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Science Experiments for Kids – Exploring Ramps


Ramps are fun for kids to explore. Rolling objects down or pushing objects up them seems to fascinate them. While they are really conducting simple science experiments with the concepts of force and gravity, kids may just think they are having fun. Recently my son and I build a simple ramp using cookbooks found in […]

Let Your Imagination Soar at Destination Science this Summer!

Destination Science is calling your name! Can you hear it?  Let your imagination soar this summer at Destination Science! This is the ultimate science summer camp experience that offers your child a chance to work as as team, to really dig into science with fun hands-on experiences.  These experiences satisfy their curiosity and create a sense […]

I Spy: Math, Science, and Nature Edition


In honor of Earth Day, I encourage you and your little one(s) to get outside and explore! My son and I have made a routine of going out for a “nature walk” every day around 4:00 pm.  It gives us an opportunity to get some fresh air, get some exercise, and learn (even though he […]

Egg-citing Science

With Easter just a couple of days behind us, it’s probably safe to assume you’ll have plenty of leftover eggs in the fridge.  Why not try one of these fun “experiments” from Sci-Tech Discovery Center with the kids? Egg Balancing Have you ever heard that you can balance a raw egg vertically on the first […]

Mixing Solutions and Making Potions: Fun Science in the Kitchen


Kitchen science is one of my favorite things…playing with the same old materials in new ways brings up lots of great questions!  This little activity is a great way to do a child-led science experiment.  Making their own choices gives kids power! Talk with your children about our magic science words for the activity:  mixture and […]

Engineers Week at Museum of Nature and Science

My family loves the Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas! With all the unique and interactive exhibits, it is truly education disguised as fun and entertainment. And Engineers Week promises to be as fun as ever as we get “hands on” with buckyballs, bunny copters, squishy circuits, robo mania, plus “ask an engineer” chats, […]

Silly Science

silly science collage

It’s Playtime again! Today we are highlighting some of the fun science posts that you have linked up in the past…because science is silly! Many thanks to our co-hosts, for making this weekly link-up a lot of fun! If you are ever looking for more ideas of ways to play with your kids, check out […]

Science Experiments Using Candy

candy chromatography

Halloween is over but does your child’s trick-or-treat basket still have tons of candy in it? Ours does! Rather than deal with upset tummies from children eating too much candy or trying to deal with the whines that follow candy rationing, I decide to put some of these sweet treat to good use. We did […]

Color Changing Milk: A Creative Science Experiment

color changing milk experiment

Science experiments help us grow.  Through experimenting and exploring we are able to ask questions, make assumptions, and then seek solutions.  We are able to learn more about the world around us.  Cerra is a company that is seeking to help people grow in seven different “intentions”.  As Cerra says, “By nature, humans are creative […]

9/11 Tribute at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, along with the support and participation of community leaders and the City of Fort Worth, will host a free public ceremony on the morning of September 11, 2011 – the 10th anniversary 9/11 attacks –  to pay tribute to the first responders, to those who lost their […]

A Rotten Science Adventure

Back at the beginning of September, our wonderful friend T gave us some pumpkins to welcome in Fall. Reese wanted to carve one right away, and he assured me he wouldn’t mind that it wouldn’t last all the way to Halloween. So we carved our pumpkin & put it on the porch to greet visitors. […]

Dallas in Legos at the Museum of Nature and Science

The Museum of Nature and Science Cuts “Big D” Down to Size! Dallas CityScape is a massive replica of the Dallas skyline – built entirely from LEGO® bricks!  It is currently under construction at MNS.  Both kids and adults are going to love this! “Big D” is about to become “Little D” – thanks to […]

Ft Worth Museum of Science and History

I remember when going to a museum was walking through the halls with figures behind glass and a brown plaque describing what you were looking at. You then took two steps over and read the next brown plaque. If you were visiting an upscale museum, you would have the headphones to do the reading for […]

A Gross Science Experiment

I’ve always loved science. I even wanted to be a micro-biologist at one time in my pre-children life. Of course, science experiments are lots of fun for me, especially gross ones Check this one out… We are always talking to Nicholas about the importance of washing his hands even if he doesn’t see that they […]

Our Rotten Science Adventure

Back at the beginning of September, our wonderful friend T gave us some pumpkins to welcome in Fall. Reese wanted to carve one right away, and he assured me he wouldn’t mind that it wouldn’t last all the way to Halloween. So we carved our pumpkin & put it on the porch to greet visitors. […]

How to Grow (and kill) Our Germs: Preschool Science Experiment


Germs, I don’t like them but I am usually not on a “death to germs campaign” but right before our latest Quirky bundle arrived (she’s a whole 9 days old! Boy, time flies!) we were battling rotavirus with the older kids. Anybody who has struggled with rota doing its rounds through youngsters would totally appreciate […]

Science Fun

We spent the day at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.  What a fun way to learn about science with your friends! But you can’t learn on an empty stomach, right? We headed to Fort Worth a little early so we could have breakfast at Ol’ South Pancake House which my friend Holly […]

Cleaning Money: Sensory Science Activity


This activity kept my kids happy and playing for well over half an hour! It was so easy to set-up. All we needed was some white vinegar, a couple tablespoons of salt and some coins. For my sanity, we used a few bowls and towels as well to contain the mess. . . . . […]

Children’s Museum – Museum of Nature and Science – Dallas

I don’t venture out to the “big city” very often by myself. Frankly, I almost break out in hives whenever I’m faced with getting around downtown Dallas. I have zero sense of direction, so the thought of bringing my kids along for the adventure is not so appealing to me. However, I read an article […]

The Science of Spying

We visited the Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas to check out their Science of Spying exhibit. Nicholas loves playing spy games so this was a fun treat for him…but I must admit that Mommy, Daddy, and even Rachel had fun too. A spy must be coordinated and careful. Nicholas got to test his […]

Science Experiment with Old Candy: Use Halloween Leftovers


Have you accumulated candy that no one will eat (or you’d prefer that they not eat it)?  Jennifer has a great idea!  Use it for science experiments! …. … We have a lot of Halloween candy we can’t eat. So we decided to do experiments with the candy we couldn’t eat because of the colorings […]

River Legacy Science Center and Park in Arlington

We took a little day trip with a group of friends last week down to Arlington for the River Legacy Science Center. I had two of my boys with me ages 3 and 5. We arrived after the 45 minute car ride in which my navigation system got a little pushed out of shape. It […]

50+ Summer Camp-Inspired Activities for Kids

50 Camp-inspired Activities on Kids Activities Blog

I am a summer camp fanatic.  I love summer camp! As a child, I went to camp every summer after age 6.  As soon as I was old enough, I worked as a counselor and taught waterskiing, sailing and whatever would keep me on the waterfront. That is one of the reasons why Kids Activities […]


15 handpicked fun activities for 2 year olds

Two-year-olds like to be creating, doing, being endlessly ‘curious’, and getting into everything and everywhere – sound familiar? If you’d like some tried and kid-tested ideas to keep them busy and engaged (and out of the saucepan cupboard), then check out these 15 great activities for 2 year olds ! All easy activities using stuff […]

10 Things to Do with Kids in Laredo, TX

10 Things to Do with Kids in Laredo TX from Kids Activities Blog

One of the main motivators behind starting The Critters And Crayons Blog was to highlight some of the fantastic activities available to families in Laredo, Texas.  It is not uncommon to hear someone say, “There is nothing to do here for kids or families.”    We’ve learned that this isn’t true!   Here are some of the […]

30+ Easter Egg Ideas

Easter Egg Roundup

Easter Eggs are fun to both decorate and decorate with!  We have scoured the internet and have *another* 30+ Ideas of ways to decorate, play and craft with eggs!! . Decorate your Eggs Dye your Easter Eggs, using hot glue and a vinegar-based dye for a fun effect! This traditional egg-dying activity uses Koolaid as […]

10 Things to Do with Kids in Daytona Beach, FL

Things to Do in Daytona

If you’re visiting Daytona Beach you probably already plan to visit the beach, but there’s a ton more to do in this little city. Here are a few of our favorite spots for young kids. 10 Things to Do with Kids in Daytona Beach, FL 1. Beach and Splash Park - Of course, you can’t come to […]

10 Things to Do with Kids in St. Louis, MO

10 Things to do with Kids in St. Louis Missouri from Kids Activities Blog

St. Louis is a budget-friendly family vacation destination!  It’s a fun place to visit anytime of the year.  However, my favorite seasons to enjoy the city are spring, summer and fall! 10 Things to Do with Kids in St. Louis, MO 1. Eat breakfast at the Tower Grove Farmer’s Market - Sample local and seasonal produce at this […]

Where To Find the Best Educational Apps for Kids


The app store on your tablet or phone can be intimidating.  There are so many options!  If you want to incorporate learning with electronic time, you’ve probably been looking for the best educational apps for kids.  Today, we’ve got them! Instead of trial and error, we encourage you to try these education apps that we’ve collected, […]

11 Process Art Projects for Preschoolers


Process art is all about the journey of the project, not the destination.  What appears as the end result is not what is important, but instead the creativity of the child.  Simply give your kids an inspiration and the materials and let them explore and form however they’d like. Here are ways to explore process […]