Snow Crafts: 13 Fun Winter Activities

It’s winter, time to enjoy what snow you have in your area – of it you are like us, in Texas, to dream about a snow-filled winter with some of these fun kids activities.  How many of you have had snow already this year?  Let us live vicariously through you and your family and tell us all about the fun you and your kids have in the snow with us, in the comments.

Snow themed activities for kids I love how these watercolor snowflakes – by Kindell  look like they almost sparkle.  She made them by flicking paint over paper cut-out flakes with a toothbrush.  Fun!

Make a giant indoor snowman out of trash bags.  This looks like a lot of fun!  If only we weren’t out of trash bags.  Thanks Karen – this is on our to-do list!

Sensory tub with fake paper snow from Make, Do and Friend.  She has shredded paper, glitter, strofoam ornaments, and winter animals/trees as part of her kids “wintery” play.

Puffy Painted Snowflakes.  By Share and Remember. These are gorgeous!  Great for the kiddo who lives to paint.

Super simple snow globe tutorial from – Life in Style.  Basically, you glue a figurine onto the inside of a lid, add glitter to the jar, add a few drops of glycerin (optional) and some water.  Put a dab of super glue inside the rim of your lid and screw your snow globe together.

Salt Dough Snowmen, Kim one of the Quirky Mommas, had a blast with her kids this year making salt dough snowmen.  I love how simple her recipe is and my daughter loves the addition of glitter to the fun.

Snowman Pancakes this is a great breakfast if you are snowed in, or wish you were!   Love the bacon scarf!

snow themed play Maggy of RedTedArt has a fun winter craft, feed the birds.  She uses a cup, lard and an assortment of seeds to create this snowy bird cake.  Check out her blog for a more detailed tutorial (and lots of other activities).

Not enough snow for an igloo?  No worries, Midland Christian School made an igloo out of milk jugs.  They have a video explaining how they created their indoor full-sized igloo.

Mama Smiles, puts a smile on my face.  She had fun with her kids.  They brought their snow inside!

Snow Ice Cream is a traditional post-snowfall treat at our house.  We usually have to eat it for breakfast.  In Texas the snow does not last long.

Don’t want to make a milk jug igloo (me neither – but it looked like fun!)  Here is a more manageable igloo – one made out of sugar cubes.  Marie of Making Memories also has a tutorial on how to make an igloo with marshmallows.

Jamie, my It’s Playtime partner, had fun with her son.  They made sheets of ice and experimented/explored with them.  Her blog, Hands on: As we Grow has TONS of great kids activities!


Looking for even more ways to play with snow??  I have a massive collection of ideas collected on my Let it Snow board on Pinterest.



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