13 {Simple} Kids Play Ideas

Kids play does not need to be elaborate or complicated, nor does it require a lot of toys.  There are so many amazingly simple ways to play!  We’ve got some ideas to inspire simple play in your house from Powerful Mothering.

13 {Simple} Kids Play Ideas

13 {Simple} Kids Play Ideas

1.  You don’t need perfect weather to go camping – get out your gear out and camp right inside your house!  Your children will adore this.

2.  A simple cardboard box can be transformed so easily into a train station.  Just cut a few holes and set your train track up to run right through!

3.  Make a tickle sock to ignite giggles by just adding a couple googley eyes to a sock.

4.  Another use for a cardboard box you would normally throw away is to make toys!  Here is how you can make a pretend cell phone to play with.

5.  A package of colorful craft sticks and some velcro dot stickers can create a lot of fun.  Kids can build shapes and make fun designs by attaching them.

6.  This baby game is so simple and easy!  Just cut holes in a box and let them put balls in the holes and them flip it over to get them out.

7.  Use dry erase markers to draw on aluminum foil!  You can glue a pom pom to the top to use as an eraser.

8.  Use your numbered foam mats that you normally place on the floor, to build blocks and tunnels.

9.  You can do so many fun things with a bag of craft sticks.  Here are ten different things you can do with them for lots of fun and even some exercise.

10.  Here are even more fun things you can do with craft sticks!

11.  Cut open a cardboard box, place it on the floor with some crayons and let them have fun.  Such an easy idea for fun kids play!

12.  Use dry erase markers on your fridge and pair them up with number and letter magnets!  So much fun!

13.  On a sunny day, take a paint brush and a bucket of water outside and let them paint with water on the concrete.

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