Pendulum Painting: Fun Ideas with Cardboard Boxes

Pendulem Paint a cardboard box Cardboard Boxes – There are so many fun things that my preschoolers and I can do with them!  They among my kids favorite “toys”.  Rachele from Tinkerlab, in honor of her 1-year blogging birthday, is having a round-up of activities you can do with cardboard boxes.  Fun!  We had fun “throwing paint” onto our box with a makeshift pendulum.


How to have fun playing and decorating a  cardboard box?

We used paint, yarn, a clothespin, diaper wipes, a cardboard box and some willing kiddos to help the paint fly.

. decorating cardboard boxes with kids

After tying the yarn to a nail we had hanging on a beam, we squeezed the paint onto a diaper wipe, pulled back and let it fly!  When that got boring we began throwing the wipes.  Could you believe that my two year old left to go play in a different part of the yard?  We were having too much fun for her – that and it was harder for her to reach/pull/throw the paint.   Poor thing.

. Pendulem paint with preschooler and boxes

Many thanks to the other participants in the Cardboard box challenge.  Have fun browsing their submissions:


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