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An original "Quirky Momma" blogger and "Mommy" to six kids under six, when Rachel is not wiping crayon off the walls or wading through laundry, she can be found exploring and creating with her kiddos. She hopes to be someone who acts justly, loves kindness and walks humbly before God (Micah 6:8).

Who Knew an Egg would be SO much FUN!

surprise egg unwrapping

Have your kids joined *the craze* of Egg Unwrapping seriously, it’s crazy!  Kids are going bannanas for eggs! The concept is really simple, give a gift – a tiny trinket, or even a coupon to a future event.  It’s the perfect gift for the kid who has everything, they will love unboxing their present!  Put […]

How Ten Minutes Changed my Relationship to My Kids

10 min of fun feature

Tell me I am not alone, that I am not the only mother who has struggled connecting with my kids. There are some moments when I don’t want to be hugged, when I don’t want to color another picture. Moments when the laundry pile seems so big it is screaming at me much louder than […]

EASY to Make Pudding Pops.

EASY Pudding pops

These are the world’s easiest popsicles to make EVER.  They will rival the ones that your kids get at the ice cream truck! They don’t drip (or barely drip), they cost pennies to enjoy, AND you can make them out of a variety of treats… The Pudding Pop. It is so simple.  Take a pudding […]

Fun At The End Of The Rainbow

40 Ways to Play and create rainbows

There is just something about Rainbows that bring a smile to the face. The brightness and colors are just so fun! We’ve found the prettiest and best of the rainbow crafts and rainbow treats and eats, today is a mix of colorful fun – all together for you here!   Rainbow colors Homemade play dough mixed up to make […]

Genius (and CHEAP) Ways to Childproof Your Home

feature baby proog

Do you have a tot who is just beginning to explore the world?  Here are some ideas on ways to childproof your home – against the toddler who loves to explore EVERYTHING! This tricks will bring some sanity.  Promise. *Post contains affiliate links* Child proofing your Home Love this idea.  Your kids won’t be able […]

Ideas for a Summer Camp – at Home

ideas for summer camp at home

It’s summer time, and you are off work, or the nanny can’t think of anything to do – and you don’t want your kids sitting staring off into space or watching TV all day??  Time for summer camp AT HOME. We have teamed up with some terrific bloggers, including Jamie of Hands On: As we […]

Wacky Balloon Balls

wacky balloon balls

Do you remember wacky sacks?  They were these fun, oddly squishy balls that we would kick contorting our bodies, keeping the ball from touching the ground?  Relive a small part of your youth with How to Make Balloon Balls.  We are making our own hacky sacks to jump and kick, from balloons. How to make […]

New Young Living Starter Kit

new to old essential oil kit oil comparison

We are thrilled to announce the new Essential oil kit from Young Living! What is the difference between the new and old essential oil kits?   Here they are… What is the Difference Between the New & Old Young Living Starter Kits? We are Young Living Independent Distributors and this post includes consultant links. What […]

Easy Craft: Make Block Stamps

How to make a stamp for kids

Do your kids love crafts?  Mine do!  And I had a big batch of notes to write, long overdue!  And no cards.  Time for a kids craft.  In the past we have made our own cards with scratch-n-sniff paint.  That was fun, but it’s time to try something new – well new to us!  We […]

20 Kid Ideas that are Addictive – in a Good Way.

play ideas for kids feature

There are some kids activities that are addictive.  Your kids will beg to play them, to do them over and over, and OVER again!  These are the ones that would be on my kids short list.  They love open-ended play ideas. …And I love how these activities reach a wide range of ages.  My tots […]

All Things that Move – CARS!

Updated image of cars play feature

If you have a tyke who is obsessed with cars you are not alone.  It seems like our youngest is either driving a car, carrying a car or pretending to be a car 95% of his awake hours.  Here are some car play ideas to help your transportation-loving kiddos play.   Car Activities for Kids Transform […]

Crazy Cool Activity Ideas for Summer

30 ideas to be a fun mom feature

Summer is here!  Don’t let your kids be bored this summer! Get moving and be creative. Here are some Crazy Cool Activity Ideas for summer!   Coolest Summer Activities Balls!!  They are a blast and bubbles make them even better in this kiddie pool activity idea.  She did it with her preschoolers – my 9 […]

Got a Girl? 40+ Activities to Make them Smile


The Most Girly Things EVER!  I have three daughters and they had a blast scouring Pinterest to find their favorite activities and girl crafts.  These are all things that my girls (ages 4-9) have either done or can’t wait to do – soon! Girl Craft Ideas Got a little girl who loves to make her own […]

{Tube Play} How we transformed PVC pipes into a “fall” wall.

make a fall wall

Has your child experimented with tube play?  If you are desperate for a couple of hours of peace you will *love* this activity!! Play tubes! They are a great way for kids to have fun learning while being creative and having fun.   This activity is just ONE of the 101 Kids Activities you can find in our […]

Koolaid Play Dough

Funky Flavors of Playdough

There is something about Koolaide that reminds me of summertime!  The flavors smell SO yummy!  We prefer not to have our kids drink stuff high in artificial dyes – BUT they can still enjoy the flavors of summer, in Koolaid PLAY DOUGH.  This recipe only takes 5 minutes to make! 5 Minute Play Dough Recipe […]

30 Genius Mom Tricks

30 genius mom tricks feature

Moms, we all have tips that have rocked our worlds with their simplicity and usefulness.  Here are just a few of the tips we have discovered.  If you know of a tip we missed, PLEASE, come to our Facebook page and tell us your genius mom trick!   Genius Mom Tricks Have sippy cups in […]

{Easy Bread Recipe} Lazy Woman Bread

{Easy Bread Recipe} Lazy Woman Bread

Wouldn’t you love to find an easy bread recipe?  Well here is a recipe that involves such simple baking it is called Lazy Woman Bread.  With this recipe from Kids Activities Blog, you can enjoy freshly baked bread any time. Easy Bread Recipe This is a time saver for those of you who are bread snobs and want your […]

DIY Yogurt Pops

yogurt pops

Do your kids LOVE ice-cream popsicles? I know mine really enjoy their frozen treats and as the temps are rising and the ice cream truck is making the rounds in the neighborhoods it is great to have an easy and quick option – DIY Yogurt Pops. These pops take mere seconds to prepare, a couple […]

I’ll Never and other Parenting Lies


These parents are eating their words! Check out some of these true mom confessions to the statement “I’ll never be the parent that…” “I’ll Never…” “I’ll never be the parent that makes their kids use a child leash…definitely getting one for my son.” -Kendra “‘my kids will fit into my world, not the other way around’…I […]

25 Kid-Friendly Frozen Drinks for Summer

kids slushies recipes

Cold sugary drinks just make summer feel more like summer!  They are our favorite afternoon treat after a swim.  You can also make a big batch for as an idea for a kids party.  If you like these recipes but are looking for a more healthy option, check out our collection of kid-loved smoothies. Kid-Friendly […]

Origami and Kinetic Energy


STEM activities refer to any process that kids can do integrating concepts from science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM activities are great for helping kids bring scientific principles to life. Today’s exploration into physics was inspired by Sylvan Learning.  We fold paper to create potential energy and watch as it transforms into a kinetic jump – all […]

You need to know this before Summer Arrives.


What does drowning look like in a pool?  Not what you would expect. Several years ago as a camp counselor for a summer program for teens I experienced drowning first-hand.  Under my and the other counselor’s supervision, the kids were rough-housing, walking in a circle and making the pool into a giant whirlpool.  It took […]

Girly Things: How To Make a Hairband or Bracelet

DIY Hairbands

Girls love girly things to accessorize with.  Here is a great idea for how to make a hairband (or bracelet) out of old swimsuits.  Kids Activities Blog hopes you enjoy this way to upcycle kids swimsuits and make some cute girly things for your little girl Our three girls love to have friendship bracelets… and […]

100% Healthy – Veggie Popsicles

sweet veggie popsicles

Am I the only mom who struggles to get servings of veggies into my kiddos?  We are always looking for Healthy Snack Ideas for kids.  These healthy veggie popsicles hit the spot!  They are almost as colorful as their high fructose concentrated counterparts, only they have zero added sugar and are full of all the […]

17 Lazy Hair Ideas for Girls

hair styles for kids

For those days when you either need a quick style for your kids or one that is nearly indestructible, we have found 17 Lazy Hairstyles for Girls.   If you have a toddler, check out our toddler hair ideas!  From braids that stay put the first time to interesting ways to upscale a ponytail, we’ve got […]

Orange Peel Cupcakes

Orange Peel Cupcakes kab

If you’re searching for a new twist on the classic cupcake you have come to the right place – we love baking tips that make the kitchen just a touch more fun and cooking a bit easier! Our previous series was all about Kitchen Tips for Foodies. Today, we are going to show you how […]

100 TV Free Activities

TV free play ideas feature

It hasn’t been that long since we wrote the book, 101 Kids Activities.  We were thrilled to see it make Amazon’s Top 500 list at that time!!  Since then we have discovered even MORE ways to keep boredom at bay… and these 100 TV-Free activities are great at keeping kids active. Gather the rainbow!  Mix up […]

{Wacky} Physics Experiment

physics experiment for kids

Jumping Macaroni!  That is what this wacky science experiment for kids did – we made our pasta jump about ten inches high, up and out of the bowl!  CRAZY cool. Many thanks to Steven Mould.  He is the physicist who introduced us to this effect (it’s been named after him!).  Since we saw his self-siphoning beads […]

Make DIY Straw Beads

diy straw beads

Sometimes a kid’s craft is so simple, that you stop and say, “Now, why didn’t I think of that?” That’s what everyone says when I show them how easy it is to make your own straw beads! You don’t need much to make your own straw beads. Just some yarn and straws. I like using […]

Inertia and Spinning Marbles

glue the marble top together

What can you learn about inertia and Newton’s First Law of Motion, using just marbles and glue?  A lot!  STEM activities are designed to make kids look at science principles with things they can touch, feel and move.  Our kids love exploring principles of science, technology and math, and today we did just that as […]