Who Knew an Egg would be SO much FUN!

Have your kids joined *the craze* of Egg Unwrapping seriously, it’s crazy!  Kids are going bannanas for eggs!

The concept is really simple, give a gift – a tiny trinket, or even a coupon to a future event.  It’s the perfect gift for the kid who has everything, they will love unboxing their present!  Put your trinkets inside plastic eggs, and then wrap the egg up!

surprise egg unwrapping

This is the perfect process gift!

So it’s easy.

Egg Unwrapping

You will need…

  • Themed trinkets.  We are gifting the Lego Friends Set – lots of little pieces, and hours of creative fun!
  • Play dough.  Multiple colors is fun for a mottled look.
  • Plastic Wrap.
  • Clean Egg Carton.

surprise egg unwrapping

Put your trinkets inside the eggs, and then cover your eggs with playdough.  Wrap that with plastic wrap so the play dough does not spoil and set your gift eggs into an egg carton.

Egg UnBoxing

Trust us, your kids can’t wait to return the “gifting” and make a set of eggs for their friends!

egg unwrapping with play dough words

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