Gymnastic Games

Often what is fun is really simple.

gymnastic game - flying So simple that all it requires is two willing participants.

My 5 y/o, Rhett, is ALWAYS willing to play our little gymnastic games.

His favorite is flying.  I lay on my back {preferably on a soft grass surface, but often in our living room} and put my feet on his chest.

1, 2, 3 LIFT OFF!

Up he goes in the air.  Holding my hands at first to gain balance and then letting go ever so slowly.

It is fun because I have a close up of his facial expressions.  Every hesitation, bobble and courageous moment is written plainly on his face.

Gymnastic games flying collage We experiment with foot placement and how that affects balance.  Where is the best position to do a full airplane? 

Arms outstretched and legs held high

Chin to the sun

Laughing at the birds

Giggles cause imbalance

Leading to a full collapse

On top of mom

Begging for one more time

No need for me to head to the gym on these days…the quad workout is pretty intense.

4 days later teeth whitening

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