Activities for 5 Year Olds

Five year olds are adding head knowledge to the wonder they have of the world around them.  I love watching my kindergarteners play pretend, soak up learning through games, and create through arts and crafts.  Here are some of my kids favorite activities when they were/are five.

tent Play Pretend A play tent is super easy to make!  We made this one out of PVC pipes and old sheets.  It is great for pretend play.

Have a favorite game?  These boys did, and they re-enacted Angry Birds.  Pick your kids favorite book of wii game and try to replicate it through play.

Dress-up clothes help put our kiddos “in character” with the personality they are acting out.  Bloesem Kids had fun creating a variety of paper glasses for her kids to play pretend with.

Every princess enjoys having tea parties… and every cowboy loves decorating his own cupcakes.  Love these photos from Pretties and Posies.

“Don’t touch the laser beams!”  Those were instructions given at a Super Spy Party.  The kids had a blast avoiding the beams.


beach ball reading learning is fun To help my kindergartener with her sight words we love throwing a beach ball around.  She has to tell me the words on the color she catches.

Vanessa of Pre-K Pages made math fun with a flyswatter.  The students had to “swat” the right answer.

Trying to teach your kids how to create sentences?  Or chunking words?  I love these DIY word blocks.

Looking for learning apps?  If your 5 year old is like mine, the ipad or phone can entertain them for hours.  Here is a collection of best learning apps for kids.

Science experiments in a box.  Here is a collection of simple science experiments.  Sure to enthrall a kiddo.


DIY wall letters Arts & Crafts

My kids love to create.  We made wall letters out of foam board with lots of textures.

This mom re-purposed old toys into works of art.  They primed them and painted them.  How fun!

My five year olds love to interact with each other.  Lissy Bug had a great idea – play pass the drawings.  Have each child contribute to the work, then when the timer dings, switch to the next person.

Make a community work of art with a collection of frames.  A Bird and a Bean used painters tape to create a silhouette for her kids work.

Who said that art has to last?  Tinkerlab gives us instructions on how to make an easy DIY light table.  Her kids had fun creating and re-creating in salt.

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