How to Make a Mix-and-Match Headband

DIY Headband Tutorial for kids

Our kids have LOTS of flowers for their hair, thanks to a shipment from Kids Activities Blog sponsor, Hairbow Supplies Etc. They want to wear them in their hair pinned in their bangs, on top of headbands, as accessories on their purse straps, etc. One flower can not be in three places! Unless…we create a mix-and-match […]

How to Make Ribbon Flowers

DIY Headband Tutorial for kids

Every girl loves bouquets. At least my girls love flowers. Lots of flowers! We were blessed with several dozen “spools” of ribbon from Kids Activities Blog sponsor, Hairbow Supplies, Etc.  (use our exlusive coupon code:  KAB20 for 20% off your order)! There were SO many colors and patterns! Hairbow Supplies, Etc. sent a BIG bag […]

12 Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Crafts and Activities for Kids

cat in the hat feature

Dr. Seuss is one of our favorite authors.  For our early readers, he brings a sense of magic and wonder to the world!  The Cat-in-the-hat series have been memorized. In honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday on March 2nd, here are a DOZEN of the best Cat-in-the-Hat activities that we found online. Cat in the Hat […]

Cookie Othello – Homemade Game for Kids

Cookie Othello - Homemade Game for Kids - Kids Activities Blog

Our kids are just starting to enjoy board games, really enjoy them.  They love the idea of rules, taking turns and especially love games where food is involved. Today, we turned a cutting board and a box of cookies into a homemade game for kids!  Make a Homemade Game! All you need is painters tape. […]

The Best Minecraft Parodies

writing assignments for kids

Minecraft is an obsession at our house. We have Minecraft T-shirts, we print Minecraft out and play with it, we have minecraft servers, we read minecraft books, we pretend our lego blocks are minecraft pieces as we build mini-worlds (links are affiliate). We speak in mod-lingos and debate the benefits of survivor vs. creative modes. […]

The BEST Play Recipes

recipes for play with your kids

We’ve searched high and low to find all of the best play recipes and compile them in one place! So far we have over 50 recipes, in four different categories.  We will continue to update these collections so be sure to pin this post to read later! Playdough We have over a dozen unique and […]

How to Make Paper Plate Roses

paper plate craft for kids

Paper plates are a staple in our craft cabinet! We have made several paper plate crafts with our preschoolers over the past year or two. This craft was inspired by one of the valentines we found and included a couple of weeks ago in our 30 Quick and Easy Valentines post.  Thanks Dozi Designs for […]

How to Make an XO Band Bracelet!

band bracelet tutorial

Creating bracelets and accessories is a lot of fun for kids to do, but is also great for building their brains.  Finding good loom tutorials that show how to make a band bracelet is sometimes challenging! Kids develop pattern-making skills, learn to follow ever increasingly complex directions, all while working with intricate fine-motor skills. And […]

Band Bracelet Valentines Printable

valentine printable

Band bracelets are the rage right now! They are taking over our family. We have made them for our friends, gifted at least a dozen kits to pals who were lacking looms. We have glow-in-the-dark bracelets, big, thick bracelets, rainbow fishtails… But… the bracelets our kids love the most are the ones that their friends […]

18 Valentines Crafts for Kids

18 Valentine Crafts for Kids - Kids activities Blog

Our kids love Valentines crafts and activities – they love to hear that they are loved and to share the love with their friends and family. These are 18 of the Valentines Day Activities that we discovered from some of our favorite online places! Valentines Craft Ideas I love Red.  Play with textures and make […]

Skip Counting is Fun! {Printable Skip Counting Worksheet & Activity}

Skip counting game and worksheet to help kids find patterns

We are a homeschooling family and math is something that I struggled with as a child, I am *so* pleased that my kids are “getting” it!  My just-turned 5 year old loves watching patterns emerge, I think most 3-5 year olds enjoy patterns.  This Discovering Math Patterns activity will help your math-learner, the circles will […]

4 {Crazy} Funky Monster Coloring Pages

Coloring pages for kids - here are four free monster sheets

Y’all know we adore coloring pages around here.  And the ones that we are featuring today are a ton of fun. We have recently featured Valentine train coloring pages and Valentine Day coloring pages that are NOT mushy, but today we are departing from the holiday theme and going with every day MONSTERS! Monster Coloring […]

Peanut Butter Play Dough. Edible. Tastes like Candy!

play dough made from peanut butter and marshmallows

We have triplets, sorta. We are an adoptive family, and have three kids that are within a year. I call them my triplets. And they LOVE homemade play dough. I do not have enough eyes or hands to stop them from “tasting” the dough. It’s time for a truly edible play dough! This play dough is […]

20+ Activities to Build LEGOs

Build LEGOs

Our kids favorite activity of all time is to build LEGOs, and create magical worlds out of LEGO blocks. While back we featured a post on the LEGO videos that our kids discovered and today we are sharing our favorite LEGO activities from around the web. Here at Kids Activities Blog we know that LEGO […]

Color Spray – Science through Art for Kids

color spray science through art project for kids

I am super excited, I love my preschooler – but I have a houseful of them – and this year I am taking a break from them once a week and teaching a Art through Science course with our local home-school Co-op.  All of my students are potty-trained, they all can read… and they all […]

30 {Quick & Easy} Valentine Ideas

30 DIY Valentines

Being crafty and creating thought-filled valentines does not need to require a time investment. We’ve scoured the internet and have found 30 Valentines that you can do with and for your kids – making dozens of valentines in an hour or less: Read More. Click on the images or the links below to read more!! […]

Math Sight Words Flashcards

math word flash cards for kids

Math sight words sentences are hard for some elementary aged kiddos. One of my children excels in math, until it comes to word sentences. He is reading, but not quite confident enough for his brain to read and solve math equations at the same time as deciphering words. Time for a confidence booster! Math Sight […]

85 Ways to Show You Love Him

Ways to Show You Love Him - Kids Activities Blog

Ways to show love is the topic for today. What in the HECK is Kids Activities Blog doing today?  This is a kids activities blog!  I need an activity for my children! Never fear, we will be back on topic tomorrow, but today we thought it would be great fun to chat about ways to […]

Edible Play Dough Recipe – Only 3 Ingredients!

edible play dough - Kids Activities Blog

One of the comments we get a lot is that you, our readers, are looking for a simple playdough recipe that is safe for toddlers to eat and gluten-free. Today’s play dough recipe is just that! This play dough is made from three ingredients, is dairy and gluten-nut-free, easy to make – and safe for […]

Sight Word Play with Toys

sight word flash card reading game

My third child is learning to read… and while that in NO way makes me an expert in “literacy education”, I have noticed a few things about my kids as they’ve figured out words. 1) Phonics is great.  They need to be able to sound out a word and to differentiate between the words onto […]

Best Play Recipes

recipes for play with your kids

I love painting, personally, it’s the “medium” of art that I most easily gravitate towards. Recently our kids have done a super easy art project with bubbles – it was a huge hit. Here are over 20 other paint recipes that our kids have tried or hope to try soon.   This puffy paint recipe […]

Best Play Recipes

lots of play dough recipes

This edible play dough recipe is messy, very messy, but also tasty! It is gluten & nut-free. Playdough that is edible and gluten-free is hard to find. Our recipe is crumbly. This play dough recipe from Tinkerlab looks silky and uses Masa Flour as the base. This is the *softest* play dough your kids will […]

Best Play Recipes

recipes for play with your kids

The quirkymommas have a long-lasting love of all goopy things and make silly putty regularly! Here are some of the best slime, silly putty and goop recipes that we could find online. Oh. My!  Look what happens when you fill a strainer with goop.  This slime recipe is extra goopy!  via Juggling with kids. Rainbows […]

Best Play Recipes

recipes for play with your kids

We have LOTS of recipes and ways to create your own lumps of play! Over at Spoonful they have a play dough recipe using natural dyes to help teach kids about diversity. via Hideous Dreadful Stinky Cinnamon is a warm smelling spice.  This spicy playdough is great for an added sensory element. via Not Just […]

Best Play Recipes

We are collecting the best recipes for play. These are just some of our favorite slime, goop, gak and silly putty recipes. I hope they inspire your kids to play as they have ours! This recipe for slime not only is a blast to play with, it is also edible and chemical-free! via Fun at […]

Best Play Recipes

sensory recipes for kids

Sensory activities are good for preschoolers development of their brains, their sense of creativity and awe of the world. Here are some of our favorite recipes for play – with things that you can create or share as a DIY gift for kids. Bigger is better – especially when it comes to bubbles!!  Included in […]

Best Play Recipes

recipes for play with your kids

About two years we got hooked with our first paint recipe.  We made Fizzing Sidewalk Paint. Our love of color has only grown since then. Here are… The *BEST* Paint Recipes. Scented paint is fun, my girls especially enjoy adding sensory elements to their art.  via Learn Play Imagine. Squeezing paint in bottles is a […]

How To Be Frugal {Save Money}

save money feature - Kids Activities Blog

Would you love to know 50 ways to save money? Here are some general tips on how to be frugal, ways to save money in your household, with your kids, and when feeding your family.  Do you have a tip for frugal living? Please share your ideas here at Kids Activities Blog in the comments or […]

Make a Minecraft Creeper T-Shirt

Minecraft Creeper T-Shirt Tutorial

My kids, especially our two oldest boys *love* Minecraft. The kids have made big houses, small houses, sprawling horse ranches, a rollercoaster, an underground maze of tunnels to nowhere, portals to alternate worlds. Minecraft has become engrained in the culture of our home.  So you can imagine the excitement when the boys found out what […]

15 Manners Kids Should Know

15 manners kids need

I want to have polite children. Don’t we all? I wish I could say that my kids have good manners, I hope to raise them to love God and to love others, and in doing so I hope that manners will “come”. Thanks to our Facebook Community of Readers for helping compile a list of […]