A collection of {THE BEST!!} books for boys

{Recommended Books} Best loved by Boys

strategies for reading

Simple {and Fun} Strategies for Reading

word games

Word Games {Mad Libs DIY}

sticky note word family fun

Word Family {Game for Kids}

home reference library

Library for Children {free}

early learning animal alphabet cards

Early Learning: Animal Alphabet Cards


Your Toddler: Reading Skills


Playdough Learning: Prewriting for Toddlers


Story Telling for Children


Fun Activity to Boost Early Literacy and Basic Reasoning Skills


Summer Reading for Kids


Kids Learning Games: Bathtub Alphabet Soup

action words

Games for Kids: Learning Action Words with Party Blowers

Party blower spelling game

Games For Kids: Party Blower Spelling Game

story cube game fore reading

Story Cube Game for Learning to Read

stories come to life

When Stories Come to Life

Family Bedtime Stories

Family Bedtime Stories

help me to read

Help me to read: 10 ways to boost comprehension


LEGO & Education: Create your own book

lego lapbook

LEGO & Education: Make a Lapbook


Parent + Child + Reading = Our Club

Banana Game: appletters

Literacy Game for Kids: Bananagrams!!! (and a giveaway)

post office play collage

DIY Post Office Play Kit

word families activity

Word Families Activity

number words

Number Words

story telling round-up1

Story-Telling Activities to do with your Kids

literature feature or fb size

Preschool Play Based on Literature

Reading Comprehension Activity

Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Activities

how to make a maze

DIY Driving Car Mat: How to Make a Maze

Scrambling the letters of my name

Scramble and Unscramble Letters: A learn to spell my name game