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Bath Tub Science Fun – Floating Cupcakes

floating bath tub science

One of the reasons why we do so much science for kids here at Kids Activities Blog is because basic science is simple play!  Many favorite childhood activities could be broken down into a science lesson that kids just innately learn. Today we are doing bath tub science!  This floating cupcake activity was inspired by […]

Watch it go! Science Fair Project Idea


Do you have a kiddo who just *needs* to know how things work?  A kiddo who loves to tinker and take things apart?  They would love STEM activities.  STEM activities are a way to learn hands-on the emerging concepts from Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields to create something.  STEM activities are both great at helping […]

10 weather science experiments

10 weather science experiments

Weather science experiments are always a fun way to teach our kids a great lesson!   Kids learn so much more when they are involved, whether it is with a simple weather coloring sheet or a fun hands-on experiment! Make wind.   You can teach your children how wind and air pressure works with a  few […]

Color Changing Milk Science Experiment

Color Changing Milk-4

Science experiments help us grow. Through experimenting and exploring we are able to ask questions, make assumptions, and then seek solutions. We are able to learn more about the world around us. This Color Changing Milk Science Experiment is a fun activity to do with kids of all ages. Color Changing Milk Science Experiment What […]

Totally Awesome Kids Science Kit {You can make it!!}

easy baking soda experiment for kids

Looks can be deceiving.  This box might look small but it holds a whole afternoon of science experiments your kids will love. It is a DIY Science Kit that has three different experiments in it and you can make it and gift it using items you most likely have lying about the house! Kids Science […]

Super Cool! 23 Halloween Home Science Fun Ideas For Kids

halloween science experiments

Get ready for a lot of messy fun this Halloween with deliciously ewwwy monster slime, play dough brain surgery, pumpkin goop, melting hands, candy experiments, spooky noise makers, fizzing eyeballs and so much more. Ooodles of inspiring Halloween home science ideas and seasonal recipes for play to make the most of Halloween for the kids this […]

20 AWESOME Science Projects

science activities for elementary aged kids

My kiddos love to learn how the world works and without being aware, they are doing science projects!  Science experiments are among their favorite family activities. We love to make guesses or predictions about what will happen and test them.  Exploring science with kids is always an adventure! Here are 20 kid-tested and loved science experiments […]

150 Kids Science Activities

Kids Science

Kids science is so much fun! We love coming up with new ways to explore and experiment with our kids.  We also love using science to explain things to our children visually.  So many of the following ideas will help you do just that! Kids Science Activities Make mud magnetic!  This is a really fun […]

Magnetic Mud Science Experiment

DIY ferrofluid a tutorial on how to make magnetic lava tubes

In the past we have played with magnets.  We’ve made our own compasses and explored dollar bills with magnets.  Recently though we discovered magnetic mud!! Have you ever heard of ferrofluid?  Until a month or two ago I hadn’t – boy was I missing out! . Today, we broke out our test tubes and left […]

8 {Kid Friendly} Science Labs


Science labs are a wonderful way to begin experimenting.  We love discovering ways to play with science and now we have some labs to try with the older children!  This is also a great resource for teachers. Today’s best blog feature, STEM Mom, is sharing 8 science labs that you can do with your children. […]

12 Preschool Science Experiments


These preschool science experiments are perfect for the smallest scientists.  Engage little ones curious nature of “why” and use these hands on activities to explain.  It is never too early to explore and investigate! Here are some fun ways to introduce science to your preschooler, inspired by We Made That. 12 Preschool Science Experiments 1.  […]

15 Fun Science Activities for Kids

15 Fun Science Activities for Kids

We love fun science activities and experiments.  We have a whole list of fun ways to learn and explore today with your little scientist.  These fantastic activities were inspired by Buggy and Buddy. 15 Fun Science Activities for Kids 1.  Build a bridge with two plastic cups and construction paper and test your hypothesis of how many pennys […]

Use Science to Tie Dye {It’s a pH Test}

Make giant test "sheets" to test pH using cabbage, papertowels and a collection of acids/bases.

Chemistry and Art.  This year I have been teaching a high school art elective, where we do chemistry experiments with an art twist. This science experiment uses ingredients common in every kitchen (well, except for the cabbage part – we aren’t cabbage eaters, had to buy that). AND… kept the attention of 3 year olds […]

10 Easy Preschool Science Experiments

10 Easy Preschool Science Experiments

These preschool science experiments are perfect for your three and four years olds!  These are fun and eye grabbing which are perfect ways to slowly introduce them to the world of science.  10 Easy Preschool Science Experiments 1.  Rock Garden – Use a few household items to grow crystals on rocks.  Let your kids add […]

Color Spray – Science through Art for Kids

color spray science through art project for kids

I am super excited, I love my preschooler – but I have a houseful of them – and this year I am taking a break from them once a week and teaching a Art through Science course with our local home-school Co-op.  All of my students are potty-trained, they all can read… and they all […]

How to Answer Kids Science Questions

how to answer kids science questions

Kids love to ask why. It is one of the reasons they are such fun when exploring science concepts and simple experiments.  Everything seems amazing.  They want to take apart the world and see how it works. But I have been stumped. A lot. Even on stuff I might know! It is one thing to […]

The Science of Fire

Science of Fire

While talking about fire safety with my children the other day, we got into a discussion about the science of fire.  My kids wanted to know just how does fire burn?  Here is a demonstration of what we learned. Science of Fire Fire is mystical to children.  Therefore it is critical that children learn the […]

12 Ways to Play with Science

12 Ways to Play with Science featured on Kids Activities Blog

One of our very favorite things in the whole world is to play with science.  Today we are featuring a dozen fun science activities for kids that were linked up to our It’s Playtime meme. Check back later today {4 pm CT} to link up YOUR kids activities, crafts and games. Dozen Ways to Play […]

Kids Science Activities ~ Add Yours

Share Your Favorite Kids Science Activities

It’s link up time again! We want YOU to link up your Kids Science Activities. As always, only family-friendly posts accepted. Link Up Your Favorite Kids Science Activities! By linking up you give permission to anyone to grab a picture and feature you on a site they write for, Facebook, or Pinterest. If we share […]

Egg Shell Squeeze: Food Science for Kids

Egg Shell Squeeze Food Science Experiment for kids

Think an egg shell is fragile?  Take a look at this food science explanation for kids and THEN tell us what you think!  We at Kids Activities Blog think this egg experiment is eggs-cellently fun! Egg Shell Squeeze Knowing how easy an egg cracks, it makes sense to think they are fragile.  But they are […]

Science Craft: {Adorable} Pumpkin Life Cycle and Ladybug Life Cycle

life cycle of a pumpkin for kids

Your kids will love these science craft ideas!  We have an adorable pumpkin life cycle craft AND an amazing ladybug life cycle craft.  Kids Activities Blog thinks Mommy might even have fun playing with these adorable crafts. Science Craft A science craft uses color, artwork, and craft supplies to bring science to life for kids.  In these […]

Make a Rocket: Easy Rocket Science with a {Tea Bag} Homemade Rocket

Easy Rocket Science for Kids: Make a Rocket with a Tea Bag

To celebrate the 4th of July, we learned how to make a rocket.  It was fun and my kids learned a little bit about rocket science at the same time.  Kids Activities Blog hopes you have a little fun with your own homemade rocket this 4th of July. *** NOTE: This activity involves fire so […]

Experiment with Salt: Freezing Temperature {and Cool Science Magic}

Experiment with Salt: Freezing Temperature {and Cool Science Magic}

We have a simple science experiment with salt that your kids will love!  It studies the freezing temperature of water and how salt affects it.  Kids Activities Blog love cool science magic tricks that make learning fun. Experiment with Salt Can you lift an ice cube into the air using nothing but a piece of […]

Summer Time at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science {Dallas}


This summer, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science has plenty in store for stir-crazy kids and fun-seekers of all ages. From eco-friendly exhibits to 3D films to exciting events and an array of programs, visitors will have reasons galore for coming back time and time again this summer.   She Is Dallas Info:  The […]

Science Table: Hands On, Interactive Science

Science Table: Hands On, Interactive Science

Have you ever made a science table in your home for your kids?  We offer these simple guidelines for how to make a hands-on table for kids to explore.  Kids Activities Blog loves open-ended learning and interactive science. Science Table An indoor science table in a perfect learning spot for children.  Recently this texture themed […]

Surface Tension: Experiment with Salt {Science for Kids}

Surface Tension: Experiment with Salt {Science for Kids}

Surface Tension is a difficult concept to understand but we’ve got a fun way to demonstrate it to your child to make it easier to understand.  First we have an experiment with salt and then another experiment with LEGOs.  At Kids Activities Blog, we know how to make science for kids fun and exciting. Surface […]

5 Easy Science Experiments for Kids: Hands On Science

Easy Science Experiments for Kids: Hands On Science

Today we’d like to share with you 5 easy science experiments for young children.  Kids love hands on science and these ideas will help them explore and investigate science while having fun too. Kids Activities Blog hopes to encourage your child to love learning about science and how their world works. Easy Science Experiments Young […]

12 Science for Kids Activities

6 Science for Kids Activites

Science for kids automatically makes me think of messy exploding volcanoes.    Thankfully there are many other science experiments to do that aren’t quite as complex as that one. Whether you are homeschooling your children and want to learn about science, or just like to have a fun time discovering, these are some wonderful activities […]

Simple Machines: Make a Pulley {Science for Kids}

Kids can make a pulley {Simple Machines}

Think your little one is too young to learn about simple machines?  Try this easy activity to make a pulley and they will learn as they play and discover how it works. We at Kids Activities Blog believe that science for kids should be hands-on and always fun. Simple Machines Simple machines have always fascinated my […]

Static Electricity: Gravity Defying Snake {Kid Science}

Static electricity: Kids will love to make this gravity defying snake!

Have you tried to explain what static electricity is to your child?  You can demonstrate the concept to them as you make static electricity with this gravity defying snake! Kids Activities Blog hopes your child will enjoy playing snake charmer for a day with this fun kid science experiment. Static Electricity Activities which demonstrate static […]