Felt Board: How To Create Your Own

Create Your Own Felt Board

One thing Rory loves to play with at our local library is a felt board.  For weeks, I’ve been eyeing it up and have wanted to make one! For those that are not familiar what a felt board is, it’s just a board wrapped in felt.  But what makes it so special is that other pieces […]

Kids Art: DIY placemats

DIY placemats

The latest craze in our house is DIY placemats, using the children’s art to create unique place settings for our table. When the children have a friend coming to tea they like to make a special placemat just for the guest, to welcome them to the meal and for them to take home with them […]

Mother’s Day Gift: Photo Bookmarks


My mom always said that her favorite Mother’s Day gifts were homemade.  I think that’s a sign she’s a pretty good mom.  Sometimes it’s hard though to find a homemade gift idea that is meaningful and that will last.  I’ve always thought that homemade photo gifts like this photo rubix cube or these photo magnets are a […]

Things that Glow: Balloons with Glow Sticks

glow balloons

I recently went to Wal Mart to shop for party supplies.  One of the items I wanted was a bag of balloons.  I found the balloons but also discovered a fun new kind of balloon – LED balloons!  They have a little light in them that is activated when you pull out the tab.  Then […]

DIY for Kids: Bath Toys


There is a lot of do-it-yourself, creating at our house.  It’s fun to see how taking a child’s lead can turn into a great play idea. My daughter has been attending swimming lessons and commented that the floats the children use are cool, because they stick to the side of the pool walls. A suggestion […]

How to Garden with Kids: 18 Tips from It’s Playtime!!!

Gardening dreams

I love the sense of awe that gardening with my kids gives them.  They just love watching new life spring from a seed (and let’s be honest, they also LOVE to get muddy).  This is our favorite time of year.  It must be many of yours too as we had a bunch of gardening activities […]

Pasta Play – Oh how many ways we can enjoy thee!

Pasta play

Some of the best toys are the free ones.  Pasta became one of those unexpected “play supplies” in our house.  Please tell me I am not the only parent who discovered a box of pasta – far past it’s expiration date – in the back of my pantry!  Time to put that pasta to use!   […]

Melted Bead Projects to Create with Children


I just love melty beads!  There are so many nice things about them- the way they feel on your fingers when you put your hands in a bucket of them, their bright colors, and their lack of toxic fumes when you melt them (unlike so many plastics). The classic melted bead project though -with a […]

Make Your Own Marshmallow Shooter

cutting plastic cup

We had a blast today at the park playing with our homemade Marshmallow Shooters! They are very easy to make with some basic supplies.  Here is all that you need to make two shooters: Supplies: Plastic cup – I used a Glad disposable food storage cup. The tops had cracked but I couldn’t bear to […]

Homemade Christmas: A Massive Collection of Ornaments

homemade ornaments collection

Do your kids love decorating the tree?  I know mine do – and I love seeing their little creations each year.  This is a sampling of my collection of homemade ornament ideas.  I had a blast linking to ornaments all week on the QuirkyMomma facebook page.  Thanks for linking up posts and ideas both in […]

How to Make a Nativity Bracelet

Proclaim the Christmas story on your wrist this holiday season with a sterling silver Nativity Bracelet. It really isn’t that difficult to make a quality Nativity Bracelet.  The colors in the bracelet above symbolize key concepts in the Christmas Story below: The Nativity Story God sent an angel (angel charm) to Mary, a virgin pledged […]

Playtime Clay Craft

clay craft

Today’s featured activity from It’s Playtime is so simple! I love how Liberty, and her girls over at Our Creative Day, used air drying clay and nature items found around their home to create stunning ornaments. . . Many thanks to my co-hosts, for making this weekly link-up a lot of fun! If you are […]

Activities for 5 Year Olds

Play Pretend

Five year olds are adding head knowledge to the wonder they have of the world around them.  I love watching my kindergarteners play pretend, soak up learning through games, and create through arts and crafts.  Here are some of my kids favorite activities when they were/are five. A play tent is super easy to make!  […]

Make a T-Shirt Dress

This T-shirt dress does not require any sewing,  I have small kids, really small kids for their ages.  I’m small.  They are doomed.  One of the problems with being unusually petite is when we get a “group shirt” – you know the ones they wear on field trips, or to VBS, or as part of […]

Activities for 4 Year Olds

DIY Building Toys

Four year olds love life and enjoy creating, tinkering, and exploring. Here are some of my favorite activities that I have used to help engage and interact with my four year olds. Build your own blocks from a tree.  These Tree Blocks are great for re-creating “natural” scenes. If you have pencils (or pens) toilet […]

How to makeover a fireplace

Are you like me? Do you just LOVE a good do it yourself project and the before and after results? I do.  And that is why I started looking at our brass fireplace and wondering how we could make it more current.   Like many houses in our neighborhood built in the early 80′s – our […]

Activities for 3 Year Old

Physical movement for kids

Three year olds are curious, active – at least mine seem to have an endless supply of energy.   They are beginning to make comparisons and differentiate patterns, colors and love to play pretend.  Here are just a few of our favorite three year old activities.  These activities were gleaned in part from from our weekly […]

Tree Blocks: Building with Nature

Tree blocks

A good foundation is important for both buildings and for life.  This week’s sponsor, Cerra, is a company with a wide variety of products, ranging from comforting oils, candles,  journal aids and more.  Their products help remind us to be grounded in who we are and to build with what we have around us.  They […]

Homemade Finger Paint

I have great memories of wearing a large mans shirt over my clothes as a child – getting ready to finger paint! So I was delighted when I recently found a recipe for Homemade Finger Paint that I really love! I’d tried a few before – but they didn’t seem to be quite the right […]

Pillowcase Skirts – a Slumber Party Activity

We love to wear dresses, the more color they have and the more they “flounce” the better they are. A few weeks ago Elmer’s sponsored a craft camp – my kids had a blast making some giant fabric wall letters, and we had so many leftover supplies we dug the box out again the next […]

Freezer Banana Pops: Homemade Summer Popsicle

Frozen banana pops

One of the things that says “summer” more than anything else are popscicles.  This is by far my kids favorite way to consume a banana – stuck on a stick, smothered with chocolate, and covered with sprinkles. . Freezer Banana Pops are also a great way to rescue those bananas that are nearing the end […]

DIY fabric wall letters… & a Giveaway of Elmers Craft Supplies

Elmers Gift

I have been drooling over the anthropologie-style wall letters (like these at Tip Junkie) and Elmers & Xacto gave me the perfect opportunity to make my own set with an Elmer’s Summer Craft Party!  They sent me a big box of goodies including foam boards, glue sticks, glue dots, markers and more!  They also sent […]

DIY fabric wall letters

I have been drooling over the anthropologie-style wall letters (like these at Tip Junkie) and Elmers & Xacto gave me the perfect opportunity to make my own set with an Elmer’s Summer Craft Party!  They sent me a big box of goodies including foam boards, glue sticks, glue dots, markers and more!  They also sent […]

Cars: a DIY Car Mat & Redbox Sweeps

DIY cars play mat

Cars, the movie and the toys are beloved friends of my four year old.   This summer, Redbox is asking moms, “What’s the best animated movie that both kids and parents can enjoy?”  Plus, they are rewarding 2 lucky people with a chance to win $10,000 as part of the Redbox Summer of Fun & Games […]

Mud-Like Coffee PlayDough

coffee playdough recipe

This post is in honor of International Mud Day… whoever made the last Wednesday of June “mud-day” does not live in Texas.  The heat index was 107 yesterday and it’s dry, very dry… while we LOVE mud and LOVE playing outside, this is just not the time of year for outdoor play (well, after 8:30 […]

It’s Playtime: Play with Recycled Items

play with recycled items

Is your recycling bin overflowing? Mine is! Here are four ideas of ways you can turn your trash into treasure – or at least half an hour of play and exploration! . Melissa over at The Chocolate Muffin Tree (one of my favorite blogs!) used the lid of a dish soap bottle, an old CD […]

DIY Chalk Calendar

DIY chalkboard Calendar

We wanted a place for our family calendar, something durable and big enough for all of our “plans”.   Organization is not one of my gifts, I struggle to organize our schedule and our bills!  Over our sink we added a chalkboard calendar to help us organize all of our daily events and activities.  I […]

Car Marionette Puppet (a video)

car marionette puppet

.The kids and I made our first video (well, that I can remember) using car marionettes.   Chevy DFW inspired this post, they dared me to make a video with my kids and cars.  My minivan isn’t quite movie worthy, let’s just say its got more than it’s fair share of dings and is it’s typical […]

Story-Telling Activities to do with your Kids

story telling round-up1

Kids have the most vivid imaginations; I just love hearing the stories my preschoolers come up with and the worlds they create in their pretend play! Here are several ideas of ways you can help get the creative juices flowing from the minds of your little tykes: Made by Joel has a great collection of […]

Preschoolers Painting Masterpieces with Painters Tape

Painters Tape Works of Art

Do you remember our post with painters tape and stripes?  We went through a painting kick for several weeks… my hubby had a large strip (about a foot wide and 8 feet long) of painted plywood 1/4th an inch thick.  He saw trash, I saw fun!  We chopped it into 5 different pieces and the […]