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{Homemade Christmas Gift} DIY Brooches

What’s on your essential list when it comes to a homemade Christmas gift? For us, when we’re choosing homemade Christmas gifts kids can make, I think there are three essential requirements. The gift needs to be easy to make, so the children can do as much of it as possible themselves. It needs to encourage […]

{Kid-Made} Chocolate Factory

It’s a kid chocolate factory day!  This morning we had a kid-made fudgy batch of fudge.  There isn’t a recipe more loved at Kids Activities Blog than one that involves chocolate so let’s bring it on! I’ve heard it said that some people don’t have a sweet tooth, but they’re certainly not members of my […]

Thanksgiving Activity: {Create) a Family Journal

This is the perfect time of the year to work with your kids to create a family journal. A Thanksgiving activity such as this one can bring the family together! Here at the Kids Activities Blog we have been sharing fun family Thanksgiving activities and hope you have enjoyed creating new memories together. Thanksgiving Activity […]

Fall Color Makes Beautiful Fall Crafts

Taking inspiration from the beautiful fall color surrounding us right now, I have three activities rolled into one today. Our fall crafts combine fresh air, nature study and a creative craft – we’re making fall leaf wreaths.   Kids Activities Blog invites you to get a little messy with paint and join in the fun with […]

Fun Math Games for November

Make learning math exciting for kids with fun math games like these.  Incorporate a theme with leaves in fall colors for creative seasonal November games.  Kids Activities Blog loves imaginative ideas for teaching math for kids. Fun Math Games We are all about leaves in our house right now, especially jumping in great big piles […]

(November Activities} How To Tell A Story

We have plenty of November activities to keep your child entertained.  Here is one great idea for teaching kids how to tell a story.  At Kids Activities Blog, we love activities that promote creativity and develop the art of story telling in young children. November Activities Storytelling is a wonderful activity for children, stretching their […]

6 Awesome Art Activities for Kids Using Fall Leaves

Celebrating fall leaves is the perfect autumn activity for kids.  Kids Activities Blog has found some creative uses for fall leaves in child art projects.  It is just the kind of activities we adore – art you can make with your kids that doesn’t require fancy supplies! Autumn is the perfect season to take inspiration […]

Top 10 Ingredients for a Fall Sensory Tub

Finding sensational fall activities for kids is as simple as looking around outside.  Kids Activities Blog loves this sensory tub ingredient list as a great way to introduce sensory awareness when choosing fall activities for kids.  Creating a sensory tub is a wonderful way for children to play, giving them so many different colors and […]

Nightmares and Bad Dreams? Make a Dream Catcher

I remember my daughter’s very first nightmare. She dreamt a wolf was sitting on top of her on her bed, licking her face.  Such a scary dream to have, especially when you’re just three, with no understanding of what a dream really is.   It’s very common for children  to begin having nightmares around the […]

Library for Children {free}

Do you have a home reference library for children? Although we tend to ask Google when we want the answer to a question nowadays, information books offer a wealth of learning for children. Even if your kids are not reading yet, reference books full of interesting pictures are fascinating for children to browse. The illustrations […]

Heirloom Craft: Lavender Wands

There is something special about handing down to your children heirloom crafts that you remember from your own childhood. It’s the perfect time for harvesting lavender right now so I decided to show my girls how to make a lavender wand. They are very pretty, really easy to make and smell wonderful. Lavender is often […]

Sensory Activities: Seaside Sensory Tub

Last week I gave you my vacation essentials that I take with me when I’m packing for a playful holiday with the kids. Today I’ve got an idea that keeps that holiday spirit going long after you get back home: a seaside sensory tub. Make a seaside sensory tub We used some of our beach-combing […]

Vacation Essentials: Packing for a Playful Trip

What are your vacation essentials when you’re packing for a trip with the kids? Space is always limited in our suitcases but I always like to make sure I have something to keep the children entertained wherever we are, and whatever the weather. Packing for a Playful Trip My number one item I always make […]

Handprint Art in the Garden

When the sun is shining and the children are feeling creative my girls love nothing more than heading out into the garden and creating some big, messy, joyful art. The extra space the garden offers, and the fact that tidying up is that much easier when you can just get out the garden hose to wash […]

Ocean Play Dough

Play dough can be an amazing doorway into imaginary lands. Take a batch of home-made dough – we always use this no-cook play dough recipe  – and add in some food coloring to set the scene. Today we went with blue for the ocean. Provide some props. I like to offer open-ended items – materials […]

Math Games: Water Beads

Have you discovered water beads yet? They are polymers, also called gel beads,  that start off as tiny little balls and expand to much bigger balls as they absorb water. They’re often found in florist stores or the home decor aisle of stores – and they’re great for all sorts of play. As they grow […]

Playdough Pasta Matching Game

I love to put creative combinations of materials together and see what the kids come up with. This week we’ve paired up play dough and some pasta – and the children made up their own game! The play dough is home made, using this easy no cook play dough recipe. Play dough is so versatile […]

Kids Art Ideas: Exploring Paint Brushes

When children are painting they’re learning to express themselves. Selecting colors and deciding where to place paint on the paper is about communicating how they feel and think and builds a child’s confidence in their own choices and opinions. The sensory nature of  the actual process of painting is beneficial too, being both relaxing and […]

DIY Bunting From Kids Art

I have quite a passion for bunting. We have some in our garden and our kitchen all year round and every birthday is greeted with a little extra – we even took some with us to deck out our tent on a recent camping trip. To me it just makes everywhere looks so joyful, bringing […]

Play Dough Candy Store

  Play dough is the number one way to play in our house right now.  The children love it because there are no limits to what they can make with. They can mix up a batch of home made play dough in minutes, add in some extra props and their own imagination and then they […]

Easy Fairy Cake Recipe

I’m sharing a family secret with you today ~ a tried and tested easy fairy cake recipe that’s great for kids to make. I’m from a family of cake bakers and cake eaters and both are skills I’m keen to pass on to my own children. Cakes are central to many of our most important […]

Top 10 Super Simple Dress Up Ideas

Do your kids like dressing up? Both my girls love to wear different outfits when they’re playing or even when we’re heading out and about on errands or to the park. Wearing the right clothes, whether it’s a crown, swirling ballet skirt or builders hard hat seems to complete their play and let them really […]

Collage Art: Magazines

I bet you have some old magazines, comic books and catalogs lying around, just about to head to the recycling bin. Have you ever handed them over to your kids to see what kind of alternative reality worlds they can create with them? Magazine Collage Art Roll out a long piece of paper – the […]

Tin Foil Art

I have two creative kids who love to draw. My 9-year-old creates magical lands full of beasts and mythical creatures. My 5-year-old like to draw families, with lots of hearts and kisses. Most often this drawing starts off on a standard piece of white paper, which is all well and good but sometimes it’s fun […]

Growing Potatoes with Kids

Growing potatoes with kids can be a revelation. I run a weekly School Gardening Club with a group of eight and nine-year olds. They’re a great group and enthusiastic about getting their hands dirty and doing lots of practical work. They’ve been growing lots of plants from seed, both flowers and vegetables, and are now […]

Easy Bread Recipe for Kids

Have you ever made bread with your children? It’s such a satisfying thing to bake and so well suited to children as the dough is robust enough to withstand their enthusiastic handling. This easy bread recipe is a really good one to use with kids. It’s almost a no-knead recipe, with just thirty kneads required, […]

Teach The Alphabet: Keepsake Book

I found a forgotten treasure on the bookcase this week: an alphabet book I’d made with my elder daughter several years ago. When she was four and really starting to be interested in learning letters we’d made her very own alphabet book, written and illustrated just by her. I remember she loved creating the book, […]

Kids Art: DIY placemats

The latest craze in our house is DIY placemats, using the children’s art to create unique place settings for our table. When the children have a friend coming to tea they like to make a special placemat just for the guest, to welcome them to the meal and for them to take home with them […]

Memory Games

Having a good memory is a great skill to have in life. Every time we count, read, spell or use our times tables we’re calling on knowledge we’ve memorized. There are so many practical applications of using your memory in life too – as you recall your shopping list or cook a meal without a […]

Writing Activities for Kids

Writing makes so much more sense to kids if they are writing with purpose. Especially if you happen to have a child who is a rather reluctant writer, incorporating writing into your every day life and play can motivate them to pick up a pencil and make their mark. Giving writing a practical purpose lets […]