15 {Awesome} Reading Games

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Reading games are such a fun way to get your kids engaged in learning.  Most of the time, they don’t even know it’s happening! Since we love to learn through play, we found a bunch of board games and card games that teach reading and literacy skills. 15 {Awesome} Reading Games

15 {Awesome} Reading Games

Here are some products we have found – affiliate links support Kids Activities Blog.

Smart Snack Alpha Pops – Perfect for younger kids, they match lower case and upper case letters.

What’s Gnu – This three-letter learning game teaches word recognition, vocabulary building, and reading.

Hangman Take and Play Anywhere – This game is small and magnetic so you can take it anywhere without worrying about the pieces falling off the board!

Reading Riddle Maze – Kids work on reading and listening comprehension skills without even realizing it!

Family Talk 2 - These are great conversation starter prompts for families either at the dinner table or on the road.  Let beginning readers read the questions.

Didax Chunks The Incredible Word Game - This word building game is perfect for 4-8 years olds, this game is played very similar to classic Concentration.

Travel Crossword – This is great for older kids to practice coming up with words.  This is magnetic so it’s great on the go!

Crossword Game – Roll the dice and build words.

Scrabble Alphabet Scoop – A really fun twist on the classic scrabble game perfect for young kids.

Melissa and Doug Alphabet Truck – Let kids build their own words to pull along on their alphabet truck – how many words can they tow?

Riddle Moo This! – Grow your vocabulary with this silly riddle game.

Melissa and Doug Water Wow Alphabet Cards – This is by far one of our favorite traveling activities and this version lets kids reveal an animal that matches the letter/word.

Melissa and Doug Alphabet Puzzle Cards – Match lower and upper case letters to an animal and word with two piece puzzle cards.

Sight Words Bingo - Like regular bingo, but you call out words instead of numbers!

You’ve Been Sentenced – This game is for older children 8-11 and helps with grammar and comprehension skills.

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