Princess Hat Cupcakes

easy to make cupcakes in the shape of hats cute idea for girls birthday

Birthday parties are the best!  But not when you have to stress about them.  Today we are partnering with Betty Crocker to have the birthday that our princesses will remember for a lifetime! I love the simplicity of the Betty Crocker cake mixes – and their party planning website is unbeatable.   If you are looking […]

35 Sensory Aids and Ideas to aid with SPD

sensory hacks feature

Sensory perceptions can be hard to change or even to be aware if your child struggles with the way that their brain processes the information in the world around them. In the KAB team we have a Physical Therapist and a former school teacher… these are tips that we have used in our practices, homes […]

Rescue Broken Make Up

rescue eye shadow that your kids break with this beauty hack

Oy. Kids + Make-up. It’s not always pretty. A couple of weeks ago one of my kids was playing in our bathroom and they got into my makeup. Between their “application” of the colors and the fact that they dropped it on the floor, let’s just say the makeup was not in the same state […]

50 Ways to Add Variety to Oatmeal

how to make the best oatmeal ever promise

A cup of oatmeal for breakfast, it’s quick to make, easy, filling, good for you, cheap – a win, right?  We literally buy out oats in ginormous 50 pound bags.  When you find a breakfast that works you gotta eat it… Only my kids have started getting bored with it… until… We made a list […]

Blinking Origami Eyeball

Make a blinking eye out of paper

There is something about mixing geometry and art that mesmerizes kiddos, especially my elementary aged kids. They loved making today’s art project inspired by Krokotak, a really awesome Bulgarian Kids website. Be sure to hit the translate icon if you click through to read the tutorial on their site. To make a blinking origami eye […]

Report Card Tradition

Make a reward tunnel to welcome your child home after a report card

School is hard work.  Report cards are a great chance to talk to your child about things that they can do to improve or to celebrate your child’s progress! Thanks to Fort Magic for sponsoring and inspiring us to celebrate our hard-working smarty-pants.  We used the Fort Magic pieces to create a welcome-home tunnel. We are celebrating school work, […]

Health Hacks for Moms

health and beauty hacks for moms feature sized

Time is valuable and moms are important, but often as moms it feels like we don’t have the time to take care of ourselves. If time is a precious commodity to you, maybe you will appreciate some of these health and beauty hacks that can help you be most efficient with your time. This post […]

Throw a Pajama Book Party

how to throw a book party

Have you ever had a nap-over party? They are some of our kids favorite play dates. A nap-over is the perfect solution for kids who are too young or who want the sleep over experience, only without the 2am pick-up trips, or days of recovery from no sleep. Thanks to Scholastic and EVEREADY® for inspiring […]

Bangles made from Toys and Starfish

using silicone molds to make your own jewelry with kids

Jewelry.  My kids love to make their own earrings, bracelets and bangles.  We were thrilled to get to browse through Jade Gedeon’s new book, Beautiful Bracelets by Hand  <– Pre-order now while it’s on sale! We first met Jade when we were writing our book, 101 Kids Activities.  Jade was our photographer – and a creative […]

{Toy Hacks} SO many things you can create with old toys.

Ways to transform toys into something more great ideas for decorating a kids play room

We are going through a pre-Christmas toy purge and if you are too, join us in drooling over these toy hacks. Don’t throw out all of the broken toys, transform some for a fun statement. Toy characters. Once again… we have TOO many… time to repurpose and add some flair! Make a wacky bookend – […]

Pretend Snot

how to make fake snot

This is the grossest slime recipe you’ll ever see.  It sticks and oozes over any and everything, but lifts off of hard surfaces much like silly putty and is easily washed off of hands. When my hubby came home and saw our fake snot he just *might* have said he was going to borrow a […]

Laundry Hacks for Busy Moms

25 laundry room hacks

Laundry can be super overwhelming.  With six kids, it feels like we are drowning in the clothes…  BUT these tips help. Laundry does not need to be a dreaded task.   Be more efficient and have more fun with these hacks. Get excess liquid out of items you can’t throw in the dryer using a […]

A School Room Built for Learning

ideas to make a school room for learning

We are a homeschooling family and recently a fellow blogger, Rachelle at Tinkerlab, asked me to give a glimpse into what homeschooling looks like for our family, some days. This is our school room. Every school room needs a couple of things: A place for mixed ages to be productive. We have a collection of […]

Bat Craft Ideas for the Perfect Halloween Craft

These simple bat crafts are perfect for last minute activities with the kids - I love #10 for parties!

Halloween is almost here…and you haven’t helped your child make an eerie bat craft yet?  Don’t worry because we have the perfect Halloween craft for your kiddo.  In case you haven’t noticed lately, Kids Activities Blog is THE place for inexpensive, creatively cute, and rather easy to complete Halloween activities! Here are some of our […]

Throw a Mad Monster Party

These are adorable ways to make monsters - my kids love #2!

Monsters. If we didn’t just have a reptile birthday party for the kids we would have totally had a monster bash – these activities look cute and fun.  Thanks to all the bloggers who have linked up to our weekly kids meme, It’s Playtime.   We glean most of the posts we feature here and on […]

Early Reading Activity

help your child learn to read with phonics blocks

Consonants and vowels.  Sometimes kids need more practice reviewing phonics when they are starting to read.  Looking for more ideas check out our other phonics activities. We made reading dice. We lost our original set of dice, but are now beginning to play with letters with one of our younger kids.  Time for a new […]

Glowing Sensory Bottle for Bedtime

have your kids count the stars in the bottle as they go to sleep

It can be hard for kids to decompress or calm-down for bedtime.   We have a collection of Go-to Sleep activities that are perfect for kids growing out of afternoon naps, but who still need some “down time” activities, but we don’t have something for bedtime. Bedtime is not the time for play, for toys, […]

Lego Costume

easy diy costume for halloween, a lego brick

Would your LEGO enthusiast love to wear a giant LEGO costume for Halloween this year?  Let us help you with this fun idea – just one of our many homemade Halloween costumes.  We at Kids Activities Blog just love costumes like this that are cheap and easy to make! LEGO Costume We try to make […]

Q-Tip Blow Dart Game

blow dart game made from Q-Tips

I love fostering independence in my kids through activities, watching them problem solve and try things new ways.  Brain Building through play! There are two activities that are super simple and will keep your kids engaged for hours: 1) Building with plastic cups.  They create towers, bridges, walls, forts, etc. 2) Blowing straws… I think […]

50 Activities for Autumn

TONS of fall activities for kids

Fall = fun activities for families! We live in Texas where the temps are brutal in the summer, not much we want to do outside other than play in the pool – For us, Autumn means a chance to go on fun family dates. Each Saturday morning we do an activity together as a family. […]

12 {Fantastic} Things for Kids to do with Pumpkins

12 things to do with pumpkins

Wondering what to do with your kids and pumpkins? Well, we here are some of our favorite pumpkin activities! Autumn Activities: With Pumpkins!! Want to know what to eat for Breakfast in the fall?  Make Gluten-free pumpkin pancakes – These would be a yummy fall breakfast treat for the kids to enjoy. Who says that […]

Breakfast Balls

easy to make breakfast balls

I have three boys, and they wake up hungry, very hungry. They have a mission to eat me out of house and home so I am constantly looking for meals that are filling, lots of protein, to tide them over. Breakfasts can be especially challenging as I am not perky in the morning, don’t always […]

LEGOS: 75+ Ideas, Tips and Hacks


Are you looking for LEGO ideas and tips?  Are they big at your house? We have discovered the secret on How to Build a lego table.  We have organized legos, and then organized those bricks by color some more!  Legos are a blessing and an obsession at our house.  It is a rare day that I don’t find […]

4 Ingredient Glowing Slime Recipe

4 ingredient slime recipe

Kids love slime. They *love* it. The ewwwier the better! This slime recipe is super simple, like our library of other play recipes.  This recipe requires only 4 ingredients AND it glows in the dark! The downside, it’s slimy, and while it does not stick to hard surfaces and is easily washed off of hands, it […]

25+ Glow-in-the Dark – Hacks and Must-Haves

Glow in the dark ideas for kids feature

Glow-in-the-dark things fascinate my kids. I bet my munchkins aren’t the only ones who love nightlights and neon bling. Here are OVER 25 things that will glow and mesmerize your kiddo! **Contains affiliate links** . Homemade Glow Bouncy Ball – These are a blast to make and a blast to chase as they bounce around the house! Enjoy some Glowing Jello at […]

Curriculum to Teach Kids How to Read

reading curriculums featured

As a homeschooling family I am asked a lot by other parents who are beginning homeschooling or who have a child who needs just-a-little help after school, what I have used to teach my kids to read. I’m one family and what works for us may not work for you and your child… so we […]

20 AWESOME Science Projects

science activities for elementary aged kids

My kiddos love to learn how the world works and without being aware, they are doing science projects!  Science experiments are among their favorite family activities. We love to make guesses or predictions about what will happen and test them.  Exploring science with kids is always an adventure! Here are 20 kid-tested and loved science experiments […]

Apple Cookies – An Easy After School Snack

an afterschool snack apple cookies and sandwiches

Are you looking for quick, easy and filling snacks for your kids to munch on while they do their homework?  I know I love snacks that both my two year old and my 8 year old can enjoy together, and that are a breeze to throw together. These apple cookies/sandwiches take mere seconds to make and are […]

{Hair Fun} How to Make a Braided Bun

how to make a braided bun

There is something about a braided bun that makes me giddy – it’s a princess style that lasts! Perfect for a dance recital, a party, or even just a pretend playdate. What to do to make your bun: First, pull the middle of your hair back into a ponytail, leaving a section of hair out […]

{10 IDEAS} How to Make Yogurt Bars

Blueberry and pistachio yogurt bars

Yogurt bars are the perfect super quick breakfast for kids.  They are super easy to make and will make school breakfast “craze” a ton easier. We drop a chunk of our yogurt bars onto a bowl of granola.  Munch and go.  It is more nutritious than cereal, full of protein and complex carbohydrates, sure to […]