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Deirdre Smith writes/owns JDaniel4’s Mom. After twenty years as a elementary school and technology resource teacher in Northern Virginia, she became a stay at home mom in upstate South Carolina. Her blog features ways she and her 5 year old are exploring learning, crafting, creating healthy meals and living life to its fullest. Deirdre can also be found on twitter as @jdaniel4smom and on her blog's FB page. You can also check her out on Google+.

Owl Craft for Skip Counting

kab cupcake owls

An owl craft seems like the perfect activity for fall.  This project turns a cute owl activity into a skip counting lesson.  Kids Activities Blog loves mixing crafty fun with learning to count! Owl Craft Skip counting is a foundational skill to a variety of math concepts. We have started counting by twos and threes […]

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Make a Patriotic Lantern

make a patriotic lantern

We have a cute 4th of July craft that your kids will love.  Here are some simple directions on how to make a paper lantern craft with basic craft supplies you probably already have. Kids Activities Blog hopes this patriotic craft will help “light” your child’s way to having a fun day. 4th of July […]

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10 Things to Do with Kids in Greenville, SC

Things to Do with Kids in Greenville South Carolina

There is a reason Greenville, SC is known as a family friendly town. It is filled with wonderful places to explore and play. There are wonderful family friendly places to eat. Museums to inspire us and science centers to help us appreciate the world around us. There are zillions of things to do here. It […]

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Fruit Kabobs for Kids = Good Food!

kid kabobs

We are having some food fun with fruit kabob snacks for kids today.  Good food is wholesome, healthy, filling, and delicious.  Fruit kabobs are a good food choice that is also colorful and loved by kids. Kids Activities Blog hopes your little one enjoys this healthy and fun snack idea. Fruit Kabobs for Kids Fruit […]

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File Folder Game: Fun Caterpillar Game

cute file folder game for kids - the caterpillar game

A file folder game is a simple way to make a game for fun or for learning a concept.  This cute caterpillar game is a great way to work on math or language skills while also reinforcing the concept of a caterpillar metamorphosis into a butterfly.  We at Kids Activities Blog hope that you come […]

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4th of July: Painting Fireworks with Straw Painting

4th of July: Painting Fireworks with Straw Painting

4th of July means food, fun, and fireworks!  Here is a cute activity for painting fireworks that actually includes sound effects!  Kids Activities Blog hopes you and your child can have fun with straw painting. 4th of July When you think of fireworks, I bet you think of the sounds they make as well as […]

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Science Table: Hands On, Interactive Science

Science Table: Hands On, Interactive Science

Have you ever made a science table in your home for your kids?  We offer these simple guidelines for how to make a hands-on table for kids to explore.  Kids Activities Blog loves open-ended learning and interactive science. Science Table An indoor science table in a perfect learning spot for children.  Recently this texture themed […]

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Craft for Kids: 4th of July Fireworks

fireworks chalk_qm

While we enjoy a lot 4th of July traditions and events, one of our favorite parts of the 4th of July is the fireworks. The explosions of color in the air are amazing to watch.  JDaniel and I sat down and created our own displays of fireworks using chalk and small red bows that we […]

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Map Reading: Learning Map Skills {Maps for Kids}

How to read maps with your kids.

Map reading is an important skill to have but kids can have fun with maps too.  Next time you go somewhere that offers a map, let your child explore it and watch his map skills grow.  At Kids Activities Blog, we hope this maps for kids idea expands on the fun activities you can share […]

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How To Tie Your Shoe {Shoe Tying Activity for Kids}

How To Tie Your Shoe: Shoe Tying Activity for Kids

Learning how to tie your shoe can be a major accomplishment as a child.  This activity for kids will make it fun to learn how to tie a shoe on their own.  Kids Activities Blog hopes this shoe tying activity helps your child learn this important life skill. How To Tie Your Shoe A shoe tying box […]

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LEGO Math: Skip Counting {Fun LEGO Activity}

LEGO Math: Skip Counting {Fun LEGO Activity for Kids}

LEGO math makes learning to count fun.  This skip counting activity uses LEGOs for hands-on learning.  We at Kids Activities Blog love to build with LEGOs so we are excited to share this great math LEGO activity with you. LEGO Math When children are first learning to count, they start with 1 2 3. As […]

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Simple Machines: Make a Pulley {Science for Kids}

Kids can make a pulley {Simple Machines}

Think your little one is too young to learn about simple machines?  Try this easy activity to make a pulley and they will learn as they play and discover how it works. We at Kids Activities Blog believe that science for kids should be hands-on and always fun. Simple Machines Simple machines have always fascinated my […]

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Build a Bridge: Testing Bridge Design {Science Activity}

Build a Bridge Science Activity for Kids {Bridge Designs}

There are so many ways to build a bridge. Let’s take a few minutes and look at four types of bridge design and how well each type of bridge holds pennies. Kids Activities Blog hopes this science activity will get your kids thinking about the reasons why different structures are build the way they are. Build […]

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Reading Game: Letter Case Matching Game {Early Reading Activities}

Letter case matching game for kids

This reading game for preschoolers is so colorful and cute!  They will learn letter case (upper and lower) through a simple matching game.  This is a wonderful addition to the many great early reading activities you will find here on Kids Activities Blog. Reading Game It has been said that at the end of every […]

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Favorite Game: {Make Your Own} File Folder Game

Make Your Own File Folder Game for Kids

What is your favorite game to play with your child?  Have you thought about trying to make your own game based on holiday theme or simply something your child is really interested in?  Here is a great explanation on how to make a file folder game that your child will love.  We at Kids Activities Blog […]

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Eyeball Ice Cubes {April Fools Prank for Kids}

Ice cube eyeballs make a funny Aprils Fools prank for kids!

Ice cubes can seem dull and boring.  So why not have some fun with this April Fools prank?  Turn that ice cube into an eyeball!  Kids Activities Blog is excited to share this funny prank with you to have fun with. Ice Cubes  Sometimes it is fun to plan April Fool’s Day pranks for your children. […]

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Easter Egg Craft: Simple Pencil Eraser Stamps

{Easter Egg Craft for Kids} Make an Egg to decorate with Simple Pencil Eraser Stamps

Here’s an Easter egg craft for those of you who may not want to mess with decorating real eggs this year.  Try a simple pencil eraser as a stamp to color this Easter egg paper craft.  Kids Activities Blog knows you’ll appreciate that at least this kind of Easter egg decorating will not stain the […]

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How To Make an Easter Bunny {Easter Craft}

Here's how to make an Easter bunny

Here’s a simple idea for how to make an Easter bunny.  It’s amazing what a cute Easter craft can be made from a paper plate!  Kids Activities Blog hopes you enjoy this simple Easter bunny craft. How To Make An Easter Bunny It is always amazing to me that simple everyday objects can be transformed […]

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St Patricks Day Recipes: Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Yummy shamrock homemade cinnamon rolls for St Patricks Day!

Looking for some St Patricks Day recipes to liven up breakfast time?  Check out this recipe for cute shamrock homemade cinnamon rolls.  Kids Activities Blog wishes you the Luck of the Irish this St Patricks Day! St Patricks Day Recipes There something wonderful about a cinnamon roll hot from the oven it can be homemade […]

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Leprechauns Never Lie Water Play {Book Inspired}

Water Play with Book Inspired Ideas from Leprechauns Never Lie

Leprechauns Never Lie is a cute book to read just in time for St Patricks Day.  These water activities were book inspired from this charming story.  We at Kids Activities Blog hope that your child has fun with this activity (and that you have an extra towel on hand, just in case of spills!) Leprechauns Never […]

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Simple Games: Bean Bag Toss {Preposition Practice}

Simple games like this adapted bean bag toss can be a great boredom buster for kids

Simple games can be a boredom buster for kids (and a life saver for mom).  Throw in a little preposition practice as well then it is even better.  Kids Activities Blog hopes your child enjoys this educational adaptation to the basic bean bag toss game. Simple Games Whether you have children that are “bored” at […]

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Math Games for Valentines Day {Counting Game}

Valentines Day Math Game for Kids!

Coordinate math games with holidays to make learning extra fun!  Here is a Valentines Day game that uses red hearts, red beans, and red dice.  We at Kids Activities Blog hope that your child will love this counting game as much as we do. Valentines Day Valentine’s Day is a great time to count up […]

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{Magnetic} Valentine Game Activity

Valentine activity for kids

This simple Valentine game is a Valentine activity that is quite magnetic.  Seriously!  It uses magnets to create a new maze with each play. Kids Activities Blog loves when simple things turn into games especially in the name of a holiday, Valentines. Valentine Game Navigating your way through a maze by pushing a button can […]

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{Easy Valentine Craft} Printmaking with Doilies

Printmaking with Doilies, an easy valentine craft for kids

Looking for an easy Valentine craft?  This printmaking activity is simple but super cute and kids love it.  Kids Activities Blog loves that it sneaks in some fine motor activity for those little developing hands. Easy Valentine Craft Valentine’s Day is about sharing love with others. Printmaking is one object sharing its pattern with something else. This […]

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{Hands On} Kid Science: Water Absorption Experiment

hands on

Young children benefit greatly from hands on learning.  This water absorption project is not only hands on but it is also a great water experiment – and kids love water!  The next time you have to clean up a spill and you know which material will do the best job, you can thank your friends here […]

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Air Experiment (using Christmas Treasures)

air experiment

Kids love hands-on science projects so try this air experiment with them.  Just grab a straw and pull out some leftover Christmas treasures.  Kids Activities Blog loves fun science activities like this! Christmas Treasures  It is hard to let Christmas go. My son started stocking his treasure box with odd and ends leftover from Christmas just […]

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{Water Experiment} Water on a Penny

water on a penny

Here’s a fun water experiment to get kids interested in science.  And the supplies are simple – drops of water on a penny.  Kids Activities Blog loves hands-0n projects like this that use simple supplies from around your home.  Have fun! You may have heard the old saying “How many angels can dance on the […]

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Moon Phases for Kids

moon phases

Learning the moon phases for kids is great for Monday activities!  Do you know what the word Monday means?  Here is a fun way to teach your child about moon phases? Then read on and learn about the Day of the Moon and more.  This week Kids Activities Blog is celebrating the days of the week […]

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{Kid Science} Water Experiment: Displacement

kid science and water experiment

Kid science experiments are a way to use fun hands-on activities to demonstrate a complex principle.  This great water experiment uses basic everyday items but your kids will be amazed at the results as they learn about displacement and surface tension (without really realizing they are learning about science!).  You know we love sneaking in a […]

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{Easy Banner} Christmas Craft for Kids

christmas banner

This Christmas craft for kids is an easy Christmas craft that creates a beautiful Christmas banner for your fireplace mantle.  Kids Activities Blog loves that this is a Christmas craft that the kids can really help with!   Christmas Craft for Kids My house seems to undergo a change just after Thanksgiving  Our living room mantle leaves […]

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