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10 Things to Do with Kids in Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada

10 things to do with kids in Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada from Kids Activities Blog

Having grown up in the Okanangan, part of BC’s sunny central interior, I can honestly say that it is one of my very favourite places in the world. The gorgeous mountains, picturesque lakes, sandy beaches, and sunny summer days make for a wonderful place to visit. Here’s some of what the Okanagan has to offer, […]

15 Creative Indoor Water Play Ideas

15 Creative Indoor Water Play Ideas

You don’t have to wait for summer to enjoy water play.  We’re showing you how to splash around inside!  Grab a few towels and get ready for your kids eyes to light up when you tell them they get to play with water somewhere besides the bathtub.  These awesome water play activities are inspired by […]

12 Hands-On Weather Activities for Kids

12 weather activities for kids

The Spring brings lots of weather changes.  One day it could be windy and *so* cold, another day it can be rainy, or the perfect day to play at the park! This weather is crazy, but is a great time to experience and discuss weather changes and patterns with our kids. 12 Weather Activities:  Explore […]

30+ Stuck Inside Games for Kids

30 Stuck Inside Games for Kids - Kids Activities Blog

There are always days when kids are stuck inside to play.  Often it is due to weather, but there are tons of other reasons why outdoor plan may not be an option! Kids Activities Blog is excited to announce that we are working with Together Counts as a Blog Ambassador in 2014 to spread the […]

10 Things to Do with Kids in Boise, ID

Things to Do with Kids in Boise ID - Kids Activities Blog

Boise is a well kept secret. It was named the second best city to raise a family by Forbes! If you are lucky enough to visit Boise, here are 10 of the best things to do with your children! Beware, you may never want to leave.  10 Things to Do with Kids in Boise, ID […]

12 Fun Light Play Activities


These fun kid activities are sure to excite your little ones.  There are so many fun ways to play with LIGHT!  A lot of these would be a perfect boredom buster to keep around in case of a power outage.  But even with no reason at all, these are great fun. We’re sharing these light play […]

Learn About the Heart {Simple Anatomy Craft}

learn about the heart

Simple science experiments are the best!  Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it is the perfect time to learn about the heart & our circulatory system. The heart, the symbol so beautifully displayed throughout Valentine’s Day – our cardiac muscle – is vital to our survival! My son loves everything scientific, and these days he […]

Bricks 4 Kidz – Fun Building Classes for Kids

Bricks 4 Kidz - Building Classes for Kids - Kids Activities Blog

With three boys in my house, it is a never-ending series of building things with LEGO® bricks. Big things.  Little things.  Things in the middle of the living room floor. I had heard about Bricks 4 Kidz – building classes for kids with an educational twist – and looked into it several years ago.  At […]

Best Play Recipes

recipes for play with your kids

The quirkymommas have a long-lasting love of all goopy things and make silly putty regularly! Here are some of the best slime, silly putty and goop recipes that we could find online. Oh. My!  Look what happens when you fill a strainer with goop.  This slime recipe is extra goopy!  via Juggling with kids. Rainbows […]

10 Things to Do with Kids in Los Angeles, CA

10 things to do with kids in Los Angeles California from Kids Activities Blog

I love L.A.! Yes, it’s been said before but I love my hometown; with so many great little neighborhoods, living here is like being in a small town with access to everything a big city has to offer! 10 Things to Do with Kids in Los Angeles, CA 1. California Science Center and the Space Shuttle […]

13 {Clever} Transportation Activities


Transportation activities are fun for kids of all ages.  There are so many fun ways to explore cars, trains, planes, ships and more!  Why just play with your toy models when you can build and craft your own?  Fun! This great round-up of transportation activities was inspired by the lovely, There’s Just One Mommy. 13 {Clever} […]

14 Ways to Bring The Ocean Inside


The ocean is a magical place.  Some may be lucky enough to live so close to one they can experience its wonder regularly.  For those that don’t, we have this great list of activities, inspired by Katie from Gift of Curiosity. Bringing the ocean inside is the perfect winter activity for kids.  Books in this list […]

10 Fun Ways to Learn the ABC’s


Learning your ABC’s is a critical part of early childhood education.  Inspired by Growing Book by Book, we’re sharing our favorite ways to learn the alphabet and letter recognition.  Step away from the flash cards, and start having fun! 10 Fun Ways to Learn the ABC’s 1.  Throwing away the pencil and using bendable household […]

10 DIY Jewelry Projects for Kids


It is so fun to make DIY jewelry!  You can create beautiful things with the simplest supplies.  You can even recycle old things and turn trash into treasure.  These projects would be perfect for a rainy day or to create handmade gifts for friends. These fantastic jewelry projects were inspired by Babble Dabble Do. 10 […]

10 Things to Do with Kids in Tucson, AZ

10 Things to Do with Kids in Tucson - Kids Activities Blog

Tucson is a hidden gem of a ctiy. Nestled in the Cataline Mountains, this little city has a lot to offer. Being in the middle of a hot desert, it’s best to visit in the late fall/winter/early spring, but don’t let the summer stop you! Tucson is a very active and family friendly town! 10 […]

Super Simple Listening Game and Craft for Kids

Super Simple Listening Game and Craft for Kids

Some times the easier and less complicated toys are the ones that your kids will engage your kids more than all the fancy toys money can buy. Making your own “telephone” is one of those DIY Toys that your kids will have fun exploring and playing with!  It can become a listening game for kids […]

10 Things to Do with Kids in Canberra, Australia

10 Things to Do with Kids in Canberra Australia - Kids Activities Blog

Canberra is a city filled with national history and cultural attractions. It is the capital of Australia although isn’t the bustling city you would expect from a capital, instead has a nice country feel with rolling hills, native bushland and large open grasslands. We love living in Canberra. The galleries and museums, parks and bushwalking […]

14 Homemade Gifts for 4 Year Olds

roundup of photos for 4 year olds

Are you looking for an easy gift to make on a budget for your four year olds this Christmas?  Here are some great ideas of Mom-made (or kid-made) gifts for older preschoolers. We have a massive list of 101 homemade gifts for kids as well as the earlier posts in this series – homemade gifts […]

13 Fun Toy Car Activities for Kids


Today we’re sharing some really fun car activities for kids.  Boys and girls alike all seem to adore toy cars and trucks.  With a little imagination you can come up with so many amazing things to do with them!  Here are some ideas for you to try with your kids. This great round-up is inspired […]

Top 10 Family Gift Ideas

10 Family Gift Ideas chosen by Kids Activities Blog

Before you race around town with an itemized list for each family member, consider giving a family gift.  A thoughtful gift to the entire family can encourage family time and togetherness as well as make things simpler on you. If 10 ideas aren’t enough, check out our 101 Homemade Gifts which is sure to inspire! […]

15 {Easy} Homemade Paint Recipes


We have lots of homemade paint recipes for you today!  These fun paints are inspired by Allison at Learn Play Imagine.  The great thing about this list, is that you likely have the ingredients in your kitchen cabinets right now! 15 {Easy} Homemade Paint Recipes 1.  Natural watercolor paint made from fresh flowers. This paint […]

10 Subscription Craft Boxes for Kids Compared

10 Craft and Activity Subscription Boxes For Kids Compared on Kids Activities Blog

We all love to get mail.  It is one of the reasons why I think monthly craft and activity subscription boxes are a popular choice for parents and those buying for kids this season. It is the gift that keeps giving past the holiday.   There are lots of different choices and each has a […]

40 Thanksgiving Activities for 5 Year Olds {and Up}

40 Thanksgiving Activities for 5 year olds and up featured on Kids Activities Blog

We have been celebrating Thanksgiving activities for kids all week.  It started with Thanksgiving Activities for Toddlers, then Thanksgiving Activities for 3 Year Olds, followed by Thanksgiving Activities for 4 Year Olds.  That is why today may NOT come as a shock… Thanksgiving Activities for 5 Year Olds Are you sensing a theme here?   […]

10 Things to Do with Kids in Pittsburgh, PA

10 Things to Do with Kids in Pittsburgh PA featured on Kids Activities Blog

Pittsburgh has so much to offer for children and families.  The city has ranked recently as a top city for families and affordability. It’s so hard to choose the top ten things to do with your kids in our city. I narrowed the list down to our favorite things to do with our own kids […]

{Best Blog} STEM Mom

Best Blog

This week’s pick for our best blog feature is STEM Mom. We are featuring an interview with Darci today and rounding up some of our favorite STEM Mom posts this afternoon.  Kids Activities Blog is so excited about our best blog series.  We are hoping to introduce you to some sites you won’t want to miss! Best Blog […]

Atoms & Molecules: 10 Fun ways to learn

atoms for kids

In school the kids were learning about molecules and it reminded me of the experiment that Holly did ages ago, creating model atoms for her kids to physically manipulate. We “made” atoms too! Make a Molecule: Pom-poms – a variety of colors and sizes Wire Glue Our kids researched the elements and created the atoms of […]

How to Make Neon Colored Rice

Make Neon Rice - it glows with a black light!

There are some things in life we do just because they are fun.  This is one of them! Neon rice can be part of a sensory box or in this case, a table.  The cool thing is that you can then turn on a black light to play! How to Make Neon Rice Let’s start […]

It’s Playtime! {Kids Meme} Link HERE 10/30!

its playtime

It’s playtime again! Are you ready? Our weekly kids meme is jammed packed with fun activities to do with kids. Link up your favorite kids craft, game, family-friendly recipe, learning fun or kids activity! It’s Playtime! We love the activities that are linked here each week. This is the first place we look for things […]

Candy Bingo Makes Learning Fun!

Candy Bingo for Learning Flashcards - Kids Activities Blog

You know you are about to have more candy than you know what to do with, so I propose a way to use it for a bit of learning.  I used to teach grades 5-8 science and on Monday we would make out vocabulary cards for the kids to study through the week because every […]

10 Things to Do with Kids in Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK)

10 Things to Do With Kids in Belfast

Belfast’s attractions have grown alot over the past few years. It’s lively and modern while still celebrating its history. 10 Things to Do with Kids in Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK) 1. Titanic Experience - After 100 years Belfast has its own Titanic museum. You learn about Belfast’s industrial history and how it lead to shipbuilding. There are […]