers submit your favorite play posts to show up on all of our blogs.  This week I have the […]

Tinker Toy Catapult Experiment

Tinker Toy Catapult Measurement Table

Last week we made a Lego Catapult and my boys started making catapults out of everything in sight. They made this one make out of Tinker Toys. A Tinker Toy catapult is pretty simple construction and soon marbles were zinging across the house. Let’s go outside! Ryan(10) had mentioned that he had changed the angle […]

Lego Catapult

Finished Lego catapult

Last week my family visited the Genghis Khan Exhibit at the Iriving Arts Center. As part of the exhibit, there was a real life size trebuchet and a smaller model catapult made out of wood that the boys could send ping pong balls shooting across the museum. It was a crowd-pleaser. Ryan, my 10 year […]

It’s Playtime with Play Dough

Preschoolers Play with Playdough

We have tubs of playdough around here and love making our own batches. Just last week we had fun creating coffee playdough. Here are four creative posts that inspired me to play with playdough. Thanks for submitting them to It’s Playtime! Kate of Picklebums, had fun with her kids, some jungle toys and props, and […]

Cars: a DIY Car Mat & Redbox Sweeps

DIY cars play mat

Cars, the movie and the toys are beloved friends of my four year old.   This summer, Redbox is asking moms, “What’s the best animated movie that both kids and parents can enjoy?”  Plus, they are rewarding 2 lucky people with a chance to win $10,000 as part of the Redbox Summer of Fun & Games […]

Mud-Like Coffee PlayDough

coffee playdough recipe

This post is in honor of International Mud Day… whoever made the last Wednesday of June “mud-day” does not live in Texas.  The heat index was 107 yesterday and it’s dry, very dry… while we LOVE mud and LOVE playing outside, this is just not the time of year for outdoor play (well, after 8:30 […]

Homestead Open House at LLELA

The Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area (LLELA) is a little secret tucked away here in the ‘burb. It is one of my very favorite places to explore with the kids. Pictured above is the Minor-Porter Log House in their 1860s homestead recreation. It’s a step back in time where visitors can learn what life was […]

Hiking Adventure at LISDOLA

We took a great hike Friday at the Lewisville ISD Outdoor Learning Area. Mrs. Deb organized the morning and we all had a great time! Our first fun surprise was a stop at the blackberry bushes to pick and eat whatever we wanted! Although Reese didn’t really like the taste of the berries, he was […]

Car Marionette Puppet (a video)

car marionette puppet

.The kids and I made our first video (well, that I can remember) using car marionettes.   Chevy DFW inspired this post, they dared me to make a video with my kids and cars.  My minivan isn’t quite movie worthy, let’s just say its got more than it’s fair share of dings and is it’s typical […]

Story-Telling Activities to do with your Kids

story telling round-up1

Kids have the most vivid imaginations; I just love hearing the stories my preschoolers come up with and the worlds they create in their pretend play! Here are several ideas of ways you can help get the creative juices flowing from the minds of your little tykes: Made by Joel has a great collection of […]

Dallas Ultimate Women’s Expo

I don’t know about you, but I’m not usually drawn to those events they have down at the convention centers. I hate crowds. But there are exceptions to every rule and this weekend’s Dallas Ultimate Women’s Expo at the Dallas Convention Center is one of them. I’m not sure which part will be more exciting: […]

Dozen Playdough Recipes and Ideas for Play

Playdough Round-up

All kids love playing with playdough.  Here are some of the best playdough recipes I’ve found from the web, along with a bunch of different ideas of ways we can use playdough to play and learn with our kids. 1 – In the blog, Creativity in Progress, Sunghee created a fun way to showcase those […]

Touchy-Feely Sensory Tub Ideas

Sensory tub Rice activities

Looking for ideas of ways to help your preschoolers explore their world? Sensory tubs are a great! Most preschoolers love touching and feeling things. Tubs (or in our case, a kiddie pool) full of sensory objects are sure to keep your kids engaged and exploring! . Some of the things you can put into your […]