Sugar Cookie Bar 4th of July Dessert

fourth of july sugar cookie bars

Sugar cookies are a tradition in our family.You know, the ones that take hours to roll, cut out, frost and decorate. Yup, those! We make them for EVERY holiday, and they are especially cute as a 4th of July Dessert! We decided to make sugar cookies for the fourth this year, but we did this […]

Best Books to Celebrate the 4th of July {Independence Day for Kids}

12 books for kids about americas birthday

We have a list of the best books for learning about America’s birthday.   There are the best books about the 4th of July. Some are educational ones and others full of great crafty ideas. Kids Activities Blog loves to see kids learning about America’s Independence Day so we hope your child will enjoy this special collection […]

Free 4th of July Kids Activity Printables

4th of July Activity Sheets

These 4th of July free activity printables will keep your kids busy while you prepare for celebration! They combine learning and fun!  Kids will be solving puzzle mazes, word search puzzles and much more! 4th of July Free Activity Printables So let’s have some fun with these activity sheets shall we? There are two sets to choose from! The 4th of […]

4th of July: Painting Fireworks with Straw Painting

4th of July: Painting Fireworks with Straw Painting

4th of July means food, fun, and fireworks!  Here is a cute activity for painting fireworks that actually includes sound effects!  Kids Activities Blog hopes you and your child can have fun with straw painting. 4th of July When you think of fireworks, I bet you think of the sounds they make as well as […]

Fourth of July Chocolate Covered Strawberries Dessert

fourth of july chocolate covered strawberries

One of the best parts of Fourth of July is the cookouts and BBQ’s with friends. I am almost always in charge of the Fourth of July desserts, and I am totally okay with that! Fourth of July always brings me back to my childhood.  I can see the smoke coming from the BBQ, I […]

Craft for Kids: 4th of July Fireworks

fireworks chalk_qm

While we enjoy a lot 4th of July traditions and events, one of our favorite parts of the 4th of July is the fireworks. The explosions of color in the air are amazing to watch.  JDaniel and I sat down and created our own displays of fireworks using chalk and small red bows that we […]

Independence Day Celebrations in Dallas-Fort Worth

On Monday, July 4th, the night sky over DFW will light up with firework shows all over the Metroplex.  Here are some great firework shows as well as other fun celebrations over the holiday weekend to help you celebrate this country’s Independence.  Where will you be celebrating? Kaboom Town Addison Rated one of the top […]

The Best Things in Life Are Free

painting our rainbow cookies

I’m always on the lookout for unique things to do in Dallas, and it’s even better if they’re low-cost or free, right? Especially in a city known for its shopping – hey, it’s not like we have beaches or mountains here. Or even rolling hills. Or decent camping without driving a few hours. And for […]