DIY for Kids: Bath Toys


There is a lot of do-it-yourself, creating at our house.  It’s fun to see how taking a child’s lead can turn into a great play idea. My daughter has been attending swimming lessons and commented that the floats the children use are cool, because they stick to the side of the pool walls. A suggestion […]

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Play with Math… through PlayDoh

play dough math

Play dough is one of our all-time favorite play materials. It’s great for children of all ages and provides a sensory play experience that can be adapted in so many different ways to encourage lots of learning. It lends itself well to exploring many aspects of math – through number recognition, counting, shape exploration and construction. […]

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I Love Red: Red Crafts, Red Art, Red, Red.

2011-12-18 001

Red is popular in our house.  Here’s an idea for a kids craft that makes use of all the odd bits and pieces of material left over from other crafts and creates a magnificent masterpiece, full of texture and contrast: a one color collage – featuring RED. The idea is to narrow down your selection of materials in one […]

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Birthday Presents for Creative Kids

2012-02-11 002

What do you buy the child who has everything? My children are by no means spoiled but when it comes to toys they have pretty much all they need. I’ve written before about how I think less is more and that having fewer toys available actually helps children to play. I find that boxes and shelves full […]

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Make a Craft Puppet: Pretend Play with your Childs Art

puppet craft

Do your kids draw and draw? Up until recently my 5-year-old wasn’t interested at all in picking up a pencil and making her mark but in the last few weeks she’s caught the bug and produces pages and pages of characters and scenes. I love seeing children’s drawings and spotting how they change as the […]

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Simple Sewing Projects for kids

childrens sewing ideas

Have you ever tried a simple kids sewing project with your children? My daughters, who are five and nine, love making items for themselves and it’s surprising how many great things they can make, even as beginner sewers. We always have a making box available, full of junk boxes and bits of craft materials, which […]

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Birthday Party Pretend Play

birthday party pretend play

Birthday parties are such a special event in a child’s life. My daughters long for their birthdays – they draft guest lists, plan party games and dream about what kind of cake they would like. We don’t host especially extravagant parties in our house, just an old-fashioned kind of tea party, but they are an […]

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