Stop and Go: The Perfect Rainy Day Preschool Activity


This is a super simple activity I remember playing when I was a kid.  Basically, we created a stop/go sign and one person got to be “in charge”.  When the sign said go we ran around like crazy banshees!  When it said stop, we’d stop.  Super simple!  Kept them entertained for quite awhile.  I even […]

Texture Tubs, Touch Testing and a “T” Hunt: I Love Preschool Learning

Texture hunt

My kids and I enjoyed learning about our sense of touch yesterday.  We started with a hunt for different feeling “items”.  We then tested them on our arms and practiced feeling vocabulary.  A letter hunt for “T” items to find in a tub of beans and playing with a variety of textures finished out our […]

Preschool Fun: Outlining our Bodies


We really enjoy our Chalkboard/Refrigerator, and this week it made the perfect canvas for making body outlines.  The kids had so much fun outlining themselves, I think we must have done it a dozen times!  We used the bathroom mirror, a cardboard box, butcher paper and shaving cream in the tub. … My 2 year […]

Easy Preschool Caterpillar Craft


So simple and one of my childhood favorites.  This craft was able to be done almost completely without adult “interference” by my (just about) 3 year old. … Material Needed – egg carton (the cardboard kind is easier to decorate) 1 carton = 2 caterpillars – pipe cleaner (1/2 per caterpillar) – paint, markers or […]