Thank You Notes from the Family

OK, so in theory…I LOVE thank you notes.

I love getting them.

I am not the greatest about SENDING them.

Thank you cards The deal is I want my children to learn to be grateful and want them involved in the process of the card.

They are boys.

They are boys who HATE to write.

In the past, we have done some art and called it thank you notes, but I wanted to do something different {and easier} this year.

We decided to make photo cards by taking a picture of each boy with the gift.  I ended up making tri-fold cards online with pictures of each boy and their gift from that person.  I then added text thanking the person for each gift plus the gifts given to my husband and me.

{that isn’t cheating is it?}

The cool thing is that I got the boys involved with the photography.  They are usually photo-resistant, but for this cause they were enthusiastic participants.

Thank you note picture collage And I ended up with some really good pictures of my boys.


I used Sent Out Cards, but almost any online photo service can do something similar including sending the card directly to the recipient so that when you push SEND…you are done.

I was inspired by this conversation in the Horizon community…

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