Make DIY Straw Beads

diy straw beads

Sometimes a kid’s craft is so simple, that you stop and say, “Now, why didn’t I think of that?” That’s what everyone says when I show them how easy it is to make your own straw beads! You don’t need much to make your own straw beads. Just some yarn and straws. I like using […]

Inertia and Spinning Marbles

glue the marble top together

What can you learn about inertia and Newton’s First Law of Motion, using just marbles and glue?  A lot!  STEM activities are designed to make kids look at science principles with things they can touch, feel and move.  Our kids love exploring principles of science, technology and math, and today we did just that as […]

21 Super Summer Party Tips

21 party tips for summer feature

Are you throwing a Summer party this year? Make it the best ever with these fun tips! Party Hacks Use this amazing trick to tenderize even the cheapest of steaks into a delicious juicy steak for your Summer grilling! Make the best and most refreshing Summer drinks with these amazing lemony ice cubes. Make your life so […]

18 Flavor-Filled Backyard Grilling Recipes

grilled foods recipes

Yumm!  If you are looking forward to a summer of entertaining, or just like the speed of cooking and keeping the food odors and heat outdoors, you will love our collection of Flavor-Filled Backyard Grilling Recipes! Cookout Ideas 1. Grilled Fusion Chicken – It’s the perfect meat for a back yard cook out. 2. Grilled Corn Salad […]

Make Oobleck! A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Oobleck for KAB Main Image

Oobleck is cool!  If your kids have not explored “Non-Newtonian liquids” yet they should make Oobleck! A non-Newtonian liquid is one where the more force you apply to the fluid the harder it becomes, they call this the shear rate.  A liquid like water that has low-viscosity is able to pour freely.  That is not […]

Back Yard Boredom Busters

back yard play ideas for kids to do

Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy all the fun and adventures in your own backyard!  Don’t let your kids tell you they are bored!  Here are some Backyard Boredom Busters to get them moving, exploring and creating outside.   Outdoor Play Ideas. Grab some sturdy rope and make a tightrope for your […]

Butterfly Coloring Pages for Spring

Butterfly Coloring page painted

Coloring is one of the most relaxing ways for kids to play! These butterfly coloring pages with soothe your little ones as they enter a world of bright imagination and make it their own! We have several options in our butterfly coloring pages collection! This way you can color different shapes, sizes and uniquely patterned butterflies! […]

25 Math Activities for Kids who HATE Math


If your kids HATE math, you are not alone. Here are some math activities for kids to help them learn to love math one problem at a time.  If you do one of these activities every afternoon with your child they will not only catch up to their peers and become more confident learners, they […]

Make a Water Siphon

how to make a water Siphon

Kids are so curious!  Time to capitalize on it!  Give your kids a problem and see if they can find a solution!  That is what we do with our kids when we do STEM activities with them.   STEM activities are creations that kids use to learn emerging concepts from Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields – hands […]

Watch it go! Science Fair Project Idea


Do you have a kiddo who just *needs* to know how things work?  A kiddo who loves to tinker and take things apart?  They would love STEM activities.  STEM activities are a way to learn hands-on the emerging concepts from Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields to create something.  STEM activities are both great at helping […]

13 of the Best Pranks Kids Can Do

super silly kid pranks

After our round of Pranks for Kids and our list of Best April Fools Day Pranks, we got lots of suggestions of fun pranks to pull on kids from you, our readers! Thanks for sending us some of your kids best pranks.  Here at Kids Activities Blog, we like our fun silly. Pranks for Kids […]

Blowing Bubbles to Make Art

Soap Bubble Art-4

Blowing bubbles to make art is a great way to discuss hyperbolic pressure… or to just enjoy making a mess creating colorful designs with your kiddos. What you need to make Soap Bubble Art: 1 T Dish Soap 3 T Water water soluble food coloring (10 drops) straws cardstock paper (You can use computer paper or […]

Make Coffee Can Drums

Coffee Can Drums-1

Let kids create some music of their own with some simple Coffee Can Drums. This fun activity inspires creativity not only in the creation of the instrument, but in the hours they’ll spend banging on the drums after! The best part is that they’re super-easy to make! All you need to create your own coffee can […]

Candy Play Dough

candy playdough you can eat

This is the best time of year to get peeps! Our kids got a big box of them and they reminded me of our Peanut Butter Play Dough recipe. We used three ingredients and made edible, candy-like, play dough. Time to experiment with our peeps. We are making edible play dough!! You only need three […]

Color Changing Milk Science Experiment

Color Changing Milk-4

Science experiments help us grow. Through experimenting and exploring we are able to ask questions, make assumptions, and then seek solutions. We are able to learn more about the world around us. This Color Changing Milk Science Experiment is a fun activity to do with kids of all ages. Color Changing Milk Science Experiment What […]

50+ Ways You can Use your Essential Oil Kit

How to use essential oils with kids

The Essential Oil Starter pack is terrific!  It comes with 11 – 5ml bottles of oils and is super handy for TONS of things.  These are just 50 60! of the ways you can use your Essential Oil Kit. Don’t have a kit yet?  We are distributors and have a terrific deal going on *right now* […]

This Kiddo Puts on A Suit – the result will make you laugh so hard you’ll cry!

ten things moms need to knowb

Moms, we are often hard on ourselves right?  “Sometimes we just need moms to tell us we are okay.  The advice from this kiddo is right on! Things Moms Need to Know Put down your phone Sometimes our “I love you” comes out as screaming and crying. “Our house isn’t messy, it’s awesome” Mom upsidedown […]

50+ Ways for Babies to Play

baby play feature

Babies learn about the world by touching, tasting and moving in their worlds. Here are some ideas of ways that you can be intentional in engaging and purposeful in interacting with your tot, to help them develop and gain confidence. Engaging your Infant: Treasure Baskets.  Fill a basket with objects from around the house for […]

The Power of Kindness

kindess vid

“He helps people, Mommy”. I hope my kids learn to value a life that puts others first. This man had eyes that were wide open to the power of kindness, the power of being a good steward of his resources so that he could give to others. He fed lost animals, helped a little girl […]

How to make Kinetic Sand

kinetic sand to make

Kinetic Sand is the rage at our house.  Our kids love to play with it – time for us to learn how to make kinetic sand for ourselves. This kinetic sand recipe has the same elastic qualities as the store bought stuff, it is similar to playdough in the way that you can mold it. […]

Artful Kids Weaving Craft

fabric kids craft

Activities can be thoughtful, open-ended and playful all in one.  I love the latest book by Jean Van’t Hul.  She is the author of the previously published book The Artful Parent, and the genius behind the Artful Parent blog with the same name.  (Psst… You can read our interview with her for that book). Today’s activity […]

18 Fitness Tips for Moms

18 fitness hacks

Moms are busy!  But we still want to look and feel our best!  These Fitness tips are for you, all the moms out there! Fitness Tip – give yourself rewards.  Put a dollar in the jar every time you goof up and don’t work out or eat a dessert.  Then when you “meet” your goal, […]

Curriculum to Teach Kids How to Read

reading curriculums featured

As a homeschooling family I am asked a lot by other parents who are beginning homeschooling or who have a child who needs just-a-little help after school, what I have used to teach my kids to read. I’m one family and what works for us may not work for you and your child… so we […]

16 Robots Kids can Actually Make

robot machines that actually work2

If your kids love exploring science and technology I bet they would love to explore robotics.  These are all robots that kids can make. This first robot is one that we have made – a tin can soda man.  This kids robot kit (affiliate link) comes with everything you need to turn a regular tin can […]

Homemade KidScents Essential Oil CopyCat Recipes

feature kab

Ya’ll know we love our essential oils and any mom that has been doing oils with her kid knows how important it is to get the blend of essential oil to carrier oil just right. It’s important to dilute, and yet when your kiddo has a rumbly belly at 2 am no one wants to […]

20 Kitchen Tips for Foodies

kitchen hacks 2

Looking for a cooking tip?  Look no farther!  Make cooking, fast, easy, fun AND healthy with these kitchen foodie tricks.  We have snack hacks and tips that make preparing in-between meals easier – and the time we used orange peels as cupcake liners was just genius!  Here are our “real food” tips. Kitchen Tips for […]

20 Goofy Valentines for Boys

bug and animal valentines for boys

We love goofy valentines for boys.  Are your kids sick of the sweet?  Ours are.  But still love the “getting” in Valentines Day?  Ours are.  Make your kids (and their pals) feel super special with some of these Valentine ideas. Got a set of zoo animals?  This might be a cute no candy valentine idea […]

How we hurt our kids

talking so your kids can listen

Have you ever thought about how you respond to your kids?  How we hurt our kids with our words, without even intending to? What do you say when they ask you to watch them spin in circles again or revel in awe over yet another Lego creation. If you are like us you probably respond with a quick, […]

DIY Air Freshener Recipe

copycat febreze recipe

We are trying to limit the chemicals in our home.  Time to make a batch of Air Freshener Recipe.  One-by-one we are throwing away th synthetic gunk!  We are starting to use homemade cleaners, Shea Butter Lotion (*the best*), homemade hand-sanitizer, even DIY sunscreen, etc. You get it, we are on a get-rid-of-chemicals kick!  But […]

30 Amazing Smoothie Recipes

a month worth of smoothie recipes

We’ve gathered some amazing smoothie recipes, so that you can try them all! We’ve found that these drinks are a great way to sneak some extra nutrition into a child’s diet and can even be a healthy alternative to other snacks. Here are some of our favorites. There are so many different ways to make them but […]