Meet Holly


I am Holly.  I write a mom blog.  I live near Dallas.

Yep, I said it…I am a mommy blogger.

mom blogger


Lives in Texas.

Answers to Holly.

Answers to Mom.

Lives in suburban bliss.

Married to blog-Stedman for 20 years.

3 lively off-spring of the male variety.

Likes to write.

Lives to play poker.

Serial big idea thinker.

Stay at home mom.

Drive all over town mom.

Homeschooling mom.

Drive all over town schooling mom.

Glamorous?  Not often.

More nirvana than June Cleaver.




Perky suburban angst.

Easy to contact…

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* * *

I am involved in some other projects that might or might not be of interest and might or might not be associated with being a mom blogger:

Kids Activities Blog {aka Quirky Momma} – I joined Rachel over at KAB a year ago.  I LOVE kids activities and it is a celebration of things to do with kids over there.  It is all fun and nothing else.  Check out our FB page, @quirkymommasite and G+.

Business 2 Blogger B2B was my idea to organize the way companies find bloggers.  I had lots of help.  It is super simple.  Businesses post what kind of blogger help they need on our job board.  The bloggers apply to the jobs that are a good fit with their blog.  The company chooses the bloggers that are a good fit with their expectations.  I have been running blogger campaigns for years…literally years.  I take on one project at a time.  If you would like to discuss your project, please send me an email!  B2B is on FB, @Biz2Blogger and G+.

She is Dallas – She is Dallas is a website for women in the DFW area.  It celebrates all things fun and interesting in Dallas-Fort Worth and beyond.  It is a collective blog run by me.  Last year over 60 Dallas bloggers submitted content to the site.  I love that the website tells the story of life in my city from all different perspectives.  She is Dallas on FB & She is Dallas on Twitter.  Oh and we are on G+ too.

DFW Bloggers – Shauna and I started DFW Bloggers so that local bloggers (not just mom blogs!) could find each other and we could gather a list for Dallas blogger events.  I feel so lucky that I have been able to meet many of the 575+ bloggers listed there.  Blogging isn’t just about writing, it is about connecting.  DFW Bloggers on Twitter

I think I need a nap now.

4 days later teeth whitening