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Christmas Preschool Craft with Play Dough Gingerbread Man

gingerbread man activity

Finding the perfect Christmas Preschool craft is easy when you look to the basics. Playing with play dough and Gingerbread Men are a match made in Christmas activity heaven. Christmas Preschool Craft Here’s a quick and simple play dough activity for the kids to try – play dough gingerbread men! It’s a great sensory experience […]

Easy Wizard’s Wand

How to make a Wizards Wand

Here’s a quick and simple craft for kids that will add a little sparkling magic to your Halloween dress ups – a wizard’s wand! All you need is a thin stick, some paint and some glitter. In less than fifteen minutes you can make your own glittering wand – perfect for little witches and wizards […]

Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween crafts for kids

Here are fifteen fun and simple Halloween crafts for kids. There’s something for all ages from toddlers to preschoolers and beyond. All of these crafts use simple items that you probably already have at home. Happy Halloween crafting! Halloween Crafts for Kids 1. Download the free template for these  Halloween shadow puppets and have fun […]

{Not So Spooky} Halloween Sight Word Game

Halloween sight word game

This fun hands-on Halloween sight word game is lots of fun for early readers. Kids will love the element of spooky fun and they will be learning a whole set of new words in the process. Just collect a few Halloween themed items like a plastic pumpkin, a witches hat from the dress up cupboard […]

Easy Halloween Craft Bouncing Spider

Halloween craft for kids - spider

I love this easy Halloween craft! It is a bouncing spider that takes 15 minutes to pull together. Easy, cute and Halloween fun for kids! This cute little spider is sure to bring on the giggles for little ones as they watch him bounce around. Making the spider is very simple and it is a […]

Learning to Use Scissors

first scissor skills with play dough

Learning to use scissors can be a long and challenging process for little hands!  That is why making it simple and fun can reduce scissor frustration! There are so many things to remember – how to hold them in the right position, which fingers to use, not to mention needing enough hand muscle strength to […]

5 Tips for Planning a Stress Free Kids Party

Woman at a birthday party surrounded by colorful balloons

Hosting a child’s birthday party can sometimes feel overwhelming. There’s so much to arrange that it can often feel like a huge production. It needn’t be stressful though, and there a few simple things you can do to ensure a fun and stress free event. Stress-free Party Planning 1. Plan, plan, plan. About four weeks […]

Air Pressure Experiment for Kids

air pressure experiment

Explaining the concept of air pressure to preschoolers can be tricky. It can sometimes be difficult for them to grasp the idea that spaces are filled with air, and that air can have force and move objects. This simple little experiment a great way to offer kids a visual demonstration of these concepts. They can […]

Paper Weaving Craft for Kids

paper weaving craft for kids

Weaving paper was one of my favorite crafts to do as a kid.  It was really fun to see ordinary paper transformed into a paper weaving masterpiece!  Introduce this simple craft to your kids and enjoy the results. Paper weaving is a fun no-mess craft for kids. It is a great fine motor skills activity […]

Easy Cards Kids Can Make! DIY Birthday Cards

easy cards that kids can make

These cute and easy cards that kids can make are so bright and fun. They can be made in around fifteen minutes and they only require a few simple items. If you have paint, paper and some stickers, then you have everything you need to make these fun cards. Fold your cardboard or paper in […]

Make a DIY Shape Sorter

Make a shape sorter for toddlers

Shape sorters are a fantastic toy for toddlers – they help in the development of fine motor skills, introduce early math concepts like shapes and spatial awareness, and can encourage problem solving and organizational skills. Best of all, they are fun! This super easy DIY shape sorter uses recycled materials and items you probably have […]

LEGO Desk Organizer

LEGO desk organizer - Kids Activities Blog

Encouraging kids to make a LEGO desk organizer can help kids think about organization while playing. Kids Activities Blog thinks play and learning are perfect partners! Make a LEGO Desk Organizer My son loves this fun and bright pencil holder that we made using Lego bricks. It has certainly added some cheerful color to his desk […]

Simple Kids Snacks

healthy kids snacks

Between meal snacks are a challenge for me and it’s all too easy to grab a processed packaged option – easy, but not always healthy. I needed a way to offer my family healthy snacks that were quick and convenient, and so I put together a grab-and-go snack box in both our fridge and pantry. […]

Painting with Chalk and Water

Paint with Chalk and Water - Kids Activities Blog

Today we are painting with chalk and water!  Simple ideas with things that use stuff we already have at home are our favorite activities here at Kids Activities Blog. Painting with Chalk Art for toddlers is all about exploring new materials – discovering how they feel, how they can be used and how different materials […]

Tips for Turning Around a Bad Day

How to Turn a Bad Day Around - Kids Activities Blog

Being a mom is a full time job.  A full-time job that doesn’t have much time off or down time. There are days that just sour and Kids Activities Blog loves these ideas to stop bad days in their tracks! We moms we can make it through most days tired but still smiling, but there […]

Air Pressure Experiment for Kids

Air pressure experiment

Air pressure is a big concept for preschoolers to understand, but this fun and simple experiment is a great hands-on demonstration. Kids love watching the straw dancing and bobbing around and it’s a great activity for strengthening hand muscles as they squeeze the bottle as hard as they can, to move the straw up and […]

Keeping Clutter Under Control

Keeping Clutter Under Control

Keeping clutter under control can be a challenge with kids in the house.  Even if you put something away, it may magically reappear! Kids Activities Blog is trying hard to embrace a clutter-free {OK, we would be OK with several degrees of less clutter!} and love this idea for keeping your desk top clean! Do […]

Button Craft: Make a Button Bracelet {Easy}

button bracelet to make with kids

This button craft is a delight for kids and easy for moms (simple supplies and little clean up!).  Your kids will love getting creative as they learn how to make a button bracelet.  Kids Activities Blog hopes you enjoy these easy bracelets to make with your kids. Button Craft A button craft is a great […]

Homemade Birthday Card {Kid Made}


A homemade birthday card brings special cheer to a birthday celebration.  This kid made card is super cute and can be adapted for boys or girls. Kids Activities Blog hopes this craft for kids brightens the day for the next birthday boy or girl in your life. Homemade Birthday Card This sweet homemade birthday card […]

Fourth of July Crafts: {Kid Made} Patriotic Jewelry

Fourth of July Crafts: {Kid Made} Patriotic Jewelry

Are you ready for some great Fourth of July crafts?  We’ve got lots of great “kid made” projects coming up over the next week.  We at Kids Activities Blog hope your child enjoys celebrating the fourth with this great patriotic jewelry craft. Fourth of July Crafts Threading pieces of drinking straws onto string to make […]

Two Year Olds: 30 Activities for Having Fun

Two Year Olds: 30 Activities for Having Fun

Are you struggling to find some engaging activities for two year olds?  Look no further because we have 30 activities to keep you little one having fun.  Kids Activities Blog hopes you and your child feel inspired after reading some of these fun kids activities. Two Year Olds It can be tricky to come up […]

Experiment with Salt: Freezing Temperature {and Cool Science Magic}

Experiment with Salt: Freezing Temperature {and Cool Science Magic}

We have a simple science experiment with salt that your kids will love!  It studies the freezing temperature of water and how salt affects it.  Kids Activities Blog love cool science magic tricks that make learning fun. Experiment with Salt Can you lift an ice cube into the air using nothing but a piece of […]

Surface Tension: Experiment with Salt {Science for Kids}

Surface Tension: Experiment with Salt {Science for Kids}

Surface Tension is a difficult concept to understand but we’ve got a fun way to demonstrate it to your child to make it easier to understand.  First we have an experiment with salt and then another experiment with LEGOs.  At Kids Activities Blog, we know how to make science for kids fun and exciting. Surface […]

Make a Compass {Simple Magnetic Compass for Kids}

Make a Compass {Simple Magnetic Compass for Kids}

We have an easy way for kids to make a compass on their own.  This simple magnetic compass needs only a few basic household supplies (we thought you’d like that!).  Kids Activities Blog loves helping kids learn about the world around them with simple hands-on projects like this. Make a Compass It’s easier than you […]

Building a Catapult for Kids {Simple Catapult = Catapult Games}

Building a Catapult for Kids {Simple Catapult = Catapult Games}

Building a catapult for kids can make you the coolest mom or dad on the block.  Today we have some instructions on how to make a simple catapult.  Of course, we at Kids Activities Blog know that if your kid has a device like this they will surely want to play some catapult games.  Have […]

Fun Food: {Fun and Healthy} Snacks for Kids

Fun Food: {Fun and Healthy} Snacks for Kids

Fun food for kids makes meal time so exciting for kids that they can’t help but want to clean their plate.  We have some great fun and healthy ideas for making food fun for kids. Kids Activities Blog loves these creative snacks for kids and we hope you do too! Fun Food My son is […]

Book Apps: {Reading Fun} Apps for Kids

Book Apps: {Reading Fun} Apps for Kids

Book apps can really bring a book to life, especially for kids who don’t like to sit still for very long or who are reluctant readers. They provide interactive reading fun and the best ones offer lots of opportunities for extended learning. We at Kids Activities Blog hope that your child enjoys {and learns} from […]

Puzzle App Top 5 {Best Apps for Kids}

Best Apps for Kids: Puzzle App {Top 5}

A puzzle app is fun but can also be quiet educational for kids.  We have this great list of the top 5 puzzle apps for your little one.  Kids Activities Blog thinks these are some of the best apps for kids and we hope your kiddo agrees! Puzzle App Puzzles are a great way for […]

Map Games: {Floor Plan} Treasure Hunt

Map Games: {Floor Plan} Treasure Hunt

Play some map games with your child and help develop life long map reading skills.  For fun, draw a floor plan and try this simple treasure hunt map activity.  Kids Activities Blog hopes your child has lots of fun with this treasure hunt as they learn some basic map skills for kids. Map Games This […]

Salt Dough: Make a Bracelet with Kids

Salt Dough: Make a Bracelet with Kids

Salt dough is easy to make and fun to use.  Here is a fun way to use salt dough to make a bracelet with your kids. We at Kids Activities Blog hope you and your child enjoy some special creative time together with this easy DIY bracelet project. Salt Dough Salt dough is a simple […]