Paper Mache Crafts For Kids: Butterfly – Flutter! Flutter!

messy craft fun (only a little bit messy!)

We absolutely LOVE paper mache crafts for kids in my house, we have ooooodles of fun projects under our belts at this stage. Besides being great messy fun, paper mache is great for teaching kids that somethings are worth waiting for, everything can’t be about instant gratification!! Butterflies have beautiful designs that range from very simple to breathtakingly complex. This fun craft is engaging for children of all ages where they can explore those beautiful butterfly designs, and make up designs of their own.

This simple Paper Mache Butterfly is a great introduction craft to paper mache, requiring only the simplest shape to which cardboard is glued before the painting fun starts.

a craft that plays on your child’s learning

Aside from being fun this butterfly craft is also great for demonstrating symmetry in a hands-on way. It is also the perfect project to celebrate the end of lessons on the life cycle of the butterfly.

paper mache crafts for kids

all you need to make is

Paper mache paste (a little wallpaper paste with some craft glue mixed in)
Wire & pliers
Glue gun
Paint & brushes

Start by scrunching up a sheet of newspaper into the shape of the butterfly’s body and secure with sellotape/clear adhesive tape. Cover this with just one layer of newspaper strips dipped in your paper mache paste and leave overnight to dry

papier mache crafts for kids

Next cut your cardboard wings, I used corrugated cardboard to add a little texture to our butterflies, but plain cereal box cardboard will work just perfectly.

With your pliers cut two pieces of wire (I sacrificed a wire coat hanger for this project!!) and roll one end back onto itself, safer than having a pointy bit!

papier mache crafts for kids

With your glue gun attach the wings to either side of the butterfly’s body.

papier mache crafts for kids

With a craft knife, tweezers or other pointy thing make two holes in the top of the body, just large enough for the wire antennae to slide into. You don’t want the holes too big or the antennae will fall out.

papier mache crafts for kids

With your glue gun again put a drop of glue at the end of each wire antennae before you insert into the holes, and hold in position for a few seconds while the glue dries.

papier mache crafts for kids

Now your butterfly is ready……. ready for the exciting painting bit.

papier mache crafts for kids

Sky’s the limit on the color combinations, patterns you children can try, just let their imagination guide them xxx

papier mache crafts for kids

Time to get your crafty pants on!












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