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Breastfeeding vs. Bottle Feeding – What Is REALLY Best?

Breastfeeding vs. Bottle Feeding - What Is REALLY Best?

Have you ever been in a discussion about breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding and been left wondering what is really the best thing for your child? There are scientific studies that show us the benefits of nursing and more studies that show us all of the wonderful extras that formula-fed babies receive. We’re not here to talk […]

25 Glitter Crafts – add a little sparkle to your kids crafts and activities

25 glitter crafts

Whether you’re looking for some sparkly ideas for Christmas, stamped glitter hearts for Valentines, fairy and mermaid crafts for girls or simply want a little extra bling and delight to your everyday sensory and craft projects, you can find the best of the bedazzled right here. Check out more in these 25 DIY Glitter Crafts […]

Space Scouts – Subscription Boxes for Kids

science activitiy subscription box for kids

You know we love craft and activity subscription boxes for kids.  We have tried just about every one there is… and this past week or so we got to explore Space Scouts.  “So Cool” –  those were the words of my 7 year old who was enamored by this activity box. *Thanks Space Scouts for the […]

26 Homemade Ornaments

lots of ornament ideas to make for Christmas

Homemade ornaments are the best.  They fill your tree with memories that you can unwrap and decorate your tree with each year.  We have a family ornament-making day each Christmas as part of our “Countdown to Christmas” activities.  Memories! Here are some of the best DIY ornament ideas we’ve found. Easy Ornaments Adorable!  Capture your […]

Give the Gift of Time this Christmas

gift of time kids gift ideas

Maybe you are like me, and you are overwhelmed with the amount of stuff your family is collecting. This year, instead of more stuff we will be encouraging our family to give the gift of time this Christmas.  I will providing you with a list of ideas, but I also would love you to head […]

5 Tips for an Easier Bedtime Routine


Are you searching for tips to help you create an easier bedtime routine at your house? From finding ways to get your kids to sleep through the night, to getting them in bed in the first place – bedtime is a challenge for most parents.   Bedtime was a struggle at our house for a long time, […]

Magazine Subscriptions for Kids Under $20

Magazines feat

My kids love magazine subscriptions!  We ordered the first one for my son about a year ago and he was crazy about getting fun mail just for him every month. Now, for Christmas we’ve ordered my son and daughter each a kids magazine subscription.  I love that this is a gift that they’ll be excited […]

Christmas – Making the Most of the Crunchy and the Smooth

Young mother and her little toddler daughter enjoying a sledge r

We all know that Christmas can be a mixed blessing. There can be moments of great joy and celebration. And also more stress and strain than other times of the year….. for so many reasons. A friend of mine loves saying that life is like peanut butter – we have to learn to take the crunchy with the […]

Gift Kits You Can Make and Your kids Create

Gift Kits that you can make for kids to build and create with

Gift kits are great for creative kiddos.  The list below isn’t like our list of DIY gifts, these are groups of objects that you can gift to your kids so THEY can create. Gift Sets for Kids You can gift your kid a collection of objects that they can use to explore and engage in […]

Gift that Keeps Giving – Green Kid Crafts

Green Kid Crafts Subscription Box for Kids

At this time of year, I am always trying to figure out something to give the kids on my holiday list something that won’t be broken or annoying by the end of Christmas day. It is one of the reasons why I have given Green Kid Crafts {Kids Activities Blog sponsor} subscription boxes in the […]

{25 Activities} Countdown to Christmas

countdown to christmas activities

I always have the best intentions for making the 25 days of Christmas magical, intentional and memorable for my family… Then the month of December starts. The calendar gets fuller by the minute, my to-do list grows with every gift I need to purchase and every treat I need to provide for a holiday party and […]

20 of the Best Gifts for Preschoolers

gift guide feature

Gifts for preschoolers are so fun to shop for, but there is so much to choose from and no one wants to give something that will end up in the bottom of the toy box.  Kids Activity Blog has gathered twenty of the very best gift ideas that are sure to be favorites for years. 20 of the […]

Genius Left-Over Candy Ideas!

These leftover candy ideas are genius

I find that after almost any holiday season, I have an overwhelming influx of candy!  Halloween & Easter seem to be when the candy haul is at its greatest volume. These left-over candy ideas are inspired and sponsored by Invisalign.  I am part of the Mom Advisory Board for Invisalign which includes complimentary treatment while I […]

FREE Educational Apps for Kids

free edu apps for kids

Are your kids constantly grabbing your ipod or android to play games on them? You are not alone. But at least you can sneak in a little learning while they naively have fun playing on Mommy’s new toy.  Here are some free educational apps that kids will have fun with and may not even realize that […]

Tinker Crate from Kiwi Crate: Engineering Fun in a Box

Kiwi Crate Tinker Crate

I have to admit that even though I write here at Kids Activities Blog, I am often limited on time to create activities that are fun and educational for my own kids! It is one of the reasons why I am giddy over a new Kids Activities Blog sponsor, Kiwi Crate. Kiwi Crate – Tinker […]

Celebrate Silliness! 28 Of The Ultimate Halloween Games For Kids

28 ultimate halloween games

Throw the ultimate thrill filled (non-spooky) party for and with your kids this October with these 28 awesome Halloween Games For Kids.  We’ve got you covered here on Kids Activities Blog when it comes to simple halloween games, activities, crafts and costume ideas this year = FUN. FUN. FUN! Fall House Give a cardboard box […]

25 Ghost Crafts and Recipes

25 Ghost Crafts and Recipes

Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween without all sorts of ghost craft ideas! Whether it’s super simple ghost finger puppets for your little one, or a free printable for ghost poop, ghosts are a big part of Halloween! 25 Ghost Crafts and Recipes If you want something different besides the basic tissue and lollipop ghost, try […]

Teaching Kids to be Honest

raising honest kids parenting

Raising up the future leaders of this world is no easy task. Teaching kids to be honest is one of parent’s many jobs, but it might seem like a real challenge. I am hoping the information you gather here might help equip you to teach kids to tell the truth.   Reward Honesty – It’s hard […]

Ultimate Guide To Potty Training

The Ultimate Guide to Potty Training

Any parent will tell you that potty training is a big deal.  And there is no shortage of potty training advice out there.  Here at Kids Activities Blog we believe that there isn’t just one right approach for every family or even every kid!  So we’ve pulled together many different helpful articles on the subject […]

50 TV Shows for Kids Recommended by Parents

TV Shows for Kids Parents Actually Like - Kids Activities Blog

One of the things that made it hard for me when my kids were little was finding TV shows for kids that didn’t make me crazy.  It is tricky because I wanted them to use their very limited TV time to have fun {and hopefully sneak in a little learning}, but often that meant something […]

Bat Craft Ideas for the Perfect Halloween Craft

These simple bat crafts are perfect for last minute activities with the kids - I love #10 for parties!

Halloween is almost here…and you haven’t helped your child make an eerie bat craft yet?  Don’t worry because we have the perfect Halloween craft for your kiddo.  In case you haven’t noticed lately, Kids Activities Blog is THE place for inexpensive, creatively cute, and rather easy to complete Halloween activities! Here are some of our […]

Never Bored – 10 Amazing Kids Activities Books

Never Bored - 10 Amazing Kids Activities Books

Kids activities are so important to us.  We adore finding fun and unique ways to keep your kids active and engaged. Here are some books we think are must-haves at home to keep your children crafting and creating and most importantly, never bored!  Number one was written by our very own Holly Homer and Rachel […]

Craft & Activity SHARE

Its Playtime Post Share - Kids Activities Blog

Welcome! We love to highlight YOUR FUN. We have adored to feature YOUR blog posts and projects over the last few years of It’s Playtime! But we want even more! We have found the more we feature YOU, the better WE are. {insert group hug} We want you to share so we can promote you.  When […]

DIY Bouncy Balls

diy bouncy balls

  Today’s roundup is all about DIY Bouncy Balls, because there is something about those bouncy balls that every child loves. All ages. There is so many options to play with these homemade bouncy balls that your kids will be occupied for hours.  Why homemade bouncy balls? 1.  You can control and be fully be […]

What happens to a rotting pumpkin?

Pumpkin Science What Happens to a Rotting Pumpkin

What happens when you let a pumpkin rot?  That was the question proposed by my son last year…so we decided to find out. Rotting Pumpkin: We carved our pumpkin & put it on the porch to greet visitors. After a few weeks, our pumpkin, who Reese named Jack Rotty, began to get a little mushy.  […]

50 Activities for Autumn

TONS of fall activities for kids

Fall = fun activities for families! We live in Texas where the temps are brutal in the summer, not much we want to do outside other than play in the pool – For us, Autumn means a chance to go on fun family dates. Each Saturday morning we do an activity together as a family. […]

12 {Fantastic} Things for Kids to do with Pumpkins

12 things to do with pumpkins

Wondering what to do with your kids and pumpkins? Well, we here are some of our favorite pumpkin activities! Autumn Activities: With Pumpkins!! Want to know what to eat for Breakfast in the fall?  Make Gluten-free pumpkin pancakes – These would be a yummy fall breakfast treat for the kids to enjoy. Who says that […]

LEGOS: 75+ Ideas, Tips and Hacks


Are LEGOs big at your house? They are a blessing and an obsession at our house.  It is a rare day that I don’t find at least one minifigure and collection of bricks in someone’s pocket. Here are 70 Genius Hacks, Ideas, Products and Inspiration… All. About. Legos. P.S.  Post contains affiliate links . Things […]

Our Favorite Play Ideas from Around The Web

Our Favorite Play Ideas from Around The Web

We’re back again with our favorite play ideas we found this week! We love searching the web for amazing ideas to share. This week we stopped by Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram.  Next week we want to share YOUR favorites by using the hashtag #playideas. Pinterest Edible Perler Beads made from Twizzlers Crafts Made from Plastic […]

18 Boat Crafts for Kids to Make

18 boat crafts for kids to make

Row, row, row your boat, and see if you can make it float! What child doesn’t love designing, decorating and trying to float a boat a that they’ve made from scratch?  It’s just one of those classic summer activities that every kid has to try!  I’ve rounded up a collection of 18 boat crafts for […]