99 Family Conversation Starters

family conversation ideas

These conversation starters are great for help during dinner to keep the conversation going with your kiddos! My hubby and I often fall into the trap of talking to each other about our day and failing to purposefully engage the kids during meal times. I love this! Our jar of 99 Conversation Questions is not […]

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5 Fun Ways to Entertain Preschoolers with Packing Materials

packing material4

I am amazed at the creativity of my kids sometimes! They come up with the craziest of games! We have been getting a number of boxes in the mail lately (giveaway bonanza is coming up celebrating our upcoming Tips and Toys Guide!!!) and with all the boxes we’ve gotten, we have amassed quite the mountain […]

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Edible Chapstick: Make Your Own Lipbalm for Kids

edible lipbalm ingredients

Do your preschoolers use a ton of chapstick?  Mine do!  And I needed an alternative to help their cracking lips (gotta love winter weather) and something that I felt safe with them ingesting.  I was inspired after reading about a friend who mixed shortening and a juice mix to create a yummy edible lip balm.  […]

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Organizing the Home, On a Dime!

organize with mason jars

My house has clutter, lots of clutter and I am often in awe of some of those super organized mommas!  Nicole from Restrained Chaos has offered to guest post a few of her organization tips… I love them!  They are cheap and easy!  Hope you can take and glean from them as I have.  Here […]

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List of Super-Cheap Grocery Stores

Salvage Grocery Stores

Are you feeling the post-holiday belt crunch?  I know our budget is a bit tighter each winter.  One of my favorite ways to save is through hounding our local discount grocery store (aka Bent and Dents).  Most of the food is at or near its expiration date, and many of the cans or boxes are […]

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Tiny Storage Solutions for Cluttered Spaces

small storage ideas

My husband came in and told me that I was taking this ‘decluttering thing’ too far when he caught me vacuuming out my tool boxes. He told me it was against the tool welding code to vacuum tool boxes in the first place. If you have a tool box, it is supposed to be messy […]

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How to Include Kids in House Work

Preschoolers Can help Vacuum

More ways to use chores to teach your kids… … Mopping, wiping, vacuuming and learning: I use mopping to work on memory skills. Did you already mop here? How can you tell? With our table top we can easily practice deductive reasoning. The area without crumbs and greasy hand prints was wiped down, the other […]

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Learning through Cooking with Toddlers & Prechoolers

Cooking with Your Kids

My kids love cooking with me. So how can I use those moments adding ingredients, mixing and stirring to teach my kiddos? Here are some of the learning ideas I came up with: Cooking with your toddlers: Sequencing steps. It is important for kids to follow specific steps in a process. Example: First, mix eggs, […]

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Dishwashing with your Preschooler

Let Your Kids do the Dishes

Our “theme” for this week is doing chores with our kids, what ways can we use chores and reoccurring daily events to teach our children educational concepts (math, verbal skills, reasoning, etc.) as well as instill in our kids a sense of value for work and appreciation of effort.  I love how excited my kids […]

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Ways Your Preschooler can Learn Through Chores

Preschoolers Can Help with the Laundry

I have three kids all under four and they love being useful, feeling needed, knowing that they contribute to our family.  And, I love to look for the sneaky ways to help my kids learn without realizing it, or without the confines of a structured environment.  Chores are a great way for my kids to […]

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Purging your Closets – Getting Rid of Clutter


Does your linen closet (or “place”) look like mine?  I know I am in dire need of a house makeover.  We are beginning a “Clutter Intervention”.  Each week or two we will have new regions of our home for us to work on, of areas to “declutter”.  Challenge yourself to go through the areas discussed […]

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The Refrigerator: An Unlikely Chalkboard

chalkboard fridge

Chalkboard paint is great.  You can use it to transform any blank surface into a creative masterpiece (or at least a place for notes).  Kristen had a terrific idea!  She painted the side of her refrigerator with chalkboard paint to use it as a note or list making area.  She inspired me and we painted […]

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$0.25/a gallon for Laundry Detergent

Found this recipe on the Duggar’s website.  It is a great and cheap alternative – especially useful for those with skin sensitivities as it is dye and fragrance-free.  I’ll have to try this when we run out of detergent! Ingredients needed: Very hot water Ivory Soap Washing soda (or soda ash) Borax … Instructions: – […]

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Cleaning Check List for Moms

Ever want to know what to clean next?  An advertisement for a cleaning service was left on my door and it reminded me of all the areas I need to clean more often.  Maybe this list will help motivate you too! Bathrooms: Tiled walls, bath tubs, showers Shower Door Vanity and Sink Mirrors and Chrome […]

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Organizing Coupons


I’ve recently been sucked into the world of coupons and have TONS. I didn’t know what to do with them and had them scattered everywhere. In a drawer, in my wallet, a few in my purse and a couple random ones in my car. I took this tip for a website and ADORE this system! […]

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