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The Science of Spying

We visited the Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas to check out their Science of Spying exhibit. Nicholas loves playing spy games so this was a fun treat for him…but I must admit that Mommy, Daddy, and even Rachel had fun too. A spy must be coordinated and careful. Nicholas got to test his […]

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Science Experiment with Old Candy: Use Halloween Leftovers


Have you accumulated candy that no one will eat (or you’d prefer that they not eat it)?  Jennifer has a great idea!  Use it for science experiments! …. … We have a lot of Halloween candy we can’t eat. So we decided to do experiments with the candy we couldn’t eat because of the colorings […]

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River Legacy Science Center and Park in Arlington

We took a little day trip with a group of friends last week down to Arlington for the River Legacy Science Center. I had two of my boys with me ages 3 and 5. We arrived after the 45 minute car ride in which my navigation system got a little pushed out of shape. It […]

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Outside Bingo Printable Inspired by The Garden Classroom

Play Outdoor Bingo

We are super excited that our dear friend, Cathy James, has a lovely new book out!  It is called The Garden Classroom (affiliate link). It is full of math, science, literacy and art hands-on outdoor activities.  Today we are playing with one of the activities from the book and making a fun outdoor game. The Garden […]

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Make Art With Baking Soda


Mixing baking soda and vinegar is a classic science experiment.  Check out how they can also be used as fun sensory activities. Baking Soda and Vinegar I’ve been meaning to let Bear {4 yrs} do this activity for awhile now. When I saw these sensory activities at 2 Big, 2 Little, I knew that we […]

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10 Things to Do with Kids in Vancouver, BC, Canada


Vancouver is one of Canada’s most beautiful cities.  It’s also one of the few places in the world where you could go both skiing and swimming or sailing on the same day. 10 Things to Do with Kids in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 1. Hike through Lighthouse Park – Lighthouse Park offers a breathtakingly beautiful walk through old […]

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25 Math Activities for Kids who HATE Math


If your kids HATE math, you are not alone. Here are some math activities for kids to help them learn to love math one problem at a time.  If you do one of these activities every afternoon with your child they will not only catch up to their peers and become more confident learners, they […]

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Make a Water Siphon

how to make a water Siphon

Kids are so curious!  Time to capitalize on it!  Give your kids a problem and see if they can find a solution!  That is what we do with our kids when we do STEM activities with them.   STEM activities are creations that kids use to learn emerging concepts from Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields – hands […]

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10 {Kid-Approved} Tips for a Stress-Free Bath Time

bath time strategies - Kids Activities Blog

Bath time has always been a favorite time of the day at my house.  And that might be surprising since I have 3 boys! I think it is partially because we started a routine when the boys were babies that we never deviated from…oh, and bath time was always fun!  Kids Activities Blog is excited […]

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Bath Time 3D Coloring Pages

how to make 3D coloring pages

Y’all know how we love free coloring pages for kids!  Well today we have a treat.  These coloring pages are from our sponsor, Mr. Bubble. Make Your Coloring Pages 3D These Mr. Bubble coloring pages were the perfect coloring pages to do a fun 3D effect with the kids. First, print out two copies of […]

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30+ Kid-Friendly Ways To Organize A Bathroom

30 kid friendly ways to organize your bathroom

Kids spend a lot of time in the bathroom when they are little, and we spend a lot of time in there with them, bathing, brushing, potty training– you name it. The bathroom is a very important place, and kid-friendly ways to organize a bathroom make everyone’s life just a little easier.  These ideas are […]

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15 Books for Kids About Space!

100 things to spot in the sky at night

It’s the last frontier, but even more than that it’s one of the best ways to introduce science to young children. These space books for kids aren’t just packed with facts, but offer unique experiences children will treasure for years to come. Don’t miss the giveaway at the bottom of this post! Space books aren’t […]

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Everything You Need to Know to Get Through the Toddler Years

get through toddler years

Everything you need to know to get through the toddler years. Toddlers are tough, unpredictable and extremely loud. Sometimes it feels like there is no possible way to make it through the toddler years with your sanity in tact. Which is why we have compiled the most useful information that moms of toddlers need to get […]

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13 of the Best Pranks Kids Can Do

super silly kid pranks

After our round of Pranks for Kids and our list of Best April Fools Day Pranks, we got lots of suggestions of fun pranks to pull on kids from you, our readers! Thanks for sending us some of your kids best pranks.  Here at Kids Activities Blog, we like our fun silly. Pranks for Kids […]

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15 Books for Kids Who Can’t Sit Still

books for kids active

If you have an active child, you know how hard story time can be. This list of 10 books for kids who can’t sit still will help! Other than letting your children run around and play while you read to them, story time might not happen very often for parents with active children. Especially when you […]

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DIY spy kit in a box

DIY spy kit in a box

This DIY spy kit in a box is going to be the perfect little activity or gift to get your kids started on an amazing adventure! These imaginative games are perfect for hours of creative fun! DIY Spy Kit In a Box Your kids are going to have a blast when they learn that they […]

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Over 27 Space Activities for Kids

Space Activities for Kids

Teaching about space and the concepts of the solar system is a fun time during our homeschooling days and using Solar Systems for Kids free resources make our studies even more enjoyable! There are tons of options for space activities and having a variety of activities available maximizes your child’s learning experience and provides in depth understanding. Over […]

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Healthy {and Quick} Snacks for Kids

Snacks for Kids

Snacks for Kids that are Healthy + Yummy + Quick = Happy Mom and Happy Kids! Healthy {& Quick} Snacks for Kids Whole Boiled Eggs and/or Deviled Eggs — use this easy-peel recipe via The Realistic Mama Breakfast Balls — via Kids Activities Blog Muffins are great to make ahead in big batches. Fun Ways to Eat Fruits […]

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75+ Ocean Activities

Ocean Activities feat

Ocean activities are so much fun to explore at home, especially for those of us that live nowhere near a shoreline.  Our most favorite way of learning and teaching is through play and these activities are so much fun! Below you will find a huge selection of ocean activities that cover everything from shells, to […]

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The Best In Educational Streaming TV for Kids

streaming tv feature

We love streaming TV in our house, especially for the little ones because it means they can watch on a tablet – with headphones.  Here at Kids Activities Blog we’ve collected the very best educational shows that you can stream from services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime.  And our sponsor Verison FiOS makes […]

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18 Fitness Tips for Moms

18 fitness hacks

Moms are busy!  But we still want to look and feel our best!  These Fitness tips are for you, all the moms out there! Fitness Tip – give yourself rewards.  Put a dollar in the jar every time you goof up and don’t work out or eat a dessert.  Then when you “meet” your goal, […]

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How to Make Crystals With Borax and Pipe Cleaners

Pipe cleaner coated in Borax Ice Crystals

Learn how to make crystals with 2 basic household ingredients! When it comes to simple science projects for kids, making crystals with borax and pipe cleaners never fails to impress.  I’m not kidding, kids and adults alike find the process pretty fascinating.  This is such a cool science experiment that we’ve actually done it three times […]

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16 Robots Kids can Actually Make

robot machines that actually work2

If your kids love exploring science and technology I bet they would love to explore robotics.  These are all robots that kids can make. This first robot is one that we have made – a tin can soda man.  This kids robot kit comes with everything you need to turn a regular tin can into […]

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A Frozen Winter – Indoor Cold-Weather Activities

A Frozen Winter - Indoor Cold-Weather Activities

For those little Frozen fans that would still love to re-watch and re-enact the movie over and over, mix it up a bit with some indoor winter sensory play. Frozen-Themed Indoor Winter Activities Get out the sand castle molds, and make some ice castles instead! Inspire your little artist with beautiful Frozen fractals ice art […]

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Glowing Bathtub Fun

Bathtub Fun

Glowing Bathtub Fun — because life is too short not to be a fun mom! I’m a believer in doing fun and crazy {and sometimes messy!} things with your kids because it not only gives your kids an epic childhood to remember but also makes you a happier mom. Glowing Bathtub Fun You’ll need: Glow […]

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Temper Tantrums {Tips from moms who have been there}

temper tantrum hack ideas

Temper tantrums are, unfortunately, a part of every family’s life. Every family has their struggles.  When a child really has a difficult time transitioning to a new thing, or handling disappointment temper tantrums happen. It’s a normal part of life, but one we definitely want to end as soon as possible. We’re sharing some amazing advice […]

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Milk Paint Popcorn Rainbow

Milk Paint Popcorn Rainbow

Kids love art projects, and milk paint is something that you can make in literally moments and start having some fun with it. There are lots of ways to make homemade paint for the kids, but milk paint requires only two simple ingredients. Make a Popcorn Rainbow with Milk Paint This art activity combines several […]

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23 Ice Crafts, Activities & DIY Decorations For Winter Fun. Cool!

Ice Crafts

From gorgeous and colorful melting ice experiments to frozen ice castles, ice caves and pretty ice sun catchers for your garden we have ooodles of ice crafts inspiration here to take you right through the winter months. Use your freezer to create if the temperatures aren’t cold enough outside xx Ice Crafts & Activities Featured […]

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Fun At The End Of The Rainbow

40 Ways to Play and create rainbows

There is just something about Rainbows that bring a smile to the face. The brightness and colors are just so fun! We’ve found the prettiest and best of the rainbow crafts and rainbow treats and eats, today is a mix of colorful fun – all together for you here!   Rainbow colors Homemade play dough mixed up to make […]

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Puffy Snowman Painting


Our kids are so excited about snow and what better way to bring the snow indoors than with a Puffy Snowman Painting.  This painting is so much fun and the best part is that when you are done painting it, and it dries, you still have an awesome project, because it feels awesome- its so smooth, […]

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